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Storage news - 2000, September week 4

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Procom's NetFORCE 1500 Receives Rave Reviews

IRVINE, Calif. - Sept. 28, 2000 - Procom Technology Inc. today announced that its high-availability, midrange NAS filer, the NetFORCE(TM) 1500, received outstanding marks in Network Computing magazine's comprehensive September review of midrange NAS servers that sell for less than $50,000 and provide from 200 GB to 700 GB of storage.

It was singled out for its SNMP support, checkpoint backups, user quotas and high-availability options, which include three power supplies and hot-swappable fans.

``The NetFORCE 1500 represents a solid value,'' said reviewer Dave Fetters. ``Setup was among the easiest we've experienced. Just power up and plug into the switch via the optional Gigabit Ethernet NIC. The LCD on the front made network setup especially easy, as it let us enter IP information without using a terminal connection.'' In addition to the ease of setup, the review extolled the NetFORCE's impressive checkpoint feature, which takes up to 16 scheduled point-in-time images of a specified volume. ``We took several checkpoint images of our active volume and found this feature to be invaluable,'' said Network Computing's reviewer. ``Using the checkpoint feature, you could completely destroy a data set and be back online within minutes without rebooting.''

The GUI for NetFORCE 1500 supplies a great deal of information about the system and its constituents, including system attributes (name, location, etc.), network statistics, component health (fans, power supplies, voltage temperature), file system status and statistics, and device statistics. The 1500 now supports up to 512 MB of CPU memory, port aggregation (also known as Etherchannel) and a multitude of internal improvements intended to enhance both transaction- and throughput-oriented operations. These improvements have resulted in a 30 to 35 percent performance gain in NetBench numbers. ...Procom Technology profile

ECCS Introduces Synchronix 3000 Data Storage Engine

TINTON FALLS, NJ - September 28, 2000 - ECCS, Inc today introduced the Synchronix 3000, a fault-tolerant data storage engine that delivers superior performance in speed, storage capacity, data protection and storage management, along with the advantages of full-fibre connectivity.

The Synchronix 3000 achieves real large-block transfer speeds of 190MB per second for 2 channels, a speed that is significantly higher than other systems on the market, including previous ECCS systems. Storage capacity is 4.38 TB with one standard 70" cabinet and can expand to 20.1 TB with two additional standard cabinets. And the Synchronix 3000 provides for the full use of fibre-channel capabilities among a network's controller, host and disk drives, with operating links reaching up to 10 kilometers.

The most effective data-protection features are built into the Synchronix 3000. Enhanced RAID technology provides for RAID levels 30 and 50, as well as levels 0, 1, 3, 5, 10 and JBOD, and for unique fault-tolerant data security. The Synchronix 3000 can notify network operations of any system fault through e-mail, pager, fax and a customized program.

The Synchronix 3000 is flexible in meeting an organization's specific storage requirements. It can become the central data storage for different networks, including Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Storage Area Networks (SAN). The Synchronix 3000 allows key components, like controllers, disk drives, power supplies and fans, to be added without making program changes, shutting down the network or losing access to data. Modular construction allows for the addition of new storage capacity. The Synchronix 3000 is delivered with ten disk drives. Additional disk drives can be added in increments as small as one drive to a maximum of 60 disk drives with each controller pair.

The new Synchronix Array Manager (SAM) handles functions like configuring the system, adjusting to new components and assuring a safe shutdown of the system. Systems administrators can view and assess performance factors, like processing speed and throughput, with easy-to-read graphic displays on their monitors from anywhere in their networks. The Synchronix 3000 engine, which is currently available, will be introduced October 2, 2000 at the Oracle Open World 2000 conference, booth 320, in San Francisco. ...ECCS profile

ManagedStorage Closes $50 Million in 2nd Round of Funding

BROOMFIELD, Colo., September 28, 2000 - ManagedStorage International, Inc. has secured more than $50 million in funding that will enable the company to rapidly expand its business.

The funding round offers further evidence of investor confidence in the company's long-term business strategy of providing storage service offerings targeted at Fortune 1000 companies, Internet e-business and Internet Data Centers.

