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Xythos Software

Software is the leading developer of Internet file management software for secure file access and sharing. Xythos' WebDAV compliant WebFile Server and WebFile Client products help enterprise customers easily find and share information from any Internet location while improving file system security and reducing the load on email systems. Founded in 1999, Xythos is a privately held San Francisco company with funding from IDG Ventures and Mobius Venture Capital.

  • Xythos Software was acquired by Blackboard Inc

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not your grandfather's industrial SSD market
Editor:- June 13, 2017 - For the past 11 years one of the safest assumptions you could make about the SSD market was that if you were looking for excitement and big revenue growth opportunities then the last place you should be looking was the industrial SSD market.

Indeed an important part of flash SSD history is that it started in industrial applications and only became mainstream and interesting - from a financial investor point of view - when flash SSD designers turned their gaze towards other directions like the consumer and enterprise markets.

In fact a good rule of thumb in the exciting days of disruptive change in the SSD market during 2004 to 2016 was that if you knew the capabilities of leading edge industrial SSD products in any one year the picture was probably the same the next year too.

There were many good reasons for this. And the predictability and calm, careful approach to new technology adoption in industrial SSDs was widely regarded as a virtue compared to other brasher markets.

But there are many reasons to believe that the industrial SSD market will soon become a new focused melting pot of innovation and architecture.

I describe some of the indicators which brought me to this surprising conclusion in a new blog - not your grandfather's industrial SSD market - on the home page of

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Soft-Error Mitigation for PCM and STT-RAM

radiation tolerant FPGAs orbit Jupiter

hard delays from invisibly fixed soft flash array errors
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the Top SSD Companies - new edition

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - May 24, 2017

the top SSD oems The Top SSD Companies in Q1 2017 - was published recently by

This is the 40th quarterly edition in this market defining series.

Key factors in the background of the SSD market in this period were:-
  • From a technology viewpoint the SSD market was in preparation for the next big disruption of "big memory everywhere" and the the future memoryfication of the enterprise. the article
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