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Reactive Group (and SSDL)

Reactive Group, founded in 1989 and headquartered in Berkshire UK, has two distinct focuses:- OEM distribution (direct franchise) agreements for top tier flash manufacturers.

Reactive also manufactures legacy emulation storage solutions for the defence, aerospace, telecom and, media industries via its subsidiary - Solid State Disks Ltd.

who's who in SSD? - Reactive Group

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - June 6, 2016

I realized that for 10 years I had failed to notice and write about the SSD manufacturing activities of Reactive when I was contacted today by James Hilken Co-Owner & Sales Director Solid State Disks Ltd (SSDL) who told me some of their background.

Among other things James said they had launched a product for the parallel SCSI SSD market to support customers which they had been supplying before with M-Systems products - when the military product line of M-Systems products was eoled following its acquisition by SanDisk in 2005.

Reactive is still in the SCSI SSD market today.

James said - We have (in the last year) launched ethernet backup / restore integrated in SCSI SSDs, and removable SCSI drives. Last month (May 2016) we designed & launched the FloppyFlash (34 pin) SSD to support a large semiconductor OEM (for the floppy drive emulator market) and are imminently about to launch our Tape replacement product (DEC TLZ10, TLZ86) for a large Energy OEM.
Reactive mentions in SSD Market History

In August 2004 - Reactive was one of several UK enterprise SSD channel partners named in a press release by Texas Memory Systems.

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