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ATP Electronics

Founded in 1991, ATP Electronics is a leading manufacturer of high performance, high quality and durable NAND flash memory solutions as well as DRAM memory modules. With over 20 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and support of memory products, ATP continues to focus on mission critical applications such as industrial, telecom, medical and enterprise computing where high levels of technical support, performance consistency and wide operating temperature ranges are required. As a true manufacturer, ATP offers in house design, testing and product tuning. ATP also offers extensive supply chain support with controlled/fixed BOM's and long product life cycles. For more information on ATP products please visit .

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who's who in SSD? - ATP Electronics

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - February 2014

I've been writing about ATP's flash memory cards on - since 2003. Before that - my editorial coverage of the company was focused on their server RAM.

In 2010 I noted on these pages that ATP already had a broad product line in the industrial SSD market.

ATP's "Velocity" brand of SSDs is one of the many examples in my article - Power, Speed and Strength Metaphors in SSD brands

Now (in 2014) ATP's embedded SSD product line has been extended to include more form factors and interfaces.

Among other things - I noticed recently that ATP publishes cross reference guides - so that buyers who have slots in their legacy products which use particular SSDs from competing or discontinued / EOL industrial SSD product lines from WD or Stec - can find suggested replacements - which offer compatible features not just at the speed and capacity level - but also including some secure erase options.
"ATP's aMLC (advanced MLC) gives upto 5x better endurance than eMLC and includes 100% production level burn-in test for all products."
Comparing reliability of MLC, eMLC and aMLC - by ATP

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ATP spins motoring flash
Editor:- February 15, 2016 - ATP today said it will show its automotive market focused SSD capabilities (pdf) at Embedded World. Among other things this includes:-
  • production level burn-in tests
  • waterproof and dustproof SD cards
  • data retention protection with AutoScan
ATP Electronics to demonstrate power cycling resilience of its industrial SSDs
Editor:- May 5, 2015 - ATP Electronics today introduced a range of rugged storage products specifically targeting the IoT markets. The range include microSD/SD, CF/CFast, 2.5 SSD and other embedded flash modules.

ATP also said it will show its Power Cycling Test Demonstration Kit - which validates the company's industrially renowned ATP PowerProtector under any sudden/unstable power-down situations - at the ESEC 2015 trade show Tokyo later this month.

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