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514 acquired, dead, renamed, merged & gone away storage companies

from Storage History
- by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

Why would anyone be interested in past data storage companies? - Maybe you're trying to track down a cherished old supplier or EOL product and your search has brought you here. This file lists the last known status or web whereabouts of over 500 "gone-away" storage companies which were once featured in our storage news pages or directories in the period starting from January 2000 to December 2009.

See also:- acquired SSD companies
list of gone-away storage companies

3WCorp- changed its name to DataPeer

Aarohi Communications - acquired by Emulex

3ware - acquired by AMCC

ABC Solutions - ceased trading - storage publication has ceased

Accelerated Logic - changed name to Attorn

Accel Technology Co. Ltd -acquired by Oak Technology

ActionFront Data Recovery - acquired by Seagate

ARC International - acquired by Virage Logic .

Acirro - web site no longer contactable

Acer Peripherals - changed name to BenQ

Acopia Networks - acquired by F5 Networks

ActionFront Data Recovery - acquired by Seagate

ADTX - website no longer contactable

Advanced Memory International - website no longer contactable

ADIC- acquired by Quantum

Agile Storage - changed name to ClariStor, and then to ONStor.

Agilent Technologies - spun off Verigy

Alacritus Software - acquired by Network Appliance

Alcita Technologies - website no longer contactable

All Components - changed name to Avant North America

Allion Technologies - no longer in business

Amdahl- absorbed into Fujitsu

American Digital Systems - web site no longer contactable

AmeriVault- renamed to Venyu

AMI - RAID business acquired by LSI Logic

Amplio Technology Group - gone away

Ancot- acquired by Catalyst Enterprises

Andiamo Systems - acquired by Cisco Systems

ANStor64 - gone away

Antares Microsystems- acquired by InClose Design - then demerged again. Then a few years later, assets acquired by SBE

AppIQ - acquired by HP

Applied System Design - changed name to Servergraph

APT Technologies - acquired by Vitesse

Applied MetaComputing - changed its name to Avaki and was acquired by Sybase

Aprilis - acquired by Dow Corning

Arceo- acquired by eVault

Architek- acquired by ??

ARIO Data Networks - key assets acquired by Xyratex

Archive-it- acquired by Connected

Aristos Logic - acquired by Adaptec

Arsenal Digital Solutions - acquired by IBM

Articulent - acquired by CNT

Asempra Technologies - assets acquired by BakBone Software

ASNP - fizzled out

Astro Semiconductor - no trace

Astrum Software -acquired by EMC

Ateonix Networks - web site ceased

Auspex Systems - service business acquired by GlassHouse Technologies

Auspex Systems - patents acquired by Network Appliance

Avago Technologies (storage semi business) - acquired by PMC-Sierra

Avail Solutions - acquired by Breece Hill

Avamar Technologies - acquired by EMC

Aviv - no longer in business

Azzurri - acquired

Banderacom - renamed itself NetEffect

Baroudi Bloor - merged with Hurwitz & Associates

BeIT Secure - web site ceased

Benchmark Tape Systems - acquired by Quantum

BenQ - storage assets acquired by Lite-On IT


BI-Tech Solutions - acquired by CNT - acquired by Digi-Data

Bitmath - acquired by OZ Optics

Blaze Network Products- acquired by Aduro

Blue Coat Systems - acquired NetCache business from Network Appliance

BMC Software's PATROL Storage Manager - acquired by EMC

Breece Hill Technologies - acquired by Maxoptix

Bridge Technology - web site no longer active

Broadband Storage- url acquired by Snap Appliance

Broadbus - acquired by Motorola

Brocade's- switch product line acquired by IntelliPath

Calimetrics - kaput web site is now a porn site

Calluna Technology Limited - in banruptcy adminsitration

Candera- went bust

Capitalbackup - acquired by AmeriVault

C and T - web site no longer active

Catalyst Enterprises- acquired by LeCroy

C-Cube Microsystems - acquired by LSI Logic

Camintonn - web site no longer active

Castlewood Systems - went bust

CATC - acquired by LeCroy

CDS- liquedated, some assets acquired by IntraDyn

Cenatek- assets acquired by Dataram

Centennial Technologies - acquired by Solectron & renamed SMART Modular Technologies

Cereva Networks - kaput

Certance - acquired by Quantum

Certified Backup - acquired by AmeriVault

Chaparral Network Storage- acquired by Dot Hill

Chess DAX - has changed its name to DAX Archiving Solutions

Ciprico - acquired by Dot Hill

Cicada Semiconductor - acquired by Vitesse Semiconductor

Clearpoint - no longer contactable

Cluster File Systems - assets acquired by

CMD Technology - acquired by Silicon Image

CMS Peripherals - changed its name to CMS Products

CNT - acquired by McDATA

Cobalt Networks - acquired by Sun Microsystems

Compaq - merged with HP

Computer Associates- renamed to CA

Computer Bus Tools - changed its name to Absolute Analysis

Computer Design Group - acquired by Tandberg Data

Computer Expertise Group - web site has ceased

Computerm - acquired by INRANGE Technologies

Connected - acquired by Iron Mountain

Connex- as at August 2001... Connex is owned by Western Digital. Connex spun off a software subsidiary called SANavigator Inc. in March 2001, and in August 2001, Connex's NAS systems assets have now been sold to Quantum

