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The DiskOnChip which is shown in the page below - was the 1st "SSD chip" ad featured on

It ran here from April 2004 to February 2006.

In 1995 - EDN magazine called M-Systems' DiskOnChip® - "1994's most innovative product for embedded systems."

The 1st mention of DiskOnChip in news was - September 2000.

The DiskOnChip was designed and made by M-Systems which was acquired by SanDisk in July 2006.
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DiskOnChip family from M-Systems

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manufacturer model description
M-Systems DiskOnChip family

The DiskOnChip family of products from M-Systems provides reliable and fast non-volatile memory (NVM) to store data and code locally with single chip capacities upto multiple gigabytes. DiskOnChip products are available in a wide range of capacities, form factors, and bus interfaces, targeting various applications in the embedded and mobile markets. Based on leading-edge NAND flash technology, an ultra-thin controller and the most advanced flash management software, DiskOnChip provides an optimized NVM solution with an ideal cost structure.

  • NAND and Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash technology
  • Advanced error correction (EDC/ECC) for absolute reliability
  • Standard interfaces for easy integration Multiple capacities (16MB-2GB), same pinout
  • Built-in eXecute In Place (XIP) boot block
  • Multiple OS support
  • Rugged FAT compatible file system
  • Data integrity even after sudden power loss
  • Block device (disk) emulation Royalty-free SDK for easy customization

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