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SSD history, hard drives, SPARC history
RAID's Many Aliases - RAIN, RAIGE, MAID etc
4 strategic splits in SSD history - which help explain now
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SSD Year 2018 - what happened?

December 2018 see SSD news for the time being
November 2018 SMART Modular shows Gen-Z Memory Module at SC18
October 2018 DRAMeXchange said - supercycle of DRAM price hikes is over
September 2018 SNIA enters the computational storage market
August 2018 Marvell samples first NVMe-oF SSD converter controller
July 2018 Western Digital samples terabit QLC
Top 10 SSD Companies - 2018 Q2
June 2018 GridGain betas in-memory cache as a cloud service
May 2018 Micron samples world's first QLC SATA SSDs
April 2018 STT improves MRAM to enterprise persistent memory grade
Top 20 SSD Companies - 2018 Q1
March 2018 Nallatech enters in-situ processing SSD market
February 2018 Silicon Motion makes industrial single chip PCIe NVMe SSDs
January 2018 Foremay launched "Immortal" radiation hardened military SSDs.


2017 - the best of times and the worst of times

Top 25 SSD Companies - 2017 Q4
December 2017 Diablo Technologies ceased operations
November 2017 IntelliProp demonstrated its Gen-Z memory controller
October 2017 Infinidat secures $95 million C round
September 2017 Bain consortium won beauty pageant to acquire Toshiba Memory Corp
August 2017 Western Digital agreed to acquire Tegile
July 2017 Viking's 50TB 3.5" SAS SSD is planar MLC

Micron's Inotera fab scraps wafers equivalent to 1 month of worldwide 3D nand wafer starts
June 2017 Toshiba samples 768Gb QLC
May 2017 Micron enters the high performance rackmount SSD market
April 2017 NVMe FPGA enables Cinderella to go to the speed-dating ball
Top 25 SSD Companies - 2017 Q1
March 2017 Excelero emerged from stealth mode
February 2017 Tachyum emerged from stealth mode
January 2017 Pure Storage says the "new stack" is commonly used

Crossbar sampled 8Mb ReRAM on 40nm CMOS technology.


what were the big SSD ideas in 2016?

Top 25 SSD Companies - 2016 Q4
December 2016 4Gb MRAM prototypes unveiled by SK Hynix and Toshiba
November 2016 Silicon Motion has SD 5.1 flash controller for Android market
October 2016 Rambus and Xilinx partnered on FPGA in DRAM arrays
Top 25 SSD Companies - 2016 Q3
September 2016 Everspin files for IPO to expand MRAM adoption

Netlist awarded new patent for hybrid memory architecture
August 2016 Seagate previews 60TB 3.5" SAS SSD

Nimbus re-emerges from stealth with 4PB 4U raw HA AFA
July 2016 Diablo announced volume availability of 128GB DDR4 Memory1
Top 25 SSD Companies - 2016 Q2
June 2016 Pure's AFA revenue in Q1 2016 beat leading HDD array brand
May 2016 Symbolic IO unveiled an extremely compacted data architecture
April 2016 Samsung began mass producing 10nm 8Gb DDR4 DRAM
Top 25 SSD Companies - 2016 Q1
March 2016 new funding for NVMdurance
February 2016 Xitore emerged from stealth into SSD DIMM wars market

Everspin's MRAM adopted in Modicon industrial controllers
January 2016 Plexistor releases beta Software Defined Memory

Quarch Technology says many SSDs get killed in hot swap tests
storage history

remember those good old days?

If you could go back in time and take with you a factory full of modern memory chips and SSDs (along with backwards compatible adapters) what real impact would that have?
are we ready for infinitely faster RAM?
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If you're one of those who suffered from the memory shortages it may seem unfair that despite their miscalculations and over optimimism the very companies which caused the shortages of memory and higher prices - the major manufacturers of nand flash and DRAM - were among the greatest beneficiaries.
consequences of the 2017 memory shortages

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SSD market history is long and complicated.