Constant Data - acquired by BakBone Software

Constellation 3D - web site has ceased operation

Conxion - acquired by NaviSite

Convergent Data Services - spun off Tavata Software

Cornice - rendered obsolete by flash SSDs

Corporate Technology Direct - web site has ceased operation

CreekPath Systems - acquired by Opsware

CrosStor Software - acquired by EMC

CyberKey - shut down by US Gov due to fraud

Cylink - acquired by SafeNet

Dallas Semiconductor - acquired by Maxim Integrated Products

Dantz -acquired by EMC

DataPeer - went bust

Data Storage Systems- removed due to accounts issues

Data Transit - assets acquired by Finisar

DataZone - products now marketed by N2 Group

Decru - acquired by Network Appliance

Deepfile - became StoredIQ

D.H. Brown Associates - acquired by IDEAS International

Digital Data Storage - no longer in business

Digital Focus Media- website is no longer contactable

Digital Interactive Solutions- no longer in business

Digital Island -acquired by Cable & Wireless Service

Digital Storage, LLC - acquired by Daisytek

DiskSites - acquired by Expand Networks

Documentum - acquired by EMC

Dolphin - merged with IPTV ISP

Driveline - web site kaput

Driveway - no longer marketed

Dy 4 Systems - acquired by FORCE COMPUTERS then sold to Curtiss-Wright

DynaTek Automation Systems - web site no longer works

E20 Communications- acquired by JDS Uniphase

eB Networks - acquired by INRANGE Technologies

ECCS- has changed its name to Storage Engine

Ecrix- has agreed to merge with Exabyte

EGR Global Technology - website is no longer a storage company

Elantec Semiconductor - acquired by Intersil

Elipsan - acquired by Adaptec

emBoot - acquired by Double-Take Software - web site no longer contactable

Enlight - SAS rack division spun off as Terabytes Server Storage Tech

EqualLogic - acquired by Dell

Essential Communications - InfiniBand assets acquired by SBS Technologies

EST - changed name to TOLIS

Eurologic- acquired by Adaptec

EVault - acquired by Seagate

Exabyte - acquired by Tandberg Data

ExaDrive Networks- acquired by ATTO Technology

Excelstor Technology - acquired by Iomega

EZ Data Technology - web site no longer works

Executive Software - changed name to Diskeeper

.Exodus Communications - seeking Chapter 11

Fabric Networks - web site no longer exists

Fairchild Semiconductor - no longer make memory chips

Fast Search & Transfer - acquired by Microsoft

FIA Storage Systems Group - web site no longer exists

Fibre Channel Association - domain for sale

Fibre - domain is for sale

FileLink Corporation - ceased operations March 31, 2001

FilePool - acquired by EMC

FileNet - acquired by IBM

FolderShare- acquired by Microsoft

Freecom Technologies - acquired by Verbatim - ceased operation

FreeDrive- acquired by X:drive

Fujitsu - sold HDD business to Toshiba

Gadzoox Networks - assets acquired by Broadcom

Genuity- acquired by Level 3 Communications

Giganet - acquired by Emulex

Gnutek - acquired by SimpleTech

Grass Valley Group - acquired by Thomson

GRAU Data Storage - acquired by Crossroads

Greystone Peripherals - web site no longer contactable

GS Magic - disappeared

G-Technology - acquired by Hitachi GST

HARBOR Systems (technology) - acquired by Tantia Technologies

H.A. Technical Solutions - assets acquired by Lakeview Technology

HIARC - has changed its name to everStor

Hifn - acquired by Exar

HighGround Systems - acquired by Sun Microsystems

High Velocity Systems- company has ceased

Hitachi Semiconductor - became Renesas Technology

Huge Systems - acquired by Ciprico

ICP vortex Computersysteme - acquired by Intel, then resold to Adaptec

i-drive - has withdrawn from the free web storage market

IEI - relaunched as QNAP Systems

IFT Europe - has changed its name to Fibrenetix Storage

Ikadega - web site no longer functional

iLumin - acquired by Computer Associates

Imperial Technology - kaput then reborn under new onwership

InClose Design - products acquired by SanMax Solutions

Infineon's Fiber Optics Business - acquired by Finisar

InfiniCon Systems - renamed to SilverStorm and then acquired by QLogic

InfiniSwitch - changed name to Fabric Networks

Inflow - acquired by SunGard

Infrant Technologies - no longer in business

INLINE- acquired by IceWEB

InnoLogic Systems - acquired by Synopsys

Innotec Design - product line acquired by Phytronics

Innovative Semiconductors - effectively became Phylinks

InoStor - acquired by Tandberg Data

INRANGE Technologies - acquired by CNT

InSector - Data Recovery UK - acquired by ABC Data Recovery

InsightTechnologies- website no longer working

Intel's GBIC assets - acquired by EMCORE

Intelliguard - acquired by Legato Systems

INTELLIAM - renamed to Virtium Technology

IntelliPath - changed its name to OnPATH Technologies

Interactive Media- changed name to Kanguru Solutions

IntraServer Technology - acquired by LSI Logic

Internet Products - acquired by St. Bernard Software

Intersil - merged with Intersil

IP Metrics - acquired by FalconStor Software

Irvine Networks - acquired by Simple Technology

I-TECH- acquired by Finisar

IT Infusion - acquired by StorageSoft

ITIS Services - acquired by SANZ

iVivity - fizzled out

JEMS Data Unlimited - some assets acquired by RAID

JNI - acquired by AMCC - acquired by Mass Storage News

Kashya - acquired by EMC

Kazeon Systems - acquired by EMC

Komag - acquired by Western Digital

Kubik Enterprises - web site no longer exists

KVS - acquired by VERITAS Software

Lakeview Technology- acquired by Vision Solutions

LanBit - web site no longer functional

LAND-5 - merged with ...Tandberg Data

Lane15 Software - merged with InfiniSwitch

Lan Media - acquired by SBE

Lapis Solutions - changed name to LapiStor, then...

