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SSD investments, x8 flash, and ETs

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

It was Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - and like You - I was wondering - what's going to be the big SSD news story of the week?

October 2012 has gone.

And maybe - by the time you read this - 2012 has gone too.

It happens.

But I very much doubt if the SSD market has gone.

So if you'll indulge me a little...

I'll ask you to hover over that tap / click / grunt to another page for now - because I think the article below - which first appeared on the home page of (which I assume is still here in some form or other) - still works at the start of almost any week in the SSD market and is a kind of commentary of where we are with the winds of change.

So let's pretend it's just past the start of another week. - Nothing much happened on Monday. - And we're wondering...
what's going be the big SSD news story in the days ahead?

One possibility is that members of the tech support team accompanying alien delegates in the mission from Alpha Centauri will - in their spare time between interviews - let us into the secret of how we can do reliable SSDs using x8 flash at 1 picometer geometries (1X pm OLC).

Following that news - SanDisk, DensBits and Skyera will rush out press releases saying - We told you so! - and will reissue their roadmaps with wider charts and better magnification at the bottom right hand corners.

Micron might say -That's great news for a leading flash company like us! - However we will continue to maintain our current support programs for PCM while we review this new data and assess its impact.

Wouldn't that be great news for SSD fans?

(Not so good for HDD though. And not so hot for rack enclosure fan makers either. Unless perhaps the Alpha Centaurians also reveal new apps for small high precision rotating motors in matter transforming blenders and coffee makers...)

But sadly OLC (x8) (Octal Level Cells) 1X pm flash from ETs isn't something you can plug into outlook just yet.

Something which is - however - is the quarterly results expected from Fusion-io on Wednesday.

Although we can hearken back to a simpler time when the SSD market was smaller and all the top players in it were private companies - which in fact isn't that long ago - one of the new realities of the SSD market is that there's nearly as much interest in SSDs as $$Ds (lucrative investment vehicles) as in SSDs as business improving technologies.

As part of that fever last year - I dubbed 2011 - year of the FIO IPO.

Now there are a lot more SSD companies that investors are looking at. (Although in many cases - the best value is still in companies which you can't invest in - unless you buy the whole company and know what you're doing and can afford to lose all the money too.)

Having said that - FIO's quarterly results are still eagerly anticipated within the industry - even by competitors.

A crude way to summarize the reception of financial news about key SSD companies recently is this.

If an SSD company is worth significantly more on a Friday than it was on the Monday - that's taken as a positive endorsement of the whole SSD paradigm. Competitors go around saying - we're a bit like them too. Everyone's happy.

...On the other hand...

If an SSD company is worth significantly less on a Friday than it was on the Monday - that's taken as a negative criticism of the management. Competitors go around saying - we're nothing like them. Only lawyers, headhunters and short sellers are happy.

...And yet - on the other hand... (I promise - this is the last of those "other hands". Did I say earlier - the AC's are tridexters? I've been thinking about them too much obviously...)

If an SSD company is worth about the same on a Friday as it was on the Monday - that's taken as a sign that everything's going as planned. Stakeholders can breathe a sigh of relief. Competitors think quietly to themselves - our turn next.

In the SSD market there's always something new just around the corner you can look forward to.

And finally, if it's already long past Friday 26th October, 2012 - when you're reading this and the Alpha Centaurians still haven't put in an appearance... Don't feel too disheartened.

Think of it this way. - By the time the AC's do arrive they might be able to give us a few tips about HLC (x16) (Hex Level Cells - but you knew that already didn't you)...
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