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ViON Corporation (ViON) is a small, veteran-owned corporation established in 1980 and headquartered in Washington, DC. We specialize in designing, delivering, and maintaining storage and server solutions to high performance, enterprise-wide data centers throughout the federal, state and local governments. We excel in solutions addressing Enterprise Storage, Disaster Recovery, Server Consolidation, and Business Continuity in the Windows, UNIX and z/OS environments. For more information, please visit us at

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  • editor's comments:- July 2013 - I first became aware of ViON's involvement with the SSD market in July 2006 - when they were remarketing a RAM based SSD rack designed by Texas Memory Systems as their HyperStor product line.

    Since those days ViON has gone on to have partnerships with several other leading SSD companies including Fusion-io, and more recently - WhipTail.
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In July 2006 ViON disclosed that its new HyperStor solid state storage systems will scale upto tens-of-terabytes.

In November 2011 - ViON announced that John Lubratich has joined the company as the new VP and CFO taking on this role from Philip J. Rouse ll who will be retiring after a 32-year distinguished career with ViON.

In July 2013 - ViON announced it will now serve as an authorized provider of maintenance and support services for the entire WhipTail product line.

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Steve Picot joins ViON as VP of Federal Sales
Editor:- February 18, 2013 - ViON announced that Steve Picot has recently been named VP of Federal Sales.

Just prior to joining ViON, Mr. Picot was an 8 year veteran of Cisco Systems where he was the Director of Operations.

Mr. Picot was honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps as a Captain after serving over 7 years as an AH-1 helicopter pilot.
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