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KingFast, founded in 2008, has in recent years become one of the best known SSD brands in China.

KingFast's SSDs are extensively used in mainstream PCs and in industrial applications. And all KingFast's SSDs are backed by a 3-year warranty.

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by Zsolt Kerekes, editor -

KingFast first appeared in the news pages of in 2009 and first entered the Top SSD Companies List in Q2 2012 where it remained for 3 quarters.

In 2013 KingFast was acquired by RunCore. And as a RunCore sub-brand KingFast's marketing efforts since then seem to have been focused on geographies outside the US.

KingFast's current SSD product line is mainly SATA SSDs for the following markets:- consumer, industrial, enterprise and military.
KingFast mentions in SSD market history

In August 2009 - KingFast announced its ZIF range of MLC SSDs available in 1.8", 2.5" and 3.5" sizes with access times of 0.1mS and 9,000 read IOPS.

In September 2011 - KingFast's fast consumer 2.5" SATA SSDs can deliver 26K/ 16K R/W IOPS and 539MB/s and 468MB/s R/W throughput - and are available with upto 480GB capacity.

In May 2013 - KingFast introduced a 2.5" SATA 3 SLC SSD for the enterprise - the F3 PLUS SERIES SLC SSD KF2510SCF has upto 120GB SLC capacity and performance upto 75,000/85,000 R/W IOPS.

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KingFast says its W-Drive SSD (2.5" SATA secure, rugged MLC SSD) is widely used in vehicle borne applications.

Hovering in the background and influencing many seemingly incomprehensible product changes in 2016 will be the apparently conflicting tensions between 2 primary Higgs boson-like SSD forces:- an urge towards greater standardization, and, at the same time, an urge towards greater customization.
What were the big SSD ideas of 2015?

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DWPD ratings have become a useful shortcut to filter enterprise SSDs because there's an industry-wide consensus that the number should somehow map into recognizable application zones and price bands.
DWPD - examples from the market

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