LapiStor - acquired by European Storage Concept

LeftHand Networks

Legato Systems - acquired by EMC

Lexar Media - acquired by Micron

Lifeboat - renamed Selkie Data Rescue

Lightspeed Semiconductor - no longer in business

Linkvast Technologies - folded back into parent company

Little Mountain Group - acquired by QLogic

Litton PRC - acquired by Northrop Grumman

LiveVault - acquired by Iron Mountain

Logicon - acquired by Northrop Grumman

LSC - acquired by Sun Microsystems

LSI Logic - merged with Agere Systems and renamed itself to LSI

LSI Logic Storage Systems - renamed to Engenio Information Technologies, then folded back into LSI

Luminate Software Corporation - acquired by EMC

M4 Data - acquired by Quantum. ...Later:- the team resurfaced with a new company M5 Data.

Magnecomp Precision Technology - acquired by

ManagedStorage International - folded back into parent Incentra Solutions

Maxtor - acquired by Seagate

Mainstar Software - acquired by Rocket Software

ManagedStorage Int'l- acquired by Front Porch Digital

Maranti Networks - acquired by EMC

Mass Storage News - acquired by StorageNewsletter

Matrix Semiconductor- acquired by SanDisk

MaXXan Systems - renamed CipherMax

McDATA - acquired by Brocade

Medea - acquired by Avid Technology

Media Services operation of Storage Technology - acquired by Front Porch Digital

Memorex - acquired by Imation

Memory Card Technology - acquired by Dataram

Memoryx - renamed to MemoryTen

Memtech - acquired by SimpleTech

Merlin Software Technologies- website no longer operational

Metaflow Technologies - acquired by SGS Thomson

MetaLINCS - acquired by Seagate

Micro Memory - acquired by VMETRO

Micro Memory Bank - acquired by Dataram

MicroNet Technology - acquired by Fantom Drives

Middlewire - web site no longer contactable

Mirra - acquired by Seagate

MoSys - acquired by Synopsys

M-Systems - acquired by SanDisk - acquired by EMC

Mylex - RAID assets acquired by LSI Logic

Myrient - web site no longer contactable

Nanochip - after 12 years of doing nothing fizzled out

NetConvergence- web site no longer functioning

NeoPath Networks - acquired by Cisco Systems - no longer a web storage site

NexFlash Technologies- acquired by Winbond Electronics - web site no longer contactable

Netreon - acquired by CA

NetSilicon - acquired by Digi International

Network Peripherals - merged with FalconStor Software changed its name to

Network Storage Solutions- acquired by IQ Biometrix

Nishan Systems - acquired by McDATA

NSI Software - changed its name to Double-Take Software

NSM Storage GmbH - acquired by DISC

nStor - acquired by Xyratex

NuSpeed Internet Systems - acquired by Cisco Systems

NuView - acquired by Brocade

Oak Technology - acquired by Zoran

Okapi Software - acquired by Overland Storage

Oliver Design - acquired by Xyratex

Onaro - acquired by Network Appliance

ONEX - acquired by INRANGE Technologies

OnStream - has gone bust

ONTRACK Data International - acquired by Kroll

Open Source Storage - changed its name to Open Source Systems - acquired by Datalink

Optosys - became Swissbit

OS Solutions (UK) - acquired by Vision Solutions

OTG Software - acquired by Legato Systems

OuterBay - acquired by HP

Overland Data changed its name to Overland Storage

Oxford Semiconductor - acquired by PLX Technology

Paceline Systems - went bust, assets acquired by Motorola Computer Group

Pacific Digital - ceased operation

Pathlight Technology- acquired by ADIC

PathScale - acquired byQLogic

PeerDirect - acquired by Progress Software

Peripheral Enhancements - changed name to EDGE Tech

Persist Technologies - acquired by HP

Phytonics - no longer in business

Pinnacle Micro - went bankrupt in 2000, some assets acquired by EZ Systems

Pirus Networks - acquired by Sun Microsystems

PIXACO - acquired by HP

Platypus Technology - no longer in business

Plasmon - went into administration - assets acquired by management buyout

Platys Communications - acquired by Adaptec

PointBase - acquired by DataMirror

PowerQuest - acquired by Symantec

PolyServe - acquired by HP

Precise Software Solutions - merged with VERITAS Software

Prevail Technology - acquired by INRANGE Technologies

Princeton Softech - acquired by IBM

Prisa Networks - acquired by EMC

Procom Technology - technology acquired by Sun Microsystems

Proton World International - acquired by STMicroelectronics

ProvisionSoft - some IP & intangible assets acquired by Storability Software

Pumatech - changed name to Intellisync

PyX Technologies - acquired by SBE

QPS - assets acquired by Digital Peripheral Solutions, Inc.Digital Peripheral Solutions, Inc.

Quadrant Components - web site no longer contactable

Quadratec Software - has changed its name to Atempo

Quantum's HDD Unit - merged with Maxtor

Radialogic Software - sold assets to undisclosed company

RAIDCore - acquired by Broadcom

Raidtec - acquired by Plasmon. Then later Raidtec USA did a management buyout and changed the name to Vista Storage

Rainfinity acquired by EMC - assets acquired by Zentra Computer Technologies

RedSwitch - acquired by Agilent Technologies

Reliaty - acquired by Oracle

RentStore - web site no longer works

Rhapsody Networks - acquired by Brocade Communications Systems

Read-Rite - assets acquired by Western Digital

Rocket Division Software - spun off as StarWind Software

Sagitta Performance Systems - acquired by GlassHouse Technologies

S2io - renamed Neterion

SANavigator- assets acquired by McDATA

SANcastle Technologies - acquired by LightSand Communications

Sanera Systems - acquired by McDATA

SanOne - web site no longer functioning

Sanrise - assets sold to various companies

SANZ - is bankrupt

Savvy Networks - acquired by Another 9

SBE- merged with Neonode

SBS Technologies - acquired by GE Fanuc

Scale Eight - no longer in business

ScanLogic - acquired by Cypress Semiconductor

SCH Technologies - acquired by Legato Systems

Seagate Removable Storage Solutions - changed name to Certance

ServerWorks - acquired by Broadcom

Shwingtek- now called Olixir Technologies

Sierra Logic - acquired by Emulex

Signet - website is now called DataConnect

SiliconSystems - acquired by Western Digital

SiliconStor - acquired by LSI Logic

Silverback Systems- acquired by Brocade

SilverStormTechnologies - acquired by QLogic

SimpleTech - renamed to STEC and sold consumer division to Fabrik

Sistina Software- acquired by Red Hat

SmartDisk - renamed to SMDK

SMART Modular Technologies - demerged from Solectron

Smart Storage - acquired by OTG Software

Snap Appliance - acquired by Adaptec

Snapfish - acquired by HP

Snap Gear - acquired by CyberGuard

Softek - did management buyout from Fujitsu - then many years later - got acquired by IBM

