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the SSD Bookmarks - new series overview

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - October 16, 2015
Megabyte's dusty old SSD  market bookshelf included many interesting ideasWho's got all the answers to help understand how all the changes in the SSD market are coming together?

The answer is - no one and everyone and you too.

Compared to earlier phases in the SSD market more is changing.
  • memories (We used to be able to write down a list of those which mattered. Now we're seeing many new strangers from strange lands. Even I can't remember who they all are and how to spell their names.)
  • controllers (Let's not even get started on this subject.)
  • firmware (Shouldn't this be grouped with controllers? If only it were that simple.)
  • systems level integration efficacies (box, micro-cloud, fabric, SAN scale, web-scale and other boxes - both with and without wires- and not even regular sizes, far too many to list here)
  • software (Those punched tape porcupines and code monkeys sure have been busy making up for lost time.)
  • software (squared) - (Some of them talk to each other when they're accidentally let out to graze in the open range.)
  • and even more intervention opportunities for leveraging software (this must be software cubed) for efficiency, making friends with applications, shunting sacred storage and server precepts into retirement homes (sometimes with a virtual forklift so that the old time classic infrastructure doesn't even realize that it's been packed up and already moved aside into its own little object appartment) to make way for brash new SSD-everywhere gangs which now have the confidence and the money to know that the future of the data streets belongs to them (or their successors).
No wonder no one's got a clear picture. It's a mess.

The SSD ideas noise level which you're hearing from today arises from all the excitement about permutations of the above interacting with other combinatorial factors.

To give you an idea - many of the the bullet points which I've listed above can also intersect with and react with another raw list such as the 8 latency segments in the SSD systems market - from inside the server and upto the cloud. That gives you a simple 2D matrix of possible products.

And then that all hits the 3rd dimension of possible markets to pose the question of - where might you use this stuff?

Now add another dimension into the matrix... time. Because like the scrambled egg and the bacon sandwich - the attractiveness of SSD raw ingredients in the market mix varies according to when you look.

Luckily for those of us in the SSD clairvoyancy business not every imaginable throw of the SSD technology dice will yield a viable market combination - but (as you are seeing already) that still generates a babble of SSD chatter about when's the best time to crack the egg or eat the sandwich.

As in Battlestar Galactica - all this has happened before.

And in the days before every SSD company was linkedin and tweeted (and there were less companies but we had similar problems) - I launched a series called the SSD Bookmarks to help deal with the information overload and quality problem of filtering the credible ideas from the crazed looney and the honest but just plainly misunderstood.

In that vintage series (in 2009) I invited SSD industry thought leaders to share the links to content which they thought would give you the clearest guides to their neck of the SSD backwoods - along with a short explanation of why they thought you might learn.

By those means we all grew more confident about where we were going - even if we had no imminent plans to visit all those particular places. It was just good to know that there was a tapestry of ideas filtered by credible sources.

Then we grew better accustomed to dealing with a higher level of disruptive change as long as it was set against a background that some things would stay the same.

Now here in the 4th quarter of 2015 - I feel that the whole SSD industry (and everything it touches) is hurlng itself once more into the melting pot with a spin speed fury not seen before.

What 's going to come out the other end?

We all have a part to play in making that happen.

For my part - I'm going to launch a new 2 year series of the SSD Bookmarks to leverage the best thinkers in the SSD industry to tell us what they've got to offer and where they think it's leading.

How does this work? I simply hand over a big chunk of this home page and let others do the all work.

Here's what I'm saying to invited contributers in my emails...

If you could get 3 messages to the most important people in your industry to help them understand your view of the market what would they be?

...Later:- The new series began in January 2016. See also:- the SSD Bookmarks - series 1

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What were the big SSD ideas to learn and forget in 2016?
If you could get 3 messages to the most important people in your industry to help them understand your view of the market what would they be?
editor's message to contributors (January 2016)
Unfortunately the topic of SSDs on the web is clouded by misunderstanding and misinformation.
Introducing the SSD Bookmarks (original series - 2009)
I don't know what I know until someone asks me the right question. And then I think - why are they asking that?
Can you tell me the best way to get to SSD Street?
One aspect of this SSD Bookmarks series is that its clearly branded as YOUR company view and isnt filtered or negatively commented on by me. (Even if I completely disagree.)"
editor cajoling inputs for this series
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big idea #2 - there's no single best place to locate all the IO and management intelligence of a big SSD.
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The enterprise SSD market resembles at times the navigational uncertainty of Lost in Space when - in the first tv episode - the Jupiter 2 gets struck off course by hitting a meteor storm.
Editor's comment re publication of another so called AFA Buyers Guide - (SSD news archive September 2015)

In January 2016 I deinstalled the LinkedIn app due to an annoying update.

In the days when I wasn't looking - I didn't miss much.
is anyone really listening to your link posting frenzies any more?

"A critical test of whether you really understand the dynamics of a complex market like enterprise SSDs - is whether you can predict what rational buyers might do when offered new product options at the extreme limits of - for example - price."
Boundaries Analysis in SSD Market Forecasting

When you thought you were accessing RAM you were really talking to a busy traffic controller which was also tossing old hard drive mountain trails into the routing mix.
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