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The data security company Ibas, established in 1978, is one of the world's leading companies in Data Recovery and Data Erasure and Computer Forensics. The Group's Head Office is located in Kongsvinger, Norway, with subsidiaries, distributors and partners worldwide. In 2002 the total turnover was NOK 79 millions and the company has a total of 81 employees. Ibas is a company in the Norman Group, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

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  • editor's comments:- examples of data recovery case studies on Ibas's website include weapons of mass destruction, recovering data from a cell phone in a murder case, and recovering new music tracks recorded by a rock group.
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Over 50 data recovery companies are listed
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Bad block management in flash SSDs
This is an introduction to the thinking behind one of the many vital functions inside a flash SSD controller.

Native media defect quality in new flash memory chips has grown steadily worse in the past 10 years as geometries have shrunk.
click image to read the article - principles of bad block management in flash SSDs This article enumerates the scale of the problem and explains how intrinsically dodgy flash memory is transformed into dependable flash SSDs which you can entrust with your data. the article

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