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the Top SSD Companies

26th quarterly edition - based on search metrics in Q3 2013

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - October 15, 2013

Here are the Top SSD Companies ranked by analyzing the search volume of's readers in the 3rd quarter of 2013.

This period - the 26th quarter in this series - was characterized even more than before by the theme of SSD company acquisitions.

I discussed why big companies which have been successful in traditional segments of the computer market feel an urgency to acquire more charismatic SSD DNA in my article - hostage to the fortunes of SSD (July 3, 2013) - so I won't repeat those points here.

From one perspective most of these acquisitions can be viewed as:- a company which has had a low rating in the Top SSD Companies List hopes to improve its future SSD market success by buying another company which is ranked higher up. That's frequently the way it happens. But not always.

Don't be surprised by this very list-centric view of the real value of SSD company DNA. Other things being equal - I always say that a company which is in the top SSD companies list has demonstrated that it has done a lot of things better than another company which has never got to that point yet.

One interesting difference compared to previous quarters is that the gap between the top 4 companies is the narrowest it has ever been. The #1 company achieving search volume which was a mere 20% higher than the #2 company. Compare that to a year ago when the difference between being #1 and #2 was 50% more search volume. And in earlier years - the gap was even bigger.

Is that because everyone is now trying to get into everyone else's markets? You know the sort of thing I mean. The PCIe SSD companies want to sell racks - and vice versa - and everyone wants to do more in software....

Maybe it's easier for the market to perceive a vendor at being best at one thing - but it's less realistic to be seen as being best in a spread of activities. Whatever the reasons (and you can read more about the SSD activities of each company below by clicking on its name) in the SSD market we are still a long way away from any single company or technology being able to dominate all segments - no matter how much any of them would like to believe otherwise.

On the other hand the search ratios between the #1 and #10 ranked companies, or the #1 and #20 - are similar to what they were a year ago - indicating a material difference at the top end of the list.

Anyway - without more delay - here's the list of the Top SSD Companies based on search metrics in the 3rd quarter of 2013.
Top SSD Companies - ©

based on SSD search volume in the 3rd Quarter 2013
1 - Fusion-io - same as before.

2 - Violin Memory - same as before.

3 - Stec - same as before.

4 - Skyera - same as before.

5 - WhipTail - up 4 places.

6 - Pure Storage - up 2 places.

7 - SMART - up 5 places.

8 - Virident Systems - down 1 place.

9 - IBM / TMS - down 3 places.

10 - SanDisk - up 5 places.

11 - Nimbus - down 1 place.

12 - Micron - up 1 place.

13 - OCZ - down 2 places.

14 - LSI - down 9 places.

15 - Intel - up 5 places.

16 - Samsung - up 2 places.

17 - RunCore - same as before.

18 - HGST - first appearance in these lists.

19 - Kaminario - up 2 places.

20 - BiTMICRO - down 5 places.

21 - Western Digital - up 1 place.

22 - Diablo Technologies - first appearance in these lists.

23 - Seagate - down 9 places.

24 - EMC - down 6 places.

25 - Greenliant - down 1 place.

26 - Tegile Systems - first appearance in these lists.

Note:- Rankings above are based on analyzing the search activity of SSD readers on who came from over 165,000 unique servers which accessed our SSD content in the 3 months period ending September 30, 2013. You can read more about the significance and track record of this methodology in predicting and observing SSD market intentions in earlier editions of this article.
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