Source Consulting - acquired by GlassHouse Technologies

SOYO - closed in 2009

Spacedisk- changed its name to Accellion

Spinnaker Networks - acquired by Network Appliance

Springtek- acquired by Nexsan Technologies

SSD Store - closed soon after opening

SteelEye- merged with Ten Art-ni

STI of Switzerland - acquired by INRANGE Technologies

StoneFly Networks - acquired by Dynamic Network Factory

Storability Software- acquired by StorageTek

Storage Elements - relaunched as Digitiliti

Storage Engine -filed for bankruptcy reorganisation. in March 2004 but survived

Storactive - acquired by Atempo - website uncontactable

StorageSoft - acquired by Phoenix Technologies

Stor2B - web site kaput

Storage Access Technologies - changed its name to BluePoint Data Storage

StorageApps - acquired by HP

Storage Area Networks, Inc. - website uncontactable

Storage Computer - viability is in doubt

Storage Concepts has merged with Medea

StorageNetworks - liquidated, STORos software acquired by Rocket Software

StoreAge - acquired by LSI Logic

Storage Pipeline - acquired by Byte and Switch

Storage Point Live - no longer live

StorageTek - acquired by Sun Microsystems

Storigen - website has ceased operation

StorLogic - website of this Florida based company has ceased operation. New website is a Canadian company.

Storm Share - no longer around

Strategic Business Systems - acquired by Brocade

Summatec Computer - website has ceased operation

Sunbelt System Software- acquired by Double-Take Software

Sun Microsystems - acquired by Oracle

Super PC Memory, Inc -acquired by Cambex

SYRED Data Systems - website uncontactable

Systran - acquired by Curtiss-Wright

Tacitus Systems - is now Tacit Networks

Tandberg Data - went bankrupt April 2009

Tantia Technologies- merged with Beta Systems Software

Tape Laboratories - acquired by Crossroads Systems

TCS of France - acquired by INRANGE Technologies

TCD Labs - acquired by Oak Technology

Tecmar - some assets and technologies acquired by Overland Data

Terrascale Technologies - acquired by Rackable Systems

The Progress Group BV - acquired by Bell Microproducts Europe

The Kernel Group - acquired by VERITAS Software

Therion Software - acquired by Brocade

Topio - acquired by Network Appliance

TidalWire - folded back into Network Engines

TiGi -products acquired by Density Dynamics

TimeSpring - acquired by Double-Take Software

TransDimension - acquired byOxford Semiconductor

The Trilliant Group - website domain acquired by Legato Systems

Times N Systems - web site no longer functioning

Toolex International - web site no longer functioning

Topspin Communications - acquired by Cisco Systems

Toshiba's commodity RAM business- acquired by Micron

TransWarp Networks - acquired by Silicon Image

Trebia Networks - assets acquired by Emulex

Tricord Systems -assets acquired by Adaptec

Trident Tek - website kaput

Trilogy Software - changed its name to TeraCloud

TrelliSoft - acquired by IBM

Trimm Technologies - acquired by JMR Electronics

TriSys - no longer in business

TrueArc- acquired by Documentum

Tripace - website kaput

Triple Stor - acquired by Transtec

Troika Networks - acquired by QLogic

TrueSAN Networks - went bust

Trusted Edge - assets acquired by FileTek

Unicore Technologies - web site has ceased

UniTree Software - acquired by OTG Software

VA Linux Systems - exited NAS market June/July 2001

VARCOM - acquired by INRANGE Technologies

Verisys - acquired by CATC

VERITAS Software - merged with Symantec

Viathan - acquired by Dantz Development

VisionTek - acquired by Hartford Computer Group

Vistastor - website ceased

Vixel - switch business acquired by Emulex

Vitesse Semiconductor- sold storage products business to Maxim

Vixel - SAN software business acquired by Fujitsu Software Technology

VMIC - acquired by GE Fanuc Automation North America

VMware - acquired by EMC

V-Stor - engineering assets and people acquired by ADIC

VytalNet - merged with eVault

WAM!NET - acquired by SAVVIS

WebManage Technologies - acquired by Network Appliance

Winstation Systems -website has gone away

W. Quinn Associates - acquired by Precise Software Solutions

WorldStor - website has ceased operation

Wydeband - no longer in business

WiebeTech - acquired by CRU-DataPort

Xdrive - acquired by AOL

Xionics Document Technologies - acquired by Oak Technology

XIOtech - acquired by Seagate Technology

Xiran - closed down

XOsoft - acquired by CA

XStormTech- acquired by AppIQ

Xtore - merged with AIC

xVault - acquired by OTG Software

Yopa - acquired by X:drive

YottaYotta - website no longer contactable (for sure - this time)

Zambeel - website no longer contactable

Zetta Systems - acquired by Overland Storage

Zillion Technologies - acquired by Silicon Image

ZT Automation - acquired by Xyratex

Zzyzx Peripherals - no longer in business.
Some Zzyzx assets acquired by RAID, Inc. who offer support.
acquired etc storage companies reader, click here to see other storage news . The vaporware at 40,000 feet smelled clean and fresh. Megabyte's personalized balloon was the last remaining asset from his VC funded "lighter than air" storage company.
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. Dolphin to Merge with IPTV ISP

Editor:- December 8, 2009 - Dolphin announced that it intends to merge with Best Media AS (an ISP based in Norway - which operates IPTV, IP telephony, internet and mobile phone services).

