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VIEO is the leader in Adaptive Application Infrastructure Management (AAIM) delivering a new class of management solution that assures Application Quality of Service (AQoS) to achieve business objectives. VIEO's AAIM product ensures end-to-end business critical application certainty by intelligently measuring, analyzing, and affecting application resources. It does so by becoming an integral part of the application environment through the unique marriage of application-aware networking technology and intelligent management software to achieve unmatched real-time visibility, instrumentation and control of the application's operational characteristics. With VIEO, the management of application environments now shifts from a tactical investment focused on technical issues to a strategic investment that optimizes business results. For more information, visit

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Using Solid State Disks to Boost Legacy RAID and Database Performance - article by Texas Memory Systems

Adding a solid state disk to inter-operate with an existing RAID storage system can be like sprinkling fairy dust which makes everything go faster. That's often cheaper and more effective than upgrading servers and licenses or replacing existing storage. the article, Solid state disks

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