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XtremIO - now part of EMC

XtremIO is a privately held, venture-backed company founded in 2009. We are developing breakthrough storage system solutions based on innovative architecture and storage algorithms, utilizing solid-state drive (SSD) technologies. Our storage solutions address the growing challenges of modern IT infrastructure, creating value through dramatic gains in performance, efficiency, ease of management, and economics.

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Who's who in SSD? - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor January 2012

(prior to the acquisition by EMC in May 2012 for $430 million)

XtremIO - a big SSD architecture company - which currently in stealth mode secured a 2nd round of funding in December 2011 - from various source including Lightspeed Venture Partners - bringing its total funding upto $25 million.

"We are on the cusp of a massive technology shift from performance disk to flash technology for I/O intensive data center applications. After evaluating the market and XtremIO's technology, we are convinced that they have a breakthrough architecture and product to address data center storage I/O challenges"

"It is clear that hard drive based storage arrays have become the performance bottleneck in the data center infrastructure stack" said Ehud Rokach, CEO of XtremIO. "XtremIO's array architecture was developed from the ground up to leverage the speed and unique abilities of flash memory, and with our strong venture backing we are ready to bring a tremendous leap forward in I/O and latency performance to the market, unveil unique new capabilities that hard drive based storage cannot match, and eliminate the complexity that has traditionally plagued SAN storage configuration and tuning."
XtremIO recent milestones from SSD market history

In December 2011 - XtremIO secured a 2nd round of funding in December 2011 - from various source including Lightspeed Venture Partners - bringing its total funding upto $25 million.

In May 2012 - EMC announced it has acquired XtremIO for $430 million

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"EMC's actions demonstrate that it believes PCIe cards are commodities that can be sourced, whereas flash systems are strategic assets that must be owned."
Thomas Isakovich, CEO & Founder, Nimbus Data
What EMC's Acquisition of XtremIO Means - (May 10, 2012)
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how fast can your SSD run backwards?
SSDs are complex devices and there's a lot of mysterious behavior which isn't fully revealed by benchmarks and vendor's product datasheets and whitepapers. Underlying all the important aspects of SSD behavior are asymmetries which arise from the intrinsic technologies and architecture inside the SSD.

Which symmetries are most important in an SSD?

That depends on your application. But knowing that these symmetries exist, what they are, and judging how your selected SSD compares will give you new insights into SSD performance, cost and reliability.

There's no such thing as - the perfect SSD - existing in the market today - but the SSD symmetry list helps you to understand where any SSD in any memory technology stands relative to the ideal.
SSD symmetries article And it explains why deviations from the ideal can matter. to read the article
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