Verbatim Acquires Freecom

Editor:- September 3, 2009 - Verbatim's parent company (Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd) has acquired Freecom Technologies.

The Freecom acquisition represents yet another investment made by the MKM/Verbatim group aimed at the growing external hard disk drive market. The asset acquisition of SmartDisk, made in June 2007, has proved successful in establishing MKM/Verbatim in both the portable and desktop external HDD markets on a global basis.

Editor's comments:- Although virtually unknown outside Europe, Freecom was founded 20 years ago in 1989. Its acquisition is sandwiched between FolderShare and in our list of 499 gone-away storage companies. Who will be the 500th? It's probably happening as you read this.

EMC Acquires Kazeon

Editor:- September 1, 2009 - EMC today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Kazeon Systems.

Core to Kazeon's eDiscovery attractiveness is its ability to handle data that resides anywhere in the enterprise environment - including content on laptops, desktops, content management repositories, email archives and file shares.

EMC Secures Data Domain for $2 billion

Editor:- July 20, 2009 - EMC , today announced that it has acquired majority ownership of Data Domain.

Once EMC completes the acquisition of Data Domain, which is expected by the end of July, Data Domain will become the foundation of a new product division within EMC's storage business focused on the development and delivery of next-generation disk-based backup, recovery and archive solutions.

EMC's successful offer price of $33.50 per share effectively values Data Domain at $2.1 billion. EMC said it expects expects this new division to continue growing revenue at significant double-digit rates achieving $1 billion in revenue in 2010.

Editor's comments:- the Data Domain bidding saga surfaced in the newswires 2 months ago - when Network Appliance made an offer for about $1.5 billion.

WD Sells Disk Substrate Plant to Hitachi GST

Editor:- May 20, 2009 - WD announced it has agreed to sell the assets of its media substrate manufacturing facility in Sarawak, Malaysia, to a subsidiary of Hitachi GST.

The employees of WD at the facility will become employees of the purchaser. Acquired storage companies, Hard disk drives

BakBone Acquires Effective Assets of Asempra

Editor:- May 4, 2009 - BakBone Software has acquired certain assets from Asempra Technologies.

Under the terms of the agreement, BakBone has agreed to issue 3,846,154 common shares and to pay cash consideration of approximately $350,000, plus accrued royalties.

Editor's comments:- an article in TheRegister speculates that Asempra's VCs (having already invested $29 million) pulled the plug on the cash draining Asempra. This brings the gone-away storage companies list to 491.

Tandberg's Tape Bust

Editor:- April 27, 2009 - Tandberg Data has filed for bankruptcy and today announced details of its restructuring plan.

There's no surprise here. The current recession has merely brought forward an inevitable event. Although Tandberg had acquired and licensed various disk backup technologies it remained culturally wedded to tape.

I've chronicled the transition of the backup market from tape to hard disk and in some ways it's similar to what's been happening in the hard disk market versus flash SSD space. But the SSD market is more complicated - because whereas slow cheap SSDs replace hard drives, fast expensive SSDs replace server CPUs.

As with hard drives, the highest capacity tape libraries will remain spinning the longest. Nothing stays the same in the storage market for long. Looking ahead at the next 10 years SSDs will replace hard drives in enterprise backup systems too.

But let's get back to today's news from Tandberg Data, whose CEO, Pat Clarke, said - "The operations of the Tandberg Data subsidiaries will continue to operate in this new structure, with a much reduced debt burden. The difficult steps we are taking now will enable us to build a company that can be successful in providing data protection solutions and support to our valued customers, suppliers, and business partners for a long time to come"

Trawling back through gone-away / bust storage companies list (where the score now stands at 490 BTW) a search for "Tandberg" reveals it had previously acquired these companies:- LAND-5, InoStor, Exabyte and Computer Design Group.

Dataram Acquires Micro Memory Bank

Editor:- April 22, 2009 - Dataram announced it has acquired Micro Memory Bank.

MMB maintains a particular niche in legacy memory products by being one of the few companies in the industry that carries and stocks virtually every memory upgrade ever made.

Dataram's President and CEO John Freeman said "David Sheerr (who founded MMB in 1994) is the 3rd executive to join Dataram in the past 12 months who has had previous experience as the president of a company. David's entrepreneurial skills and business success in our industry are valuable additions to our executive team."

Sun's Future Lies in Oracle

Editor:- April 20, 2009 - Oracle today announced an agreement to acquire Sun Microsystems for approximately $7.4 billion.

Editor's comments:- this ends nearly a decade of speculation about the future of Sun Microsystems, a company which created a unique server business peaking at over $20 billion annual revenue at the turn of the Millenium.

You can read how Sun created that market, then lost it piece by piece and then finally lost itself in the storage market in the article which tracks the 22 History of SPARC systems market.

WD Enters the SSD Market

Editor:- March 30, 2009 - Western Digital has entered the SSD market by acquiring SiliconSystems for $65 million in a cash transaction.

Integration into WD begins immediately, with SiliconSystems now becoming known as the WD Solid-State Storage business unit, complementing WD's existing Branded Products, Client Storage, Consumer Storage and Enterprise Storage business units.

