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classic products from SSD Market History.

This is an archived page which shows details of various industrial SSDs marketed by Hagiwara Sys-Com which advertised here on from 2008 to 2010

Enterprise SSDs are the glamorous products in the SSD market today but without all those hundreds of millions of embedded industrial SSDs too - which are hidden inside machinery, equipment and cabinets - and which aren't the fastest products in the world, or the highest capacity - but which happily operate reliably year after year on low power - the world as we know it - wouldn't work so smoothly.
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industrial SSDs - circa 2009

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model name / number


Hagiwara Sys-Com HFD series "High reliability first" design HFD series SSD solutions

Based on the Hagiwara Sys-Com proprietary design controller, the TRUESSD®, the HFD series provides high reliability without sacrifice to performance.
  • 2/4-channel operation
  • 4/8-bit ECC On-The-Fly
  • Global Static Wear Leveling
  • Intelligent Multi-Segment Cache Algorithm
  • Enhanced S.M.A.R.T. monitoring
  • Software Secure Erase
  • Software Write Protect
  • Password-based Drive Access
models with these features include:-
Hagiwara Sys-Com MFD10P series MFD10P series PATA SSDs - "The Workhorse" - is used in a wide range of applications from medical to military. Capacity:- 128MB to 16GB
Hagiwara Sys-Com Industrial Grade CFast Industrial Grade CFast - The "Evolution of the Compactflash" is now shipping and available for evaluation! Familiar size makes the CFast a natural successor of the compactflash for the SATA interface. SATA - II performance makes it suitable for today's content rich applications. We are currently providing CFast development kits. The kit includes 1 x CFast device and a CFast to SATA adapter board. The adapter board allows for immediate connectivity with the CFast for consideration on your next design.
Hagiwara Sys-Com SCSI SSDs Hagiwara Sys-Com still offers 3.5" SCSI SSDs for legacy systems. Just because the hard drive died, doesn't mean the whole system should too. more info (pdf)
Hagiwara Sys-Com Industrial Grade SD/microSD cards These provide a fixed BOM, revision controlled and reliability tested for consistency and reliability. more info

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