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Wydeband is the developer of WYSP ™ , a value-added services management platform for broadband access providers.(a value-added services such as: Video-On -Demand, Games-On-Demand, E-Learning, Live Streaming Channels, Music-On-Demand, Video Conferencing, Remote Storage, ASP etc.) The Wydeband Services Platform, WYSP ™, enables providers to move from simple high-speed access to complex revenue-producing services through an efficient, flexible communications environment geared to broadband networks. WYSP ™ transforms third-party broadband content and application management from multiple vertical integrations into a single horizontal integration, while providing full security, availability, maintenance and billing features on an open, scalable, carrier-grade platform.

  • Wydeband is no longer in business
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The vaporware at 40,000 feet smelled clean
and fresh. Megabyte's personalized balloon
was the last remaining asset from his VC
funded "lighter than air" storage company.
What is Data Recovery? - article by  Disklabs
What is Data Recovery? - article by Disklabs

The first time you try any new technology service it can be a bit daunting. Who do you choose? What if it goes wrong? The pressure really turns up when you are in the situation of having lost your data due to a backup failure, hardware fault, operator error or physical disaster. That's usually the first time you look at the data recovery market. and it's when you're in a high state of anxiety and can't take the risk of anything else going wrong. This article is a simple guide to how the data recovery industry works and how it can help you in this frightening situation. the article,...Disklabs profile, Data Recovery, backup software, Hard disk drives

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