The past analysis of trends didn't always fully reveal strategic trends which help us to understand what's happening now.

This article splits SSD history into 4 "before and after" event tipping points.
Strategic Bifurcations in SSD Market History


what were the big SSD ideas in 2015?

Top 25 SSD Companies - 2015 Q4
December 2015 Network Appliance agreed to acquire SolidFire for $870 million

NxGn gets NSF grant to advance research in in-situ SSD processing
November 2015 Netlist to work with Samsung on flash-as-RAM DIMMs
October 2015 EMC, SanDisk, PMC-Sierra etc get acquired.

Kaminario supports FalconStor's FreeStor

OCZ does that 3rd generation SSD firmware cloud thing
Top 25 SSD Companies - 2015 Q3
September 2015 Marvell misreported revenue

Crossbar promises RRAM SSDs in 2016

InnoDisk enables hot swap of tiny SATA DOMs

Mangstor gets series B funding for 100 core NVMe

August 2015 Aupera launches world's first M.2 MRAM SSD

Intel and Micron tell more about future Optane memory

Diablo launches Memory1 (volatile flash replacing DRAM)

July 2015 Micron was most researched SSD company in 1H July

Savage IO's new rackmount has most internal lanes of SAS
Top SSD Companies - 2015 Q2
June 2015 Nantero gets $31 million funding for 300º C retention nvram

Altera launches adaptive DSP controller for PCIe SSD market

May 2015 Tegile gets another $70 million funding

OCZ ships 2.5" hot swap NVMe SSDs with programmable power envelope
April 2015 WD's enterprise SSD revenue $224 million / qtr

Diablo resumes shipments of MCS following legal victories

Silicon Motion agrees to acquire Shannon Systems for $57 million
Top SSD Companies - 2015 Q1
March 2015 Toshiba samples 48-layer 3D nand

8TB 2.5" PCIe SSDs sampling soon from Novachips

SanDisk launches white box rackmount SSD - InfiniFlash
February 2015 Avago acquires Emulex for $600 million

FalconStor's FreeStor enters SSD platform market

$34 million funded Springpath emerges from stealth

Northwest Logic provides FPGA support for Everspin's MRAM
January 2015 Novachips acquires HLNAND

Toshiba shows 1st BGA PCIe SSDs

Netlist gets preliminary injunction to halt ULLtraDIMM SSDs

We're now nearing a pivotal point in the enterprise SSD market where the long held assumptions I helped to encourage (especially how many leading systems vendors there will be in the market at the same time) are about to change dramatically.
90% of the enterprise SSD companies which you know have no good reasons to survive

"Memory1 is the most significant development in the enterprise flash market in the past 3 years..."
DIMM wars in SSD servers (August 2015)

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"Clearly we're doing something right...
XtremIO will be the fastest product we've ever done that hits a billion dollars a year."
Chad Sakac, President, Global Systems Engineering at EMC - in his blog - XtremIO 4.0… don't trust people who go negative (January 28, 2015)

2014 - what changed in SSD year 2014?

Top SSD Companies - 2014 Q4
December 2014 Western Digital acquires Skyera

Kaminario gets another $53 million funding

Netlist revalidates core patent related to ULLtraDIMM's
November 2014 Steve Wozniak joins Primary Data

Foremay readies 8TB 2.5" military SSDs
October 2014 Memblaze launches 14µS latency PCIe SSDs

Netlist asks patent court to recall ULLtraDIMMs

Skyera launches 136TB (raw) 1U rackmount SSD
Top SSD Companies - 2014 Q3
September 2014 Seagate reports low take up of hybrid drives

A3CUBE - first US customer shipments soon

Samsung mass produces 3TB 3D 10 DWPD PCIe SSDs
August 2014 Samsung ships 10nm SAS SSDs

Diablo unveils DDR-4 flash DIMM SSDs
Top SSD Companies - 2014 Q2
July 2014 SanDisk launches ZetaScale (enterprise flash memory tier software)

