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StorageSearch was the first, vendor independent, web only portal focused on the whole enterprise storage market when it was published in Q3 1998. (You can see the original launch press release here.)

When I stopped actively updating this page listing other storage publications in about 2005 there were already hundreds of storage publications online. (And later by 2018 - thousands of industry experts had their own micro publications on social media such as linkedin which added to the confusing cacophany of noise from vendor blogs and tweets etc.)

The list in the table - below right - includes vendor independent storage portals which have (had) some substance or track record of commitment to this industry at the time they were launched.

You can also see vendor nominated SSD publications of noteworthy regard in the SSD Bookmarks Series:- as recommended by - BiTMICRO, Cactus, Cadence, Dataram, Dolphin , Foremay, IBM, Intel, Infinidat, ioSafe, Pliant, SandForce, Solid Access Technologies, STEC, Texas Memory Systems, Western Digital, and WhipTail .

Popular SSD articles on (includes some editor selected links to external articles too).

Many of the top level directories on the mouse site include suggested external sites. See the A to Z for an outline.

And finally - the storage news archive - includes thousands of stories and links.
storage portals
Megabyte thought that storage portals
were a bit like wines. The new ones were
fizzy, lacked body and could give you a
headache. The old ones had more subtlety
and depth.
To be or not to be? Mice or mouseless? - that is the question.

Editor:- June 18, 2018 - If you trawl the archives of Shakespeare's scribblings (even the fake plays and musicals) I'm pretty sure he didn't have anything to say about the role of mice as icons on a data storage web site. Although he did have a lot to say about life, changes, revolutions, dynasties and successions.

So why the question? - mice or mouseless? is for sale.

I'm retiring - and I'm looking for a new owner for the site who will value my readers.

I will stop updating on December 25, 2018. And I'll freeze the site after that date - pending the formal closing of the sales process.Mice or mouseless will be one of the branding questions to be determined by the new owner in 2019 - whoever they may be.

As part of this plan I have also told advertisers that the web ad model (which has worked so well since 1996) is now EOL. This means the site will be offered for sale without any ties. more about this

the future of data storage

Editor:- January 23, 2011 - the future of data storage is the lofty sounding but aptly chosen title of a new article published online today in Broadcast Engineering - written by Zsolt Kerekes editor of (that's me).

It's a completely new article which synthesizes and integrates concepts from several futuristic articles which have already appeared here on the mouse site and wraps them into a cohesive whole. Anyone who reads it will get a clear idea of where the incremental changes they read about in storage news pages (like this one) are likely to end up. the article

See later:- which way next for SSD? (Dec 2017), are we ready for infinitely faster RAM? (May 2018)

re multi-million IOPS SSD marketing - new blog from Woody Hutsell

Editor:- December 22, 2010 - Woody Hutsell - who for a decade led the enterprise SSD marketing business at Texas Memory Systems - and who recently joined ViON has recently started a blog about SSDs.

His first article bemoans the current trend of marketers to quote ever higher millions of IOPS - a marketing tactic - which he freely admits he started back in his days at TMS.

In this entertaining and thought provoking article Woody says - "One million IOPS. Yawn! Is that all you've got! In fact, I would argue if the extent of your marketing message is your IOPS you don't have enough… marketing talent." the article

StorageIO apologizes for the late delivery of this new newsletter...

Editor:- February 25, 2010 - after 5 years being in business - StorageIO recently published the inaugural issue of their Server and StorageIO newsletter.

Marcoms guru, Carey Hedges founder of (UK based) H-N Marketing cautioned me when I launched an ezine called MarketingViews (in 1996) that most company newsletters rarely get past the 3rd issue due to lack of commitment and resources by the original sponsors. I've observed the core truth in that rule of thumb many times now.

But StorageIO's newsletter should get past that milestone easily - because their founder - Greg Schulz - is a prolific blogger, author of real printed books, and oft quoted storage market savant / soothsayer.

