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the Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2007

Who are the leading storage software companies of the future?

This is the 7th (and final) annual edition of's list of the the Top 10 Storage Software Companies - as earlier this year we began a new storage market tracker - the Top SSD Companies.

There were over 184 currently active storage software companies listed in STORAGEsearch at the publication date of this article (despite the large number of software companies which got acquired or went out of business). That means it was no cakewalk getting into the top 10.

The ranking, below, is based on reader searches in Q3 2007.

Our definition of a "software" company in this context is Independent Software Vendors who publish storage software.

This excludes companies which also manufacture and sell storage hardware such as EMC, HP and IBM.

The storage software market will generate over $10 billion revenue in 2007 (out of the $200 billion overall storage market). Although growth in storage software is much slower than other segments - there are some fast growing emerging applications - as you can see from the companies listed here - which are getting the attention of our readers.

Congratulations to everyone listed.

Zsolt Kerekes, editor

The Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2007

as ranked by storage search reader pageviews.

Rank Company editor's comments
1 FalconStor Software FalconStor is involved in some of the fastest growing segments in the storage market:- iSCSI, disk to disk backup and dedupe. Those factors helped the company report 40% revenue growth for the quarter ended June 30, 2007.
2 BMC Software The bigger the customer, the bigger the data management problems. That's the customer segment which BMC focuses on. That doesn't create opportunities for fast growth. In August 2007 the company reported revenue of $385 million for its most recent quarter a mere 7% increase over the year-ago period. But those customers are likely to be around for a long time.

You can get a flavor for what drives the company by looking at the many articles and whitepapers on its web site. For example
3 Microsoft Although the benefits from Microsoft's "SSD-aware" features in the Vista OS are almost completely disappointing - at least the company tried. It will do better next time.

Microsoft's signalled support of flash SSDs in 2006/7 helped prepare the notebook industry for big changes. That was much better for the storage industry than was the case with iSCSI in 2004 when Microsoft's late engagement slowed the market down.
4 Tabernus Originally known for helping oems write better driver software for SAS and FC drives - the company was one of the first to make a splash in the disk sanitizer market - a move which eventually led to them also selling hardware. That would normally exclude them from this "software" list. But their primary business is software and I already made an exception above for Microsoft - who also sell unreliable games boxes.
5 Quest Software Products to help you achieve regulatory compliance for your data management - paradoxically come from a company which on August 21, 2007 said it was not in compliance with the continued listing requirement set forth by Nasdaq rules.
6 Symantec Best known for its many security and anti malware products - the company is also one of the world's biggest storage software ISVs due to its merger with VERITAS Software in 2005.

In August 2007 Symantec launched version 6.5 of NetBackup which "puts disk right at the heart of NetBackup." Among other things the new version of NetBackup supports data deduplication, encryption and virtual tape - which are common themes in this top 10 storage ISV list.
7 Atempo Best known for its Time Navigator backup and recovery product line Atempo supports Unix, Linux, Windows and MAC OS.

Their one time PR company (Boston Communications) has written an interesting history about how Atempo got into the US market from its Gallic roots.
8 Arkeia Arkeia is another example of a software vendor, who edged into systems sales - with its EdgeFort disk to disk backup appliance which started shipping in July 2007.

Will that strategy succeed?

Its investors are optimistic. They gave the company another a $3 million equity funding to help the new product get traction.
9 NTI The company best known for its desktop backup products hasn't had much new to say in 2007.

In January 2007 NTI launched a new version of its Ninja encryption software that runs on the encrypted external USB drive to enable password protected file sharing between PCs that don't have Ninja installed.
10 Exanet In June 2007 Exanet launched the ExaSearch enterprise-class search engine and in July announced that NASA was its 100th customer.
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