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PR Agencies - the list on

these are the "Editor Proven"
cheerleaders and editorial meetings fixers
of the storage and SSD industry - without whom
there would be less interesting things to read

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor -

I get most of my external news ideas directly from vendors.

While most of my internal new story ideas are inspired by...

Don't ask me. I don't know.

The new story ideas just keep coming.

Sometimes at awkward times - like the middle of the night.

I haven't figured how to turn the tap off yet .

And indeed it may not be advisable to do so.

Which is my convoluted way of introducing you to the essential reason for having created this resource page.

The idea being...

PR agencies are important too!

Not only for the obvious reasons that they can write, have contacts and can see your company from an external perspective - but because they can plead your case as your advocates to get reconsideration with editors who have already deleted your emails and dismissed your latest (and what you thought were your greatest ever) content ideas.

Like ghostwriters - their identities remain largely unknown - even when their works are widely read.

The list on this page includes past and present PR companies which have worked effectively with me at the editor interface.

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list of editor recommended PR Agencies in the SSD and storage market
A3 Communications

Abovo Marketing Group

Aisling Foley Marketing

Alaniz Marketing


Antarra Communications



Beattie Communications

Berkeley PR

Bhava Communications

Birdseye Marketing

Blanc & Otus

Blast! Public Relations

Breakaway Communications

Brodeur Worldwide

Candelori Communications

Carmichael Lynch

Cognitive Impact

CyberMedia Communications

Daly-Swartz PR

Darryl Lloyd

Dovetail Public Relations


Eastwick Communications

Edelman PR

Eskenzi PR

Faultline Communications


FitzGerald Communications



Gallagher PR

Garfield Group Public Relations

Globalpress Connection


Harvard Public Relations

Hill & Knowlton


Ignite Public Relations


Inmedia Public Relations


Intersect Communications

Joele Frank

JPR Communications

KLR Communications


Ketner Group

LeGrand Hart


Livewire Public Relations

Lois Paul & Partners

Lutchansky Communications

Lutz PR

Lynott & Associates

Marken Communications

Market pH



McClenahan Bruer

McGrath Power


Metzger Albee

Moreland Group

MPowered Public Relations

MRB Public Relations


Nexus Communications Group

Norris & Company


OnRamp Communications

OutCast Communications



Pinnacle Marketing Communications

Porter Creative Group

PRagmatic Communications

Quatrain Public Relations

Ripple Effect Communications

Rotenberg Associates

Ruder Finn

SciTech Marketing

Sequoia Media

SHIFT Communications

Shrewdd Marketing



Spreckley Partners

SRS Tech Media Relations

Sterling Communications

Stone Interactive Group

Story PR

Strategic Alliance International

Sturgeon Public Relations


TECHMarket Communications


The Hoffman Agency

The Message Machine

Tin Drum

Touchdown PR

Voce Communications

Waggener Edstrom

Weiss Communications


Writing Solutions

Zeno Group