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The product shown below (from SBS Technologies
which is no longer in business) was featured here
on in 2000.
SBS Technologies - Fibre Channel Adapters
Fibre Channel Adapters
from SBS Technologies

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Fibre-Channel is an interface standard for connecting computers to mass storage devices such as disk drives, disk arrays and tape libraries. Developed more than a decade after SCSI, which it was intended to replace for high performance applications, the Fibre-Channel standard was specified around faster data throughput speeds, and longer distances because of its use of fiber-optic cable. Data reliability was also significantly better than parallel SCSI because data errors due to crosstalk and line reflections were effectively designed out.

The differences in spelling (Fibre in this standard versus Fiber in the cable) were done deliberately by the standard creators.

In recent years, new versions of SCSI, such as iSCSI have nearly caught up in speed terms (and iSCSI over InfiniBand is even faster) so the original performance differences are now blurred. ...from Megabyte's Storage Dictionary
Some Past Fibre-channel adapter card oems
This vendor list is no longer updated.
GBICs / InfiniBand / iSCSI / SAN




ATTO Technology



Curtiss-Wright Controls









Performance Technologies



SANBlaze Technology

Storage Engine


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serial SCSI
Serial Attached SCSI
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Megabyte found that Fibre-channel
was a really quick way of getting around.
Expect 16GFC by 2011 - says FCIA.............................
Editor:- October 20, 2009 - the Fibre Channel Industry Association announced its has completed the technical work on 16Gb/s Fibre Channel (16GFC) - which provides a natural value migration from 8GFC.

Product roll-outs are anticipated in 2011 according to FCIA Chairman - Skip Jones.

Editor's comments:- I first published a directory of Fibre-channel adapters way back in 1994. The first FC connected storage array product listed in that was the SPARCstorageArray from Sun Microsystems.

It's reassuring that users in the FC market can anticipate another level of performance evolution - but FC is no longer a growth market. So this could be the last post for FC - just as 15K RPM was the end of the road for hard disks.

For dispersed systems ethernet based storage (NAS) long ago became the dominant network storage connect - while for local use and higher performance InfiniBand and PCIe have taken hold in distinct functional pockets.
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