"WD's strong balance sheet, sales reach, and operations and logistics capabilities will allow us to greatly accelerate our penetration of our existing markets, while combining our engineering expertise with WD will enable us to develop new solid-state drives to broaden our overall product portfolio and address the emerging applications for solid-state storage in WD's existing customer base," said Michael Hajeck, a founder and CEO of SiliconSystems, now senior vp and general manager of WD's Solid-State Storage business unit. "We are extremely excited to be joining WD and enabling an even stronger future for our talented team." WD's SSD acquisition FAQs

Spansion Files for Bankruptcy

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - March 1, 2009 - Spansion Inc. the world's largest pure-play provider of flash memory solutions, today filed a voluntary petition for reorganization under chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

The company believes that its current and anticipated cash resources will be sufficient to pay its expenses and maintain its business operations while it explores and implements options to address its long-term cash needs. Spansion emphasized that it intends to maintain customer service throughout the reorganization. ...Spansion profile, Flash Memory Chips & Cards

Hitachi GST Buys Desktop SSD Company

SAN JOSE, Calif. - February 23, 2009 - Hitachi GST today announced that it has agreed to acquire Fabrik, Inc. whose leading storage brands include G-Technology and SimpleTech.

Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. Closing of the acquisition, which is subject to customary conditions, is expected to occur early in the 2nd quarter of 2009. Fabrik's business will continue intact and form the core of Hitachi GST's newly-formed external storage business.

Hitachi GST will fully support the G-Technology and SimpleTech product lines, building upon their success and differentiation in the market. The combined company will also leverage operational, technical and product development resources, distribution channels and global reach to accelerate delivery of a full portfolio of traditional hard drives, solid state drives and branded personal and professional storage products. ...Hitachi GST profile ...G-Technology profile

Toshiba Hopes Fujitsu's HDD IP will Fast Track New Server SSDs

Tokyo, Japan - February 17, 2009 - it was confirmed today that Fujitsu plans to transfer its hard disk drive business to Toshiba.

The companies aim to complete the transaction in the first quarter of fiscal 2009. Fujitsu will facilitate the transfer by bringing its HDD-related businesses and functions together in a new company. Toshiba will acquire about an 80% stake in this company and make it a Toshiba Group subsidiary. In order to promote a smooth transfer, Fujitsu will continue to hold a stake of under 20% in the new company for a certain period of time, after which it will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba.

Toshiba anticipates this will ease its entry into the enterprise HDD market where Fujitsu is currently a leader. Toshiba also plans to marry its flash SSD technology with Fujitsu's HDD IP to spawn new enterprise SSDs . ...Fujitsu profile, ...Toshiba profile

SanDisk and Toshiba Confirm Flash Fab Assets Swap

MILPITAS, CA - January 29, 2009 - SanDisk announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement with Toshiba to restructure their flash manufacturing joint ventures operating at the 300-mm Fab 3 and Fab 4.

As part of the agreement, more than 20% of the joint ventures'capacity will be transferred to Toshiba. The restructuring will result in the transfer of equipment lease obligations from SanDisk to Toshiba and a cash payment to SanDisk for the transfer of certain equipment currently owned by the joint ventures. The total value to SanDisk is approximately 80 billion yen, or approximately $890 million based on current exchange rates. The lease transfers and cash payment are expected to be completed by the end of the first calendar quarter of 2009. ...SanDisk profile, ...Toshiba profile, merged & gone away storage companies

Editor's comments:-
this simply confirms earlier public announcements made by both companies last October.

Fujitsu Parks Hard Disk Heads Business

Tokyo - January 27, 2009 - Fujitsu Limited announced today that it will discontinue its hard disk drive head business (which employs 360 people) as part of a broader strategic review of the HDD operations.

The HDD head development and manufacturing operations are currently performed at the Nagano Plant. The company will reassign plant employees working in the HDD head operations to other operations within the Fujitsu Group. ...Fujitsu profile

Qimonda Bust

Munich, Germany - January 23, 2009 - Qimonda AG has petitioned for the opening of insolvency proceedings due to illiquidity.

To comply with German law the company has announced the appointment of insolvency administrators. ...Qimonda profile

Editor's comments:-
Qimonda's revenue in 2008 was 1/2 the level it had been 2 years earlier, and the outcome (in today's press release) was predicted in an article I wrote in 2006 - the names change but the problems remain the same.

Objective Analysis has published an article about the lead up to Qimonda's insolvency and explores the possible fallout for Qimonda's stakeholders.

Plasmon Restructures as New Company

Colorado Springs, Colo - October 23, 2008 - Newly formed Plasmon Holding LLC announced today that it has completed a management buyout and organisational restructuring of assets from Plasmon PLC, a trusted source of data archiving systems for over 20 years.

The transaction is intended to capitalise and reposition Plasmon over the long term. Under the restructuring, Plasmon Inc, formerly a US-based subsidiary to the UK company, will become the worldwide headquarters. The "new" Plasmon will offer its market leading archiving solutions and services in all global territories. ...Plasmon profile, gone away storage companies

SanDisk May Offload Fab Costs to Toshiba after Announcing Sustained Decline in Revenue

Milpitas, CA, - October 20, 2008 - SanDisk Corp , today announced results for the 3rd quarter ended September 28, 2008, and a plan to restructure joint venture operations with Toshiba.

Total Q3 revenue was $821 million, a decrease of 21% on a year-over-year basis. Net loss in accordance with GAAP was $155 million.

SanDisk also announced today an agreement neabling it to sell 30% of its shared wafer fab capacity to Toshiba which could reduce its equipment lease obligations by approximately $1 billion. However, SanDisk and Toshiba will continue to be equal partners for the approximately 70%capacity of the fabs that remain in the joint ventures. ...SanDisk profile

Analyst comments:-
from - Jim Handy, Objective Analysis

This assets-for-cash swap will bolster SanDisk's coffers during a time when the company's stock price is depressed, but their cash position was not desperate during their last earnings announcement. Why would SanDisk be interested in an infusion of cash at this moment?

We can only guess that this cash might be used to repurchase depressed SanDisk shares whose price dropped on this news from around $16.50 last week to just under $14 at the writing of this Alert. SanDisk could use this measure to help thwart Samsung's takeover bid, remaining independent until 2009's NAND recovery drives its stock back to record levels.