In Greg's introductory apologia - for not having done this newsletter thingie sooner (I'm surprised he found the time anyway) - he says - "In an age of social media including facebook, twitter, blogs and video, some might ask the question of why a news letter?" the article to see how he answers that rhetorical question.

And if you're still interested in that type of question - take a look too at this article - Getting the Message - by InfoCommerce Group - which wryly analyzes this dilemma in the following vein:- "Email, Blogging, Linked-In etc. It seems that once a popular messaging channel becomes too clogged with extraneous messages, a new message channel emerges."

New Storage Blog for Readers in Italy
Editor:- April 23, 2008 - Storage & Backup is a new (to me) online publication which covers the storage market in Italian.

Storage Markets Says Goodbye

Editor:- November 12, 2007 - Storage Markets today concluded its experiment of predicting trends and transitions in the storage industry.

First launched in October 2006, the publication / market research site says that over 560 storage industry professionals and end users participated with insights and opinions. Here at the mouse site - we have our own way of predicting things - based on analyzing the storage search behaviour of over 1 million readers and feeding that into ScryWare. ...gone away storage companies

New Storage Thinking Tank

Editor:- February 22, 2007 - a new (to me) storage publication is Wikibon.

It's tagline is "The Storage Thinking Tank". It includes articles, opinions and comments about a range of storage issues. It also has a bee in its logo and so I've added it to my article:- Animal Brands and Metaphors in the Storage Market. ...Wikibon Publisher is 15

Editor:- October 2, 2006 - this month is the 15th anniversary of founding ACSL - publisher of

The storage market, which will generate over $160 billion revenue in 2006, is the most important segment in the computer industry and this is an exciting time to be covering storage as fundamental changes are taking place in the way that enterprises architect their IT infrastructure.

Gone are the days when the processor or the operating system were the primary factors which dictated how everything fitted together. In the future - the levers and gateposts which enable or inhibit fast corporate change will be dictated by how well the storage systems support the data needs of the enterprise.

Just as the internet gave rise to new types of companies which didn't exist before, the new age of content will generate huge markets where the success or failure of the enterprise will be determined by the strength or weakness of its underlying storage systems.

Looking back at the start of my publishing career:- one of the frustrations of publishing a computer market directory in the early 1990s was the fact that new editions were obsolete on the day they were printed. My data collection methodology was to research and update data every day. Soon after it became acceptable to make money on the web - we made plans to switch to a web format - which we did in 1996. Although much has changed on the web in the past decade - one factor has remained unchanged:- people migrate quickly to the sources which give them the best information. Content providers (like us) and content finders (like Google) need each other (even though we compete in the same advertising market) and although search algorithms have improved, I think human editors can still do a better job of collecting together lists of all the important companies in a vertical market. has been leading the way to the new storage frontier for 8 years, and before that our SPARC Product Directory helped to shape and inform the needs of the people building the dotcom market. It's been great fun working on these in the past 15 years - and I look forward to reporting on the exciting developments still to come. ...ACSL profile

SNIA Europe Launches Storage Networking Times

Editor:- June 27, 2006 - a new article called "The Business Case for IP Storage" was published today - written by Aad Dekkers, IPSI Chair, SNIA Europe.

It appears in a new quarterly publication called Storage Networking Times launched today by SNIA Europe.

See also:- Storage Industry Trade Associations, iSCSI

StorageNewsletter Acquires Mass Storage News

Paris, France, and Erie, PA - April 20, 2006 - Privately-held Micro-Journal, the French publisher of StorageNewsletter, has definitively acquired Mass Storage News, published by RMG Enterprises in Erie, PA.

Both publications are dedicated to reporting on the worldwide professional storage community. From now on, as a result of this acquisition, Mass Storage News will be merged into StorageNewsletter. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

"The storage industry is in a period of heated consolidation and this is also the case for storage publications. By acquiring Mass Storage News and merging it into StorageNewsletter, we will increase our audience and will by far lead the market of newsletters targeting storage professionals.", said Jean-Jacques Maleval, Editor of StorageNewsletter.

