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Building upon its expertise in software and storage technology, AccelStor is devoted to unleashing the true performance of flash-based storage solutions with a software-defined approach. To bring the benefits of accelerated data access and low total cost of ownership (TCO) to the world, AccelStor has developed an exclusive FlexiRemap software technology that enables its storage arrays to achieve unparalleled scalability, performance, and efficiency in the same grade as such products.
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AccelStor NeoSapphire  all-flash array
1U enterprise flash arrays
InfiniBand or 10GbE iSCSI or 16Gbps FC
NeoSapphire series - from AccelStor

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corporate HQ

AccelStor, Inc
10F, No. 465, Sec. 6, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Nangang Dist.
Taipei City 11557

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AccelStor and the Top SSD Companies

Although AccelStor hasn't yet been listed in the Top SSD Companies (the 11 years market tracking series by it has got really close recently - having appeared in the outlying regions of the lists (25 to 35 rankings) in 2017 in Q1 and Q4.

Who's who in SSD? - AccelStor

by Zsolt Kerekes - editor - - July 2015

AccelStor is a new company recently emerged from stealth mode which uses enterprise flash array technology (FlexiArray) originally developed by Innodisk.

The FlexiArray product line (as it was originally called) was first launched in November 2013 and it seemed out of context to me at that time - coming as it did from an industrial SSD company. But I learned more about its nature and where it fitted into the complex segments within the enterprise market in a conversation which I reported on in June 2014. After that the product made much more sense to me as part of an emerging pattern which we're seeing - of reliable fast systems which are marketed free from bundled complex software cocktails.

In that respect this approach is also consistent with the inevitable (user inspired) market shift towards market consolidation - at the end of which time (in the next 3 to 5 years) most SSD systems will be regarded as white boxes which are managed by 3rd party software.

Marketing is becoming more important in the enterprise SSD market - compared to just raw technology. So in that respect - the spinning off of AccelStor - as an enterprise oriented company - which happend in November 2014 - also seems like an inevitable and eminently sensible business move.

And that's how we end up today in the curious position of a new rackmount SSD company - AccelStor - which while being itself less than a year old - has already been shipping systems to selected customers for nearly 2 years.
One of the challenges for the enterprise SSD market is to create new segmentation models.
Decloaking hidden and missing opportunities for AFAs
What goes up can come down. The multi-year trend of growth in enterprise SSD companies will end. 90% of vendors will disappear.
market consolidation - why? how? when?

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AccelStor's new NVMe rackmount SSD is 6x faster
Editor:- August 2, 2017 - AccelStor today announced a new high availability all-NVMe flash storage array, the NeoSapphire H810. The 4U rackmount SSD which uses Intel's Xeon Purley platform and has 100GbE connectivity delivers upto 6x the performance of the company's previous NeoSapphire P310 all-NVMe flash array will be on display next week at the Flash Memory Summit.

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another conversation with AccelStor
Editor:- November 15, 2016 - Recently I spoke to AccelStor's President - Charles Tsai.

We talked about many changing influences in the SSD market. I thought you might be interested to see some of the things we spoke about in a new blog on - a winter's tale of SSD market influences - because it will give you an idea of how many strategic changes in the SSD market can now influence every business decision about what new products to create - even when those changing factors seem at first to be only loosely connected like the flash controller, industrial SSD, SCM, software and enterprise rackmount SSD markets. But all those factors entwined the flow of this SSD conversation which really started 2 years before. the article
FlexiRemap wins award at Flash Memory Summit
Editor:- August 18, 2016 - AccelStor today announced it has won the Best-of-Show Technology Innovation Award for its FlexiRemap software at the Flash Memory Summit 2016 in Santa Clara, California.

AccelStors FlexiRemap software improves performance, cuts down on overhead, and extends SSD lifespan. The technology achieves sustained performance and reliability even in the random-access scenarios typical of enterprise storage needs. Thanks to the global wear-leveling algorithm, FlexiRemap arrays have at least 2x the endurance compared to typical legacy RAID 5 flash systems.

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AccelStor adds 16G FC to 1U AFA range
Editor:- May 19, 2016 - AccelStor today announced its has added dual port 16Gbps FC connectivity to its NeoSapphire 1U rackmount SSD product line.
AccelStor's new 2U FT GbE AFA can do 600K iSCSI IOPS
Editor:- February 17, 2016 - AccelStor today launched a 2U high end model in its NeoSapphire (rackmount SSD) product line.

The 13TB NeoSapphire 3413 (which includes 24 hot-swap SSDs including 2 spares) achieves 600K IOPS for 4KB random writes with iSCSI over its 4 port 10GbE connectivity.

Re fault tolerance - AccelStor says its automatic data reconstruction makes it easy to replace drives on the fly and without a performance penalty.
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