NxGn Data exits stealth with promise of in-situ SSD processing
June 2014 SanDisk to buy Fusion-io
May 2014 Seagate agrees to acquire LSI's flash business for $450 million
Top SSD Companies - 2014 Q1
April 2014 SanDisk samples 4TB 2.5" SAS SSDs

Violin enters the fast high availability SSD server market
March 2014 Samsung's 2.5" NVMe PCIe SSD are 3x faster than 12Gbps SAS SSDs
Februrary 2014 A3CUBE unveils PCIe memory fabric for 10,000 node-class architectures
January 2014 IBM launches servers using memory channel SSDs
2014 saw the birth of a renaissance in SSD inspired enterprise architecture on a scale not seen since the Year of SSD Revolutions in 2007
the Top SSD Companies in Q3 2014

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I said to Skyera's CEO - it looks as if Skyera is putting a lot of effort into joining something which looks a lot like an old fashioned English gentleman's club (think- Forsyte Saga or Sherlock Holmes). But we know that the current members of the club are so old they will die soon anyway. So is it worth it?
re Skyera's skyHawk etc - the interview October 29, 2014

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Industrial SSD designers have refocused and chosen the viable reality of excellence in selected niches above the less feasible goal of having the best technology roadmap for all applications
12 key SSD ideas in 2014

2013 - what changed in SSD year 2013?

Top SSD Companies - 2013 Q4
December 2013 LSI agrees to be acquired for $6.6 billion
November 2013 Toshiba may buy assets of OCZ

Primary Data gets $50 million funding

LSI samples "SSD market on a controller chip"
October 2013 Crocus seeks to annul core STT patents

Toshiba chooses DensBits' adaptive flash IP

McObject shows in-memory database resilience in NVDIMM
Top SSD Companies - 2013 Q3
September 2013 Cisco wants WhipTail, WD wants Virident, Violin does IPO
August 2013 SMART samples 1st memory channel SSDs

Skyera says 1 petabyte SSD will go into 2U
July 2013 SanDisk will acquire SMART

Micron samples 16nm nand flash
Top SSD Companies - 2013 Q2
June 2013 WD will acquire Stec

Samsung enters PCIe SSD market

Tegile's SSD ASAPs taught this school a lesson
May 2013 LSI is #2 in PCIe SSD shipments in US

Fusion-io parts company with co-founders

Micron samples new hot-swappable 2.5" PCIe SSDs
April 2013 Diablo names SMART as flash partner for memory channel SSDs
Top SSD Companies - 2013 Q1
March 2013 Violin enters the PCIe SSD market

InnoDisk's iSLCT technology repurposes MLC cells to SLC
February 2013 Virident betas remote PCIe SSD sharing
January 2013 Skyera enters the top 5 SSD companies list

Seagate turns to Virident for big SSD architecture
Since the early 1970s there have been 3 revolutionary disruptive influences in the electronics and computing markets:-
  • the microprocessor,
  • the internet, and
  • the modern era of SSDs.
historic perspectives - on the SSD market


One question I asked gave me a picture of how the future PCIe SSD market might look - even if we rushed ahead and assumed that memory channel SSDs were successful beyond the wildest dreans of their creators (which as we'll see later - stretches a lot of assumptions).

How many inches in physical distance can the memory channel SSD bus be routed?

And can it hop off the motherboard?
Memory Channel Storage SSDs - will the new concept fly?
should you book a seat yet?
(April 2013)

2012 - start of the enterprise SSD goldrush

Top SSD Companies - 2012 Q4
December 2012 Samsung acquires NVELO
November 2012 Micron fills IP gap for NVDIMMs

Samsung makes fast phone SSDs on 10nm
October 2012 Proton Digital Systems emerges from stealth

2012 SSD market will be $7.5 billion - says iSuppli
Top SSD Companies - 2012 Q3
September 2012 AMD rebrands Dataram's RAMDisk software

3 of the Top 10 SSD Companies changed their CEOs
August 2012 IBM acquires Texas Memory Systems

