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Squeak! - the Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2004

as ranked by reader search statistics. For alternative listings based on revenue, by IDC and Gartner, scroll to the bottom of this article.

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Who are the leading storage software companies of the future?

There were over 155 currently active storage software companies listed in STORAGEsearch at the publication date of this article (15 more than last year despite the large number of software companies which got acquired or went out of business). That means there was more competition to get into the top 10.

The ranking, below, is based on the pageviews for each company's profile page during 2004 (January 1st to December 20th). Our definition of a "software" company in this context is Independent Software Vendors who publish storage software. This excludes companies which also manufacture storage hardware such as EMC, HP and IBM.

2004 was a year of double digit growth for the whole storage software market. IDC reported that the market had grown by 19% revenue, but many of the companies in our list grew a lot faster than that.

Veritas reclaimed its crown in the #1 slot - but also announced that it would merge into Symantec sometime in 2005.

There was only one new entry to this year's list. Computer Associates displaced LiveVault which dropped one place to #11.

Will Microsoft's entry into the disk to disk backup market in 2005 change their current low ranking with our readers?

In 2001 I prematurely predicted that Microsoft would become one of the world's top 10 storage companies based on revenue. Things move slowly in Windowsland because Microsoft, while not a technology innovator, is a super meta integrator and conductor of new software and hardware from tens of thousands of oems and ISVs in the Intel Architecture market and learning to play new tunes with the world's biggest orchestra takes time. That's how you get a compatible PC and Windows server market. But the sluggish giant has had storage in its sights for the past few years. We'll see how that story develops over the course of the next year.

Congratulations to everyone listed.

Zsolt Kerekes, editor

article published:- December 21, 2004

Spellabyte's software factory
Storage Software on
Spellerbyte couldn't afford to hire real
programmers until his venture capital check
came in. So he was making do with retired
hedgehogs. These old hedgehogs had very
stiff prickly spines and rolled around
all day in paper tape producing code.

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The Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2004/2005

as ranked by reader statistics January 1st to December 20th 2004

Rank Company (2003 rank) comments
1 VERITAS Software (2) The biggest ISV focused on storage software will change its name in 2005 to Symantec.

During the last year or so STORAGEsearch has reported that many backup appliance manufacturers have started to bundle anti-virus protection into their NAS storage systems. As disk to disk backup will eventually become the primary method used to protect data - and as the appliance model becomes more common - there will be a growing trend for a significant amount of data protection functionality to occur at the embedded level.

The only factor which has prevented Microsoft from making more headway in the storage protection space so far has been the negative reputation which the company has acquired due to its vulnerability to security threats. But next year Microsoft will ship the Microsoft Data Protection Server, a low-cost, continuous, disk-based backup and recovery solution. That poses a threat to many backup software companies.

The newly merged Symantec - with an annual revenue run rate of $3.9 billion - will be able to offer a credible alternative to storage oems and users who want an integrated embedded NAS data protection solution which will become a huge market.
2 BakBone Software (1) BakBone's main problems in 2004 appear to have been not with other software competitors (they were one of the fastest growing storage companies in 2004) but with the management of their financial accounts.

A change of auditors, delayed filings and restatements led to a temporary delisting on one exchange. I guess that's the kind of problem a company hits when it's growing fast internationally and suffering from some management churn.

In December BakBone signed up Arrow Electronics to distribute its products in North America.

In November BakBone introduced a disaster recovery solution for the Linux and Solaris SPARC market. BakBone's new product recovers a full system including the operating system, applications, system settings, disk partitioning information, and data, in hours as opposed to days.
3 FalconStor Software (3) FalconStor has been very active in promoting partners who have OEMed its iSCSI storage server software technologies. At one point in August we misinterpreted their signals and infered that the company was starting to market hardware. Its home page and press releases were full of pictures and words which gave this impression.

But FalconStor immediately clarified that they are not making hardware themselves. They're just enthusiastic about the hardware storage systems made by their partners and want everyone to know more about them.
4 Tabernus (6) Most of the storage software products you read about on these pages are designed to backup, restore or manage the findability and integrity of data. But sometimes serious threats can be posed if the wrong people get access to the media on which your data is stored.

In November, Tabernus, which also writes high performance drivers for the military and storage OEMs, launched their Disk Purge product. This allows any storage device owner to completely erase all data from any SCSI or Fibre Channel disk drive. Tabernus' Disk Purge product is Department of Defense certified and HIPAA compliant.

While that is a definite must for military systems integrators it also looks like a useful tool for anyone selling or redeploying disks or disk arrays who wants to make sure that financial data, medical data or their new product development plans don't get into the wrong hands when they upgrade or recycle storage hardware.
5 EVault (4) Most users in large IT sites now have plans for disk to disk backup, and this was a good year for vendors operating in this market.

"The population using disk in backup has grown to 62%, and is forecast to reach 76% penetration by 2005." according to the 2004 Backup and Archiving Report from Peripheral Concepts .

In August EVault announced that the East Bay Business Times had honored the company by ranking it #6 in its annual ranking of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the East Bay region. EVault achieved its accolade based on its two-year percentage revenue growth rate of more than 357%.

