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Western Digital

WD was founded in 1970. The company's storage products are marketed to leading OEMs, systems manufacturers, selected resellers and retailers under the Western Digital® and WD brand names. Visit to access more information.

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Western Digital's SSD profile?

Editor:- if you're looking for an enterprise SSDcentric profile of WD on take a look instead at the profile page for HGST
  • editor's comments:- September 2013 - During most of recent storage history WD has been either the #1 or #2 largest hard drive maker.

    But what about WD's activities in the SSD market?

    WD's branding within the SSD market has undergone several changes which can be summarized as pre-HGST and post-HGST.

    pre-HGST - WD & SSD

    From 2009 until 2012 - WD's main presence in the SSD market was in the embedded and industrial SSD segments - based on the acquisition of a company called SiliconSystems.

    During part of that time - WD's SSD business was called Western Digital Solid State Storage.

    the consumer side-track

    Also during that interlude - in 2010 - WD made some experimental market forays into the consumer SSD market (using 3rd party SSD controllers).

    But these early "pure SSD" consumer products were not judged to be successful enough to justify their longevity within WD's strategic product line. Instead - WD's solid state product ambitions within the consumer market have - in recent years - mostly been enacted within the scope of hybrid drives - in which a small amount of flash is integrated as a cache within a hard drive.

    post-HGST - WD & SSD

    After WD acquired HGST from Hitachi in March 2012 - HGST became the main business entity for WD's activities in the enterprise SSD market - and became - in effect - the reprocessing destination for several strategic acquisitions in 2013.

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