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UDinfo was established in 2014 as the new name to carry on the SSD business of Afaya. UDinfo is based in New Taipei City, Taiwan

see also:- overview of UDinfo's products

editor's comments:- Like its predecessor Afaya, UDinfo has SSD product lines at the industrial and embedded markets - available with many interfaces:- SATA, PATA and USB.

UDinfo competes in the following SSD form factor markets:- SSDs on a chip, M.2 SSDs , 1.8" SSDs and 2.5" SSDs.

Recent editions to UDinfo's SSD product line include:-
  • industrial SATA SSD on a chip (156 pins MO-276) which can provide about 500 / 200 MB/s R/W and upto 32GB / 64GB capacity using MLC or pSLC (pseudo-SLC).
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As the possibilities for deploying SSDs with application specific power, performance, and storage/server/app optimimized role becomes better understood - the result is that thousands of systems design groups are not only looking at designing their own SSDs (which has been happening for years already) but also a heck of a lot of these designers are also looking at deeply customizing the SSD in their life.

These customizations are more ambitious than adding a few firmware tweaks to a COTS SSD controller and choosing the flash to populate someone else's reference design.
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