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Just a few SSD videos

to help you understand solid state storage trends

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

I mostly avoid SSD videos because they waste my time. But there are exceptions.
HDD versus SSD boot times and performance video ........ Samsung was the 1st SSD oem to use a video clip to promote the advantages of SSDs compared to HDDs in notebooks (in 2006). Although that original video has disappeared - this one follows the same theme.
Google's  video shows what happens when an HDD PC boots up - and why their SSD based OS will be better ... "You can make a sandwich in the time it takes a hard disk based notebook to power up" - that's why Google decided its Chrome OS would be SSD based. In the opening video of the Chrome OS blog (November 2009) we learned that the architects of the new OS were "obsessed with speed". The video says - there is no room in this OS for outmoded 50 year old hard disk technology.
Fusion-io SSD serves 1024 video streams at a tech show ... This demo shows how one single PCIe SSD card made by Fusion-io can serve 1,024 simultaneous full resolution digital video streams from a single box. I looked at the technical feasibility of broadcast on demand servers in the late 1980s when working for a company which had both military and broadcast customers. So I'm very impressed - not by the content of videos on the web - but by the fact that the underlying technology is now so affordable.
ioSafe demos its disaster proof backup SSD on BBC news ... In January 2010 - ioSafe launched its disaster-proof backup SSD. This clip - taken from BBC tv news - showed the kind of stresses that the new drive could survive without needing any data recovery.
RunCore video -  new security features in consumer SSDs RunCore released a video interview conducted by in August 2010 which shows innovative SSD security features - which will appear in consumer notebooks soon. These include RFID tag control of hidden disk partitions (for external SSDs) and remote kill / fast purge of an SSD via SMS text message - if your SSD has been stolen.
VDI bootstorm - SSD vs HDD ... In February 2012 - Allon Cohen from OCZ set up this demo which compares how fast virtual desktops power up - on the SAN - when 1/2 are connected to HDDs and the other 1/2 are accelerated via one of the company's Z-drive PCIe SSDs.
click to see video ... In May 2012 - Pure Storage published a new video on YouTube which pokes fun at the idea of hanging onto hard drive arrays and suggests what you can do with them. The 142 second video packs a lot of humor into its tour of why their way of doing dedupe with flash is cheaper and better. And it includes animals too.
Toshiba nand flash wafer fab video Ever wondered what it's like inside a world leading nand flash factory? This YouTube video shows the beating heart and 600 yard long glistening arteries of Toshiba's Yokkauichi site. In January 2016 it was in a set of links suggested by Cactus in the SSD Bookmarks Series.
smoking renice Usually the last thing you want to see as an SSD designer is your hot new product going up in smoke - but autonomous self destruct of SSD data takes many forms and this is one of them.

A 2016 video from Renice Technology shows a verification test rig for this functionality. Renice says it uses a specially designed electric circuit, which ensures that all NAND flash chips in the SSD will be burned through.
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Megabyte settled down to watch some videos on his favorite subject -
Megabyte settled down to watch some
videos on his favorite subject - SSDs.
see also:- SSDs in the tv / movie creation, IPTV server etc markets
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The movie What Women Want has a funny scene where Mel Gibson is putting on panty hose. That could be a metaphor for SSD product marketers too.
Zsolt Kerekes, editor - December 2010 - in this blog - Year of Reality Checks for SSD Makers?
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