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Mellanox Technologies

Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of semiconductor-based, high-performance interconnect products that facilitate data transmission between servers and storage systems through communications infrastructure equipment. Our products are an integral part of a total solution focused on computing, storage and communication applications used in enterprise data centers, high-performance computing and embedded systems. Based on InfiniBand technology, our field-proven adapter and switch integrated circuits deliver industry-leading performance and capabilities, and serve as the building blocks for creating reliable and scalable interconnect solutions. In addition to supporting InfiniBand, Mellanox's next generation of products also support the industry-standard Ethernet interconnect specification. Founded in 1999, Mellanox Technologies is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and Yokneam, Israel. For more information on Mellanox's solutions, please visit

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EZchip's acquisition by Mellanox clear to close
Editor:- January 19, 2016 - After various delays and interventions it was confirmed today that the shareholders of EZchip Semiconductor have approved the merger deal with Mellanox announced last September which valued EZchip at $800 million approx.

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