"We have seen rapid adoption by Fortune 1000 and e-business operations of the industry standard Internet storage infrastructure model ManagedStorage has created," said B.D. (Bill) Johnson, chief operating officer for ManagedStorage. "In light of this accelerating customer demand, we'll be using these investments to expand ManagedStorage's worldwide presence by tripling its footprint in the United States and pursuing aggressive growth in Europe as well as advancing our content management software solutions."

Boston-based Great Hill Equity Partners L.P. managed the fundraising process for this second round of funding, which was led by Providence Equity Partners, with additional investments from First Union Corporation (NYSE: FTU), J.P. Morgan & Co., Incorporated (NYSE: JPM) and EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC).

EMC's investment in ManagedStorage will facilitate technology collaboration between the two companies for development of software for storage and content management. Doron Kempel, Vice President and General Manager of EMC's Media Solutions Group, said, "We look forward to working with ManagedStorage to help them develop and offer leading solutions utilizing EMC technology for this growing market."

Incubated within StorageTek, ManagedStorage was the first SSP to provide managed storage services to Fortune 1000 companies with large e-business operations. Great Hill Partners, as the first ManagedStorage investor, and StorageTek, launched the stand-alone company less than five months ago. StorageTek maintains a minority ownership interest in the company. Since its founding, ManagedStorage has developed the broadest range of managed storage offerings available, including storage-on-demand, server backup, PC backup and content management solutions.

"In today's information era, data lives within companies as a central nervous system, serving the growing needs of a diverse group of users and applications," said Daniel Coetsier, president of ManagedStorage. "ManagedStorage's offerings serve as life support to that system, ensuring a company's data is safe, available and relevant when called upon." Exploding demand for managed storage services ...EMC profile, ...ManagedStorage profile, ...StorageTek profile

Editor's note:- if you've been reading what Bill Gates has been saying recently about the future directions at Microsoft, you'll realise that an infrastructure of secure web storage providers is an essential prerequisite for the information exchange paradigms they're working on. What we're seeing today in the web storage industry is similar to the PC industry in the days of Apple II and CP/M, in the late 1970's. Stakes are being put into the ground, but a lot of this ground may get plowed up later. I'll be analysing whether Microsoft is likely to be one of the world's top 10 storage services companies in the January 2001 edition of Squeak!

New Trusted Solution Platforms

SAN FRANCISCO - Sept. 26, 2000 - Today at Microsoft Corp.'s Enterprise 2000 Launch, Microsoft, Hitachi Data Systems and McDATA Corp. introduced Trusted Solution Platform (TSP), a packaged combination of hardware, software, services and support jointly developed by the three companies.

TSP is designed to deliver high availability, enhanced scalability and reduced total cost of ownership for customers running current and future versions of Microsoft® Exchange and SQL Server™ applications in a Windows® 2000 Advanced Server environment. TSP offers a pretested environment that is qualified and supported by Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS), providing high-performance Storage Area Network (SAN)-based solution platforms for Exchange and SQL Server applications.

"As Microsoft and our associates share our vision for the new enterprise today at the Enterprise 2000 Launch, TSP underscores our commitment to provide enterprise customers with the technology and services to run mission-critical applications today and well into the future," said Steve Ballmer, president and CEO of Microsoft. "Working together, Hitachi Data Systems, McDATA and Microsoft's Product Support Services are able to provide customers with a rock-solid enterprise service offering today and a road map for building the new enterprise of tomorrow."

TSP results in greatly improved productivity of system administrators through server and storage consolidation throughout the enterprise. It is benchmarked at a minimum of 5,000 users for Exchange with RAID 5 and at least 280 GB of backup capacity per hour for SQL Server. TSP will link Windows 2000 Advanced Server Edition clusters with Hitachi's Freedom Storage Lightning 9900 subsystem and McDATA's ED-5000 enterprise-class Director.

A variety of professional services from each of the companies, including assessments of customer environments and implementation of solutions, is part of the TSP platform. All elements of TSP are tested and qualified for interoperability and scalability. High-availability solution centers operated at Microsoft, Hitachi Data Systems and McDATA facilities are available for customers for observation of preconfigured solutions and testing of customized environments. Representatives of all three companies are able to offer TSP to customers. TSP is available immediately. ...Hitachi Data Systems profile, ...McDATA profile, ...Microsoft profile

SST Preannounces Record Results for 3Q00

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 26, 2000 - SST (Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.) (Nasdaq: SSTI) today announced that it expects to report record results for the third quarter ending Sept. 30, 2000.

