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How popular is the 3.5" format for SSDs? - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

It has changed over time. A decade ago it was the most popular form factor out of the hard disk sizes.

That level of interest has declined (partly due to fragmentation because there are more form factors for enterprise SSDs such as M.2, PCIe slots and DIMMs) but nevertheless 3.5 inch form factor SSDs remained in the top 20 SSD articles on in June 2016.

Historically (as you can see in an archived version of this article from 2007) this form factor revealed a lot about the different types of application for high performance storage drives in legacy servers.

In the 3.5" package we used to find hard disks, hybrid drives, flash based SSDs and even RAM SSDs competing for slots, often with exactly the same interfaces. You can see some examples of past 3.5" SSDs below.

products from SSD market history

The product shown below, from Mtron (which is no longer in business) was the most popular product here on in the period August 2007 to October 2007.
SATA flash SSDs with 150M bytes / sec burst read and 80M bytes / sec sustained write time from MTRON
3.5" (128G) & 2.5" (32G) SATA SSDs
80MB/s sustained write
from Mtron
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products from SSD market history

The product shown below, from Imperial Technology (which is no longer in business) is an example of a 3.5" parallel SCSI SSD featured here on in June 2002.
MegaRam-35 solid state disk from Imperial Technology - click for more info
MegaRam-35 - 3.5" SCSI SSD
from Imperial Technology

Notes from SSD market history

The product shown below, from Memtech (acquired by STEC in 2005) is an example of a 3.5" PATA SSD product featured here on in 2004 - the AT3550 Wolverine.
low profile, high capacity  3.5" IDE military temperature range solid state disks from Memtech
3.5" low profile IDE
mil temp solid state disks
from Memtech

Notes from SSD market history.

BiTMICRO was one of the earliest companies to talk realistically about deploying flash SSDs in the enterprise SSD market - and published articles and case studies supporting this view. In a 2004 case study BiTMICRO showed how a single 3.5" flash SSD speeded up a 25,000 user server by 15x compared to the previous hard disk system.

The BiTMICRO ad (below) shows an SSD which the company started shipping in November 2008 and advertised here in 2009.
click to see details of historic product - 3.5 inch fibre-channel flash SSDs from  BiTMICRO Networks
3.5" FC flash SSDs - from BiTMICRO
If a user has been deploying SSDs in their datacenter for 5 to 10 years already - they will have a different set of ideas about product preferences to another user who has less experience and less confidence about SSDs.
Decloaking hidden segments in the enterprise for rackmount SSDs

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stagecoach image for 3.5" SSDs Megabyte combined
modern horsepower with
traditional storage values.
Seagate has demonstrated prototypes of a new 60TB 3.5" SAS SSD which will be available next year.
SSD news - August 2016
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3.5 inch SSD OEMs
Altec ComputerSysteme
BiTMICRO Networks
Density Dynamics
Hagiwara Sys-Com
Mountain Secure Systems
Red Rock Technologies
SMART Modular Technologies
Super Talent Technology
Trident Space & Defense

Notes from SSD market history.

M-Systems (acquired by SanDisk) pioneered the use of SSDs in smart phones and in 2001 introduced the first SSD chips.

They were also involved the military and enterprise SSD markets - and in 2003 M-Systems was one of the first flash SSDs to get Solaris ready status.

They advertised here for several years. The archived ad below dates from November 2003.
M-Systems, 3.5" Ultra Wide SCSI Fast Flash Disk
3.5" Ultra Wide SCSI Fast Flash Disks
from M-Systems

Notes from SSD market history

The product below - a RAM SSD from Curtis - was featured on's main SSD news page in the years from 2003 to 2007.

It was the world's fastest 3.5" SSD during that period.
worlds fastest 3.5 inch solid state disk from Curtis
world's fastest 3.5" solid state disk
from Curtis is published by ACSL