Later... I contacted EVault to see if they could confirm their eligibility for our own 2004 fastest growing storage company list - which looks at growth in the most recent 12 months. Because their web site didn't have the granularity of financial data we need. Unfortunately I didn't get a reply from their PR. But it's not too late to do it if they contact me.
6 Arkeia (7) Arkeia is a leading supplier of backup software to the Linux market. That was a good market to be in in 2004.

IDC reported that Linux server revenues surpassed $1 billion in quarterly factory revenue for the first time in 3Q04 and Linux server unit shipments grew 32% compared to the previous quarter. With that kind of market pull STORAGEsearch believes that privately owned Arkeia would easily find a place in our fastest growing storage companies list. But we'll have to wait till Arkeia goes public to get that confirmed.

In August Arkeia announced a $4 million round of equity funding from Banque Populaire and Crédit Lyonnais. Profitable since its founding in 1996, the closely-held company said it will use the proceeds to fuel a worldwide expansion program from its headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. and Paris, France.
7 NSI Software (8) NSI Software announced its 9th consecutive quarter of revenue growth in November. Revenue for the quarter was up more than 118% year over year.

In January NSI announced $15 million in funding to advance research and development initiatives, continue its aggressive sales and marketing campaigns and further international growth.

In March NSI announced a $5 million deal with Sunbelt System Software which became NSI's exclusive distributor to the VAR channel throughout Europe and the UK.
8 Atempo (9) In September Atempo announced Atempo Mailbox Manager for Microsoft Exchange. Mailbox Manager is an ILM solution that helps companies manage the rapidly-rising volume of email, reduce storage costs and increase productivity, while helping them comply with growing regulatory demands to retain internal and external communications.

Email archiving became a sexy subject in 2004 as more users became aware that restoring backups was not the same as restoring email. That's why VERITAS acquired KVS in August to strengthen its email archiving toolset.

In November Atempo announced that it had joined Sun Microsystems' iForce Partner Program. Despite having been written off by most IT analysts in 2003 - the Sun market rebounded in 2004 and went back into revenue growth mode. See also:- article:- Sun, SPARC and Solaris Highlights and Lowlights in 2004
9 StoreAge (5) In August StoreAge released the SVM App-Pack for Windows. This comprehensive addition to the StoreAge Storage Virtualization Manager enables administrators to quickly add snapshot, volume management and replication capabilities to Microsoft Windows-based server applications, such as Oracle 9i, SQL 2000 and Exchange 2000.
10 Computer Associates (11) In September CA announced the availability of BrightStor r11.1, a new generation of intelligent storage management solutions. Built around 13 tightly integrated and enhanced products, BrightStor r11.1 is designed to better align storage spending with business value - a critical objective for organizations as storage volume continues to grow much faster than storage budgets. At launch time BrightStor supported more than 100 storage arrays, tape libraries, SAN switches, servers, operating systems, databases, and applications.

In October CA announced the BrightStor ARCserve Backup Enterprise Option for Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Hardware Snap-Shot, helping Microsoft Windows Server 2003 customers to cost-effectively implement and manage the nearly instantaneous backup and recovery offered by hardware snap-shot technology. CA has simplified the use of hardware snap-shot technology via three-way integration between BrightStor ARCserve Backup, the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service, and hardware vendors' native snap-shot functionality.
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"The winners in SSD software could be as important for infrastructure as Microsoft was for PCs, or Oracle was for databases, or Google was for search."
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all enterprise data touches SSDs

"...the SSD market will be bigger in revenue than the hard drive market ever was."
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Which means they still aren't designing the right kind of SSD products and services for huge untapped markets.
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Gartner Lists Top Storage Software Companies

STAMFORD, Conn. - April 22, 2005 - Driven by strong sales in storage resource management, worldwide storage management software revenue increased 12.3% in 2004, according to Gartner, Inc.

The storage management software market totaled $5.6 billion in new license revenue, up from $5 billion in 2003. The SRM segment grew 30.8% to reach $612 million in 2004.
2004 Storage Software Market Leaders - from Gartner Dataquest
Vendor 2004 Revenue
($ millions)
Change (%)
EMC 1,661 21.2%
VERITAS 1,038 11.7%
IBM 688 11.7 %
Computer Associates 297 -9.5%
Network Appliance 293 73.5%
HP 272 -2.8%
Hitachi/HDS 256 9.1 %
StorageTek 105 -8.7 %
Symantec 89 -9.7%
BMC Software 84 7.1 %
Others 843 6.8 %
Total 5,625 12.3%
"Storage resource management was the second smallest segment in 2004, but it is expected to continue to record fast growth as enterprises look to better manage storage capacity utilization and begin to automate some of the management functions," said Carolyn DiCenzo, research vice president at Gartner. "For some companies, the need to manage IT as a utility with service-level agreements between IT and the business units is also driving new requirements and increased interest in SRM."

The worldwide storage management software market is poised for double-digit growth in 2005, with worldwide new license revenue projected to reach $6.3 billion, a 12 percent increase from 2004. Compliance requirements will drive archiving and data protection growth. Gartner analysts said vendors will try to leverage the focus on compliance by claiming that their products are compliance solutions. ...Gartner profile, Backup Software, Storage Software, Market research companies & storage market analysts

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