The company expects to report third quarter revenue of greater than $150 million, or an increase of greater than 45 percent over the second quarter of 2000 and greater than 325 percent over the third quarter a year ago. In addition, the company expects to report earnings per share for the third quarter of 2000 to be greater than $0.35. The company expects to report final results for the third quarter of 2000 on October 12, 2000 after the market is closed. ...SST profile

HIARC Provides Linux Users with Online Archiving

ANAHEIM, CA - September 26, 2000 - HIARC Inc. today introduced its new online Centralized Archiving and Backup (CAB) data management software for Linux.

HIARC CAB(tm) provides businesses with an on-line central point of management for their data backup and retrieval needs. CAB gives businesses an on-line, lights out, cross platform, data protection and retrieval solution that automatically replicates and archives any kind of file - such as documents, spreadsheets, images and Internet related data - located on Linux, Solaris, Unix or Windows-based clients and routes these files to local or off-site storage. CAB acquires data by taking point in time data snapshots.

Point in time snapshots record the state of network data without having to worry about traditional backup windows. CAB archives snapshots as defined by the parameters entered for each snapshot entry, creating historical step by step evolution of a business' data. Because the data snapshot method is task oriented and replicates only changed data, it does not strain network bandwidth like batch-oriented disk-to-tape backups can.

The frequency rate for each snapshot is programmable and can be changed at any time. When retrieving data, CAB gives clients true 7 x 24 access to both their archived and last snapshot data. Now users can retrieve data from the time period they need and view these archived files with response times that can equal what they get from their live or production data files. With CAB, no one has to wait for someone to schedule the time to restore his or her data from a backup tape. CAB can be configured for server-to-server applications. This allows a higher-level corporate server to backup data from a lower-level server - and the lower-level server to backup data from workstations located on the network it manages.

CAB gives organizations the scalability they need because CAB backs up data over any IP based shared or dedicated LAN, WAN or SAN. CAB offers out-of-the-box functionality and scalability for managing content, does not require installation of vendor supplied client specific software, and complements existing corporate disk-to-tape backup procedures. CAB pricing starts at $2,475 MSRP. ...HIARC profile

VMIC mounts Diskonchip on Linux SBCs

Editor:- Sept. 26, 2000 - today at the Embedded Systems Conference - M-Systems. announced that VMIC has selected the DiskOnChip flash disk as the local storage device in its new line of Linux-based single board computers (SBCs).

VMIC is shipping SBCs to its customers with the Linux operating system from Red Hat or LynuxWorks preinstalled on DiskOnChip. By including DiskOnChip in its SBCs, VMIC is helping its customers to save valuable time-to-market while providing a reliable, local storage solution for applications and data.

"VMIC selected DiskOnChip for its high capacity and form factor that allow it to be used on a VMEbus or CompactPCI single board computer, both of which occupy only one slot. The combination of VMIC's single board computer and M-Systems' DiskOnChip provide customers with a single slot solution for their operating system and application, using no external storage devices," said Dr. George Meares, vice president of research and development at VMIC.

"This relationship has great potential in opening up new business for M-Systems," said Chuck Schouw, president and CEO, M-Systems Inc. "With DiskOnChip's inclusion with VMIC's SBCs, M-Systems' products have penetrated into the major OEMs and telecom companies that have decided to outsource their computing platforms."

Cyclone Adds PMC Module to RAID Offering

New Haven, Connecticut - September 25, 2000 - Cyclone Microsystems, Inc., today announced the PMC57, a RAID PMC Module with one Ultra2 SCSI channel.