"We are very happy to see Mass Storage News join a publication of the caliber of StorageNewsletter, from which our readers can now benefit," commented Larry Roberts, CEO of RMG Enterprises and publisher of Mass Storage News. ...StorageNewsletter profile, Mass Storage News

Editor's note:- Lat year (March 18, 2005) Mass Storage News announced it had completed the acquisition of I've said before that I think the market doesn't need so many online storage publications. A smaller number of better quality publications works better for readers.
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STORAGEsearch - (this site) Enterprise storage focused web directory since 1998 - published by ACSL DataStoreX - storage portal started 2000 - German Storage-Portal, started January 2003. Techworld - UK focused IT and storage portal started May 2003. - portal from was originally called Byte and Switch - portal launched June 2001 by Light Reading
SNIA - Storage Industry Networking Association ITtoolbox Storage - portal from Information Technology Toolbox, Inc. is a FREE library designed to help buyers of information technology (IT) products. The library answers hardware, software, and application questions about various technologies, including: Storage. UK Information Storage Organisations - a directory compiled by Mackintosh Consultants
Storage Pipeline - originally published by CMP. Started June 2003. Has been acquired by Byte and Switch since 2000 - storage portal from A confusingly similar name to ours. But no mice.
Data Storage Connection - since 2004 - news and articles about storage networks. InfoStore - since 2004 - English language online version of Asian based magazine of the same name.
DCIG - since January 2008 - writes articles and blogs about the storage market which are aggregated on its own site, and offered for distribution to other publishers. FAQs for connected IT marketers

CompactFlash Association - The CFA is a non-profit, mutual-benefit corporation that maintains and promotes the CompactFlash™ and CF+™ specification as a worldwide, small form factor, removable card standard. SCSI Trade Association - Trade association focused on SCSI.
DVD news and resources on DVD Forum - Trade association focused on DVD
Storage Review - Benchmarks, reviews and news about the disk drive market. DataStorageHub - aims to be the knowledge exchange and communication platform for the global data storage community. - started in 1999. Mostly PC related storage. RAID Advisory Board - Trade association focused on RAID.
Opportunities & Trends in Data Storage & Retrieval - Mass Storage News InfoStor - website from the print magazine of the same name.
Fibre Channel Industry Association Storage magazine - online site supporting TechTarget's print magazine of the same name - launched March 2002
STORAGE - started in 2001 - UK print magazine. Blocks and Files - online storage news - started February 2008.
Wikibon - storage community site
Storage History - Squeaks-a-Bit
History of storage
Megabyte's ancestor, Sir Squeaks-a-Bit,
had come over to England in 1066 with
William the Conquerer's ship in a barrel of
Normandy cheese.
Storage Products Guide - started in 2005 - by Silicon Valley Communications
Nibble:- Re Consolidation in the Storage Publication and ORGs Market?

Editor:- November 10, 2004 - During the difficult time in the IT market (2001 to 2003) it seemed that every IT publisher spawned "Storage Portals " and related online publications.

I stopped counting them when I realised that the likely number was heading into 3 digits. In most cases these shallow titles were little more than a single homepage with the word "Storage" on it, a few news headlines and a back end which was the same old PC publication, Business Wire newsfeed, or in some cases, nothing behind it at all.

This caused tremendous confusion to marketers in vendor companies, who with the business recovery in the storage market have experimented with many of these new sites and been disappointed with the results - because most of them didn't have many readers. New storage dot-ORGs sprang up too - to standardise differences in technology which were too small for most oems and users to care about.

I'm pleased to say we're seeing now some consolidation in the number of storage publications and storage dot-ORGs. Six of them, which we previously listed have disappeared in the last month or so. Their websites have been acquired by vendors or their domains are up for sale.

Although the storage market is now a $70 billion / year market - my belief is that the contraction in the number of storage portals will continue and, as a publisher we look forward to it dropping back down to maybe 3 or 4 titles - each with their unique flavor and special intellectual property, insights and interests.

If Google, Yahoo and MSN can navigate users through billions of general web pages than you don't need more than a handful of focused portals to provide content within the storage space.

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