Ever since Samsung made public its desire to acquire SanDisk (Sept 17) the industry has been abuzz with rumors of a Toshiba takeover. Although the SanDisk/Toshiba partnership would do better without a Samsung acquisition, Toshiba made it clear that a takeover was not in the cards. This move appears to be the company's alternative.

Micron Pays $400 million for Bigger Slice of Nanya Technology

Boise, Idaho , Sunday, October 12, 2008 - Micron Technology, Inc., today announced that it is expanding its partnership with Nanya Technology Corp and signing a definitive agreement to acquire Qimonda AG's 35.6% ownership stake in Inotera for $400 million in cash.

In the current Qimonda and Nanya partnership, Inotera operates 2 state-of-the-art 300 millimeter wafer fabrication facilities producing a total of 120,000 wafers per month. Under the agreement, Micron will acquire access to half of the total manufacturing capacity of Inotera, with the other half allocated to Nanya. Micron will also share its industry-leading Stack DRAM technology with Inotera for the production of Stack DRAM products for Micron and Nanya. ...Micron profile, ...Nanya profile, ...Qimonda profile, Acquired storage companies

Background and comments
from - Jim Handy, Objective Analysis

A Shrewd Mover in Tough Times - Micron is once again doing its part to consolidate the DRAM market. The company has a successful track record of acquiring struggling competitors' manufacturing capacity when the market is depressed. This is a strategy that has worked well for Micron to date, and will give them some much-needed 300mm capacity.

We remind our audience that manufacturing costs in a 300mm plant are about 30% lower than they are for the same process running in a 200mm plant. With today's DRAMs selling at or below cost, all competitors need to shed themselves of their 200mm capacity as soon as they can.

This announcement comes only 3 days after Micron announced the closing of their 200mm facilities in Boise. While other companies are converting plants from 200mm to 300mm, Micron is taking the approach of closing 200mm capacity and purchasing 300mm capacity at bargain-basement prices, and this deal is indeed a bargain!

The $400 million that Micron is paying for 60,000 wafer starts in Inotera's 300mm line is significantly less expensive than the $550 million the company had planned to invest in the MeiYa JV for an output we estimate to be roughly half that size.

Nanya – Planning for Tomorrow - Nanya will be playing the same role in with Micron the future that the company has played with Qimonda in the past: Nanya supplies capital and manufacturing competence in return for technology.

Death Knell for Trench? - Qimonda is the last company to continue to support a trench cell process for DRAM – all other DRAM makers use a stacked-capacitor approach. Trench technology, pioneered in the 1990s by IBM, Siemens, and Toshiba, has seen its support base shrink mainly through consolidations. Qimonda is the remnant of the DRAM manufacturing arms of the 3 trench pioneers.

Nanya was the only other company supporting trench technology through its relationship with Qimonda, and in March Nanya signed an MOU with Micron to obtain rights to Micron's stacked-capacitor design. Qimonda itself explained that their path to the 30nm process node would be through their buried wordline design, which harnesses aspects of both trench and stacked capacitor designs.

And What about Qimonda? - This transaction brings some much-needed cash to Qimonda. The company has been suffering significantly during the current protracted downturn. We believe this is the reason why the deal involves cash, rather than stock.

Dataram Re-enters the SSD Accelerator Market

Redding, CA - October 8, 2008 - it was announced today that Dataram Corp has acquired the strategic assets of Cenatek, Inc.

"I am very pleased that we have successfully completed this transaction," said Jason Caulkins, CEO of Cenatek. "Dataram is providing significant resources to build upon the Cenatek product line, roadmap and IP portfolio."

"This acquisition signifies the beginning of a series of focused efforts to move Dataram into new, growing markets that align well with Dataram's existing products and customer base," said John Freeman, President and CEO of Dataram. "We are moving very quickly to license, acquire and develop these new products, including software, into our customer-focused product lineup."

Caulkins has joined Dataram to lead the company's return to solid state storage, an area they pioneered almost 40 years ago. "I am looking forward to contributing to the continued growth and success of Dataram," Caulkins added. "I would also like to thank Cenatek's investors and employees for their hard work and commitment to success." ...Dataram profile, ...Cenatek profile, RAM based SSDs

Editor's comments:- this is a very significant milestone for the SSD market because it shows the strategic value that memory makers place on SSDs.

In the past companies like Intel have resold 3rd party SSD cards, STEC divested itself of its vanilla memory business and Samsung would like to own and control MLC patents now in the hands of SanDisk.

Look at it from the viewpoint of a memory maker.

Future server systems will have orders of magnitude more memory in the attached SSDs than installed as main RAM memory. Who owns the brand of the SSD boxes will mean a dramatic difference to attainable revenue. Being locked out of the SSD box - will mean that a memory maker can only access smaller markets - or supply other SSD oems at commodity proces. I expect to report many more such acquisitions during the next few years.

...Later:- when discussing this story my wife said this is an example of a marketing concept called "forward integration."

HP Acquires Sinister Appendage

PALO ALTO, Calif. - October 1, 2008 - HP today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire LeftHand Networks Inc. for $360 million in cash, subject to certain purchase price adjustments.

Founded in 1999, LeftHand Networks is privately held and headquartered in Boulder, Colo. It has 215 employees and more than 500 resellers and distributors worldwide. The company has more than 11,000 installations across 3,000 different customers. HP says the acquisition will strengthen its midrange iSCSI product line. ...LeftHand Networks profile

Editor's comments:- LeftHand Networks joins my list of 471 gone away storage companies nestling alphabetically between LapiStor and Legato Systems.

Some of these have more interesting stories attached to them than others. Sometimes it's the technology that goes wrong (or never gets started). But usually acquisitions result from a weakness in marketing. My view is that most VC funded storage software companies - never had a viable standalone business plan in the first place - and getting acquired was always part of the thinking. I can only judge by what I've seen.