Designed for a wide range of reliable storage systems where RAID is required, the PMC57 can be hosted on a CompactPCI board to provide fault-tolerant storage and maximum data availability for high-performance embedded systems. Developers working on applications like transaction processing, telecommunications, Advanced Intelligent Networks (AIN), imaging and video can rely on and benefit from the advantages of RAID technology in the PMC form factor. Because it does not take up an additional slot in the system, the PMC57 can be easily adapted to many single board computer hosts. The PMC57 performs all RAID functions independent of the host processor. Intel's i960RN(r) Intelligent I/O processor off-loads the host processor by driving disk array controller functions like parity generation, RAID algorithms, striping algorithms and cache management. In addition, the PMC57 supports Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Linux Red Hat, Novell Netware and Unix along with Microsoft Cluster Server for Windows NT environments. ...Cyclone Microsystems profile

Auspex Raises $90 Million

SANTA CLARA, Calif - Sept. 25, 2000 - Auspex Systems, Inc. announced completion of a private placement of common stock, at market price realizing gross proceeds of $90,143,000. Investors include State of Wisconsin Investment Board, RS Investment Management and The Clark Estates.

"Participants in this private placement include existing and new shareholders who have demonstrated confidence in the new management team and our competitive future," said Gary J. Sbona, chairman and CEO. "This should eliminate concerns among our current and future customers about Auspex's returning to prominence in the storage market."

The company also announced that the remaining 50% of its outstanding Series B Preferred Stock has been converted to common stock effective Sept. 15, 2000, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Series B Preferred Stock and related agreements dated Jan. 18, 2000, and that the company now has no outstanding preferred stock. ...Auspex Systems profile, A Storage Architecture Guide

Tandberg Data has 3 new OEM contracts

Oslo, Norway, 25th September 2000, Tandberg Data ASA has entered into a new OEM contract with Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH for delivery of high capacity Tandberg SLR and DLT tape drives.

The first delivery will take place early October and comes in addition to a newly entered into contact with Fujitsu Ltd., Japan where Tandberg Data are delivering DLT tape drives. A similar agreement has also been reached with Bull, France. Here the first deliveries of SLR and DLT tape drives have already been made. Vieved as a whole, Tandberg Data estimates these contracts to be worth NOK 100 million annually. ...Tandberg Data profile, ...Fujitsu Siemens Computers profile

Dataram has Memory for HP 9000 A-Class Servers

Princeton, NJ September 25, 2000 Dataram Corporation today becomes the first independent memory manufacturer to offer memory for Hewlett-Packard's newest A400 and A500 servers.

Engineered for e-services and designed to meet the needs of today's Internet-Age, the A400 and A500 are the latest addition to HP's successful 9000 Enterprise Server product line. Dataram quickly responds to the demands of the rack-hungry Internet Service Provider market by offering memory for HP's A400 and A500 servers in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB capacities.

Both systems have up to 8 slots to reach the maximum capacity of 2GB (A400) and 8GB (A500). Each product contains two memory modules developed with advanced ECC protection, and have the reliability and high memory bus bandwidth required by these servers. With its tight Internet design, the new A-Class is packed into a compact, 2 U (3.5" high) box, allowing up to 20 servers and 40 processors per rack. The A500 features up to two 2 64-bit PA-8500 440MHz or PA-8600 550MHz processors and up to 8GB ECC SDRAM, while the A400 features 1 64-bit PA-8500 440MHz processors with 2GB ECC SDRAM.
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Auspex Raises $90 Million

Tandberg Data has 3 new OEM contracts

Dataram has Memory for HP 9000 A-Class Servers

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OTG Software names CTO
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Capacity Dataram Memory List Price
512MB DRHA500/512 $1,366
1GB DRHA500/1024 $2,566
2GB DRHA500/2048 $5,424
"We're pleased to be the first independent memory company to offer memory for HP's A400 and A500 servers", states Jeff Goldenbaum, Dataram's Product Manager. "These products reflect our continued effort of providing top quality memory solutions for enterprise-class servers at significant savings." ...Dataram profile

StorLogic Demonstrates NAS at Embedded System Conference

SAN JOSE, California, September 25, 2000 - StorLogic, Inc today announced that they would demonstrate their latest NAS solutions in the Microsoft booth (#808) at ESC-West'00.

Based on the Microsoft Windows NT Embedded 4.0 operating system, the StorCom.e™ server appliances provide high performance, next generation NAS functionality including the unique ability to deploy both applications and storage, and SAN-like single-console management of multiple appliances.

"Microsoft is excited to be working with StorLogic on solutions that meet the needs and expectations of customers who demand the highest levels of reliability, manageability, and scalability from their NAS solutions," said Bruce Beachman, product unit manager, Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group, Microsoft Corp. "StorLogic's StorCom.e server appliances, thefirst NAS solution based on Windows NT Embedded 4.0, enables vendors to easily develop sophisticated embedded solutions with richer services, increased functionality and strong interoperability."

StorLogic will also be demonstrating its NAS/SAN-enabled storage resource management software suite, SerView®. SerView's functional and internal architecture functions as a wrapper around Microsoft's Windows NT Embedded. SerView leverages the built-in features of Windows NT Embedded 4.0 to provide a complete system management solution that also includes the control of plug-in file systems, applications or services.

StorCom.e systems are offered in 4 and 10 bay SCSI and Fibre Channel configurations. Storage peripheral options include 9, 18, 36 and 73GB hard disks, CD-ROM, CD-R, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DDS-4, AIT tape, and CD changers. Availability of the new 400MHz based StorCom.e appliances is scheduled for October 2000. ...StorLogic profile

INRANGE Announces Alliance with HP

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, SEPTEMBER 25, 2000 - INRANGE Technologies announced today that it has entered into a worldwide reseller agreement with Hewlett Packard's Complementary Products Division (HPCP), an organization that partners with a large number of vendors to complement HP's product, solutions and services portfolio with third-party solutions.

HPCP, will offer INRANGE's IN-VSN™ 9801 SNS Storage Networking System and Gigamux™ Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer as virtual storage networking solutions for enabling the use of HP's XP256 and XP512 HP SureStore E Disk Array XP256 and XP512 platforms, which are used in disk mirroring and data replication applications. The 9801 SNS and GigaMux DWDM will enable HP SureStore E Disk Array XP256 and XP512HP's XP256 and XP512 platforms to operate over industry-standard telecommunications services, such as ATM and T3-E3 networks, or over private or leased optical networks.

The GigaMux DWDM, an optical multiplexer that can turn one optical fiber into as many as 256 ESCON channels, leverages the cost of existing fiber within a network and can extend fiber applications over long distances. INRANGE's worldwide sales and support organizations will team with HPCP and HP's Storage sSales organizations in providing extended distance mirroring solutions for enterprise storage network customers. ...HP profile, ...INRANGE profile

New GBICs from UK based Selectronix

Aldermaston, UK - September 25, 2000 - Selectronix has introduced to the UK a new family of small form factor pluggable (SFP) optical transceivers.

Manufactured by Stratos Lightwave, this new line of miniaturised optical transceivers address the high demand for increased port density in optical networking equipment by delivering twice the port density of standard removable transceivers. The Stratos SFP module is the first all-metal casing module available on the market and this ensures low emissions and high thermal management performance. Versions are now available for 1.0625Gb/s & 2.125Gb/s Fibre Channel, 1.25Gb/s Gigabit Ethernet and 2.488Gb/s ATM OC-48.
The Stratos SFP family provides the flexibility and upgradability of a hot-pluggable removable module and is interchangeable with all MSA compatible equipment. The ability to remove and replace the modules while the system is fully operational eases in-field reconfiguration and service operations and is ideal for critical networking and telecommunications systems. The SFP module uses the LC Fibre Optic connector standard and is a part of the range of LC compatible components, accessories and cable assemblies supplied by Selectronix. ...Selectronix profile, ...Stratos Lightwave profile

OTG Software names CTO

BETHESDA, Md., September 22, 2000 – OTG Software, Inc. today announced that Michael Del Rosso has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer.

As CTO, Del Rosso will be responsible for developing the integrated technology vision for the company. He heads OTG's product management, software development and technical support operations, and reports directly to Richard Kay, CEO and President of OTG Software. Del Rosso, (43), has spent 23 years in the software engineering industry and has expertise in management, marketing and engineering analysis and design. Previously, Del Rosso was Vice President, Technology and Information Security, at VII Inc., a Washington, DC-based executive consulting and engineering company, where he established their Internet technology practice. From 1998-1999, he served as Executive Vice President and CTO at Infrastructure Defense, Inc., a startup in network security located in Fairfax, VA. In 1983 he founded Minneapolis based Michael Del Rosso Associates, a successful software engineering consulting firm that for 15 years specialized in fundamental software design and consulting for major corporations like IBM, Control Data, Amdahl, Northern Telecom and Cheyenne Software. ...OTG Software profile

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