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White Electronic Designs - circa 2009

White Electronic Designs (NASDAQ: WEDC) delivers sophisticated multichip semiconductor products, high-efficiency memory devices and build-to-print electromechanical assemblies for defense and aerospace applications. The ability to address the unique size, performance and quality requirements for technology creators in the defense market has established White Electronic Designs as the industry's customer-focused solutions provider. Capabilities include: turn-key design through production; manufacturing and obsolescence management for advanced embedded solutions; test qualification; miniaturization of existing designs; combining RF and digital onto one board; die stacking; anti-tamper and information assurance technologies. To learn more, visit

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editor's notes:- - (written prior to the acquisition of WEDC by Microsemi in 2010.)

Within the SSD market - WEDC's market niche is SSD chips (1 inch approx & smaller) related to the secure military embedded market. Other companies in this segment include Austin Semiconductor and Trident Space & Defense. If form factor is not so critical - then you should also look at our directory of oems who make fast purge flash SSDs .

WEDC mentions in SSD history

In February 2009 - White Electronic Designs announced a new technology which automatically desanitizes a flash SSD to military standards - when the device is moved outside a specified operating zone - to prevent data falling into enemy hands.

In May 2009 - White Electronic Designs introduced a surface mount miniature PATA SLC SSD (22mm x 27mm PBGA) with 1, 2 and 4GB densities for use in high reliability embedded defense applications such as aircraft, communications and missiles.

In June 2009 - Avnet became a distributor for White Electronic Designs

"WEDC products offer defense and aerospace customers unique package solutions with extended environmental performance," said Bryan Brady, vp of defense/aerospace for Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. "This strengthens our ability to offer distinct product size, weight and performance advantages for high reliability applications."

In January 2010 - White Electronic Designs introduced a 4GB secure PATA SLC SSD in a 22mm x 27mm PBGA for embedded military applications. This product is designed for applications in aircraft, communications and missiles. A hardware and software triggered fast purge can eliminate all data in less than 10 seconds and device options include sanitization compliant with various government agency specifications.

In May 2010 - Microsemi announced it had completed the acquisition of White Electronic Designs.

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