A few weeks ago StorageMojo - Robin Harris - published an informative blog about the demise of YottaYotta. It can be interesting to read about storage people and be inspired by their success or learn from their mistakes.

Phil Soran, president and CEO of Compellent came up with a sharp comment about HP acquiring LeftHand. "HP's intent to acquire LeftHand Networks, similar to Dell's purchase of EqualLogic last November, demonstrates legacy vendors' approach to meeting the needs of the mid-sized enterprise market: buy someone else's technology and try to fit it into an existing product portfolio, which leads customers to a rip-and-replace strategy as they grow. While this may be easier for the vendors than developing their own scalable infrastructure, it is certainly not better for customers."

Finally - going back to my headline for this story... "sinister" is ye olde English - meaning the left hand side of a knight's body armor.

Seagate Services Renamed i365

Editor:- September 23, 2008 - Seagate today announced a comprehensive rebranding of its EVault, MetaLINCS, and Seagate Recovery Services companies into a single new brand - i365

i365, a Seagate Company, focuses on the unique needs and expectations of small, mid-size and enterprise companies. The "i" in the name represents information and "365" for commitment to be reliably available and accessible to customers.

The product offerings from i365 include i365 EVault Data Protection, enabling the protection and recovery of businesses' mission critical data; i365 MetaLINCS E-Discovery solutions for first pass processing, content analysis, and review of electronic information for investigatory and litigation needs; and i365 Retention Management solutions comprising data recovery, migration, restoration and data management that bridge the needs of E-Discovery and data preservation.

Samsung Publishes Offer to Buy SanDisk Shares

Editor:- September 17, 2008 - Samsung Electronics today published an open letter aimed at shareholders offering to buy SanDisk.

In this letter you can see that Samsung has been talking to SanDisk about this for many months - and is frustrated by unrealistic market and pricing expectations from SanDisk's management.

My own view re SanDisk is that the company wasted many opportunities it had in the SSD market which would have been enabled by its acquisition of M-Systems in 2006. Having acquired a company with a track record of innovation in high speed flash SSDs - SanDisk apparently ignored or deliberately dropped those server-ready product lines and focused instead on the suicide "me-too" consumer end of the SSD market. Not surprisingly as result SanDisk has been losing market share in the SSD market at high double digit rates.

Here are some comments from other SSD analysts.

Jim Handy at Objective Analysis... "SanDisk is in the midst of negotiations with Samsung to renew patent licenses under which Samsung is paying SanDisk hundreds of millions every year. Should Samsung succeed in this acquisition, Samsung will be in a position to receive a similar royalty stream, and to perhaps grow that stream to something significantly larger than SanDisk's current royalty revenue. Something we have not mentioned yet is that SanDisk not only owns a large share of the intellectual property covering 2-bit MLC, but they appear to be the only company to own 3-bit and 4-bit IP, and are likely to profit handsomely from this position over the next two years. What about Toshiba? Ever since SanDisk converted from NOR to NAND early this decade they have had a very close relationship with Toshiba. "

SanDisk focused blogger - Savo Lainen hasn't said anything as we go to press, but his comments are always interesting.

Gregory Wong founder of Forward Insights discussed this rumor last week and may have a follow-up.

SanDisk issued its own press release - effectively saying No! to Samsung's offer. And among other things -derided it as - "an opportunistic attempt to take advantage of SanDisk's current stock price, which is significantly depressed given industry cyclicality, the uncertainty resulting from the unresolved patent cross license agreement renewal with Samsung, and general equity market conditions."

Samsung SanDisk Synergy Dissected

Editor: - September 8, 2008 - in his latest blog Gregory Wong founder of Forward Insights analyzes the business arguments for and against a rumored Samsung acquisition of SanDisk.

...Forward Insights profile, SSD analysts

Adaptec Acquires RAID Controller Maker Aristos Logic

MILPITAS, Calif. :- August 28, 2008 - Adaptec Inc. today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Aristos Logic Corp in a cash transaction worth approximately $41 million.

Adaptec's president and CEO Sundi Sundaresh said - "Aristos Logic will provide us with a strong ASIC roadmap. Their next generation 6 Gb/s serial RAID controllers will expand our channel offerings and enhance the value of our current lines of Unified Serial SATA and SAS products." ...Adaptec profile, ...Aristos Logic profile, acquired storage companies, RAID controllers

Seagate to buy SanDisk? - an Analyst's View

Editor:- August 18, 2008 - in his recent blog Gregory Wong, founder of Forward Insights, discusses the pros and cons of Seagate acquiring SanDisk or Intel's flash business.

My own views on this haven't changed since I published Seagate will Fail the SSD Challenge. Gregory Wong makes some interesting numerical comparisons in his analytical article. ...Forward Insights profile, ...SanDisk profile

Snap Server Changes Ownership Again

MILPITAS, Calif - June 30, 2008 - Adaptec Inc. today announced that it has sold its Snap Server NAS business, including the brand and all assets to Overland Storage Inc. for a net consideration of $3.6 million.

Under the terms of the agreement, Adaptec will retain ownership of all iSCSI-based hardware and software products and assets, which will be rebranded and managed by Adaptec.

Overland Storage will take over control of all existing Snap Server networked and desktop storage appliance assets including licenses, patents, existing product inventory and fixed assets and assume customer support obligations. Approximately 50 Adaptec employees will receive offers to join Overland Storage effective June 30, 2008. ...Adaptec profile, ...Overland Storage profile

Editor's comments:-
spun off from Quantum in October 2002 - Snap Appliance was acquired by Adaptec in July 2004. So in 6 years it's bounced from a tape backup owner, to a RAID HBA owner and now back to a tape / d2d company again.
...................................................................................................................................... ......................................................................................................

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