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Accelerated Memory Production Inc./AMP Inc offers innovating Storage and Memory Solutions for Today's World. A new generation of Solid State drives Sandforce Driven offer high capacity with faster transfer speed and smaller form factor. DDR2/3 Memory Modules Advance and Standard to meet Solutions for high-performance in the Enterprise, Network,Server. Storage, Embedded and Defense Market. AMP also offers a line of Compact Flash, PATA, Mini PCI-e and CFAs for all your complete storage needs. Members of JEDEC and Small Form Factor Special Interest Groups. url:

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  • editor's comments:- October 2014 - AMP entered the SSD market in 2009. Their SSD product line includes many form factors.

    AMP - which provides products for the industrial and military markets still manufactures PATA SSDs too.
AMP mentions in SSD market history

In June 2011 - AMP launched the CineDrive a low power, rugged 2.5" SATA SSD optimized for the video recording industry.

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the difference between "good enough" and the "best" endurance architecture schemes can still be 2x, 3x or 100x - even when using the same memory.
SSD endurance - the forever war - now in 3D
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