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PCcardsDirect, based in Irvine, California, supplies rugged SLC flash cards and SSDs for embedded applications to customers in the industrial and military markets.

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who's who in SSD? - PCcardsDirect

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - November 2013

PCcardsDirect - is the embedded solutions business of Titan Channel Partners which provides marketing and logistical services to help small manufacturers get their products better known and adopted by major distribution networks.

PCcardsDirect operates in these markets:- Michael Furtado, Director of Sales at PCcardsDirect recently told me - "We're focused on offering PCMCIA industrial temperature rated cards to customers still looking to support legacy equipment. PCMCIA is still a common form factor used in the military and the commercial aircraft industries as you know. Among other things we offer our PCMCIA solutions to customers looking to transition from older Sandisk and SiliconSystems PCMCIA cards that are no longer available."

I asked Michael - what proportion of these products do you make?

He said - "100%. We are a USA based company and all of our flash storage solutions are built to our specifications either here in the USA or in one of our fab houses."

...Later:- in December 2014 - Michael Furtado told me that PCcardsDirect has recently begun reselling SSDs from Virtium. This can be useful to know for customers whose projects currently involve low order quantities.
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