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by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

How times change! - When I started writing about SSDs and analyzing the market for readers and advertisers there were no other market research companies which did regular research or reports on SSDs. (ZERO).

SSD ad - click for more info They weren't needed because SSD companies in the 1990s learned about the market by being in it. And the market size was too small for anyone outside to care enough to pay for an expert SSD market opinion.

After enterprise flash adoption changed from being a niche technical market and experienced its first goldrush (2011 was year of the Fusion-io FIO IPO) the SSD crystal bowling alley became big business with lots of companies spinning high priced SSD data nuggets of variable colors, market weights and value.

But now in anticipation of a scramble towards future consolidation (which means less big vendors to fund the analysts) and as a result of the free data glut in the SSD blogosphere the number of focused high quality SSD analyst companies listed on this directory page has halved since its peak in 2014.

For a larger list of unfiltered companies see who's who in storage market research?
SSD analyst companies list of recommended SSD market research & analysts

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Here are some articles to get you acquainted.
Coughlin Associates September 2015 - Coughlin Associates published a report on Emerging NV Memory and Logic & Memory Manufacturing
Forward Insights May 2016 - Forward Insights' latest report SSD Insights Q2/16: Bigger and Lower is now available. Gregory Wong, President, Forward Insights said - "Enterprise SSD petabyte demand soars as the mix shifts to higher capacity, lower endurance drives."
Gartner In May 2016 - Gartner talking about its SSDs and Solid-State Arrays, Worldwide, 2015 report - said 2015 had been characterized by unusually intense price wars. Drastic price declines fueled demand for both SSDs and SSAs but hurt vendors with high cost structures, limited differentiation and unappealing roadmaps.
IDC In May 2016 - IDC published a study with an updated outlook at the solid state drive market through 2020.
IT Brand Pulse In July 2015 – IT Brand Pulse announced the results of its IT brand leader surveys covering 13 Flash Storage products.
Objective Analysis In September 2015 - Objective Analysis published a detailed report which explored Intel and Micron's 3D XPoint memory and Optane support products.
TrendFocus In May 2016 - TrendFocus announced publication of its Q1 2016 nand/SSD quarterly market report. TrendFocus said the enterprise SSD market saw growth in all segments - SATA, SAS, and PCIe.
Web-Feet Research In March 2016 - WebFeet Research published XPoint Memory updates to its Flash Market Memory Applications and Markets: 2013-2020 report series.

classic (older) SSD articles on for business planners
Hostage to the fortunes of SSD - why are so many companies diving wallet first into the SSD market - when even the leading enterprise companies haven't demonstrated sustainable business models yet?

Enterprise SSDs - the Survive and Thrive Guide - some simple rules to help you stay on the safer side of the tracks in this maddenly unruly market.

Where are we now with SSD software? - (And how did we get into this mess?)

enterprise SSDs - exploring the limits of the market in your head - is about enterprise SSD futurology.

adaptive flash care management IP (including DSP) for SSDs - what is it? and who does it? This will be a disruptive transition.

The big market impact of SSD dark matter - you can't see them and they aren't in the market size reports which you just purchased recently. But you can't plan SSD investments or strategies without taking them into account.

Can you tell me the best way to SSD Street? - I'm like the Old Woman of the SSD Village who talks to everyone that passes through. No wonder I have a unique perspective. It would be strange if I didn't.

. FAQs for connected IT marketers
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Spellerbyte's crystal ball was
tuned to the SSD groove.
"When the conversation gets serious about SSDs someone mentions StorageSearch"
SSD vendors have often told me this is what happens inside their business strategy and marketing conversations.
If you could go back in time and take with you - in the custom DeLorean pickup - a factory full of modern memory chips and SSDs (along with backwards compatible adapters) what real impact would that have?

Now - how about if you could come back to 2018 from the future?

This thought experiment and analysis explains why we're seeing daringly different new memory accelerators which don't even look like memories.
are we ready for infinitely faster RAM?
(and what would it be worth)
Software is the data heat pump which can transform the entropy of flash memory arrays from mere storage systems into higher value random access memory.
Where are we heading with memory systems and software?
"What is/should be comforting for your newer readership is your capability to make seemingly outrageous claims years ahead of them possibly becoming reality... "
Marius Tudor, in an email thanking the editor of for 12 years of thought leadership re enterprise flash.
For many of these enterprise AFA vendors a single customer RFQ like that is bigger than their whole business plan.
the grand illusions of all flash array "startups"

Some vendors have already seen that revenue crash happen. However it will affect all enterprise SSD vendors at some time or other.
the enterprise SSD software event horizon

SSD ad - click for more info

"What do SSD buyers want?" 2004 - conducted the world's 1st independent SSD buyers preferences survey.

We asked users about their technology needs, SSD budgets, satisfaction with the SSD experience, inhibitors and disinhibitors (what would make it easier for them to buy more SSDs) and which SSD brands could they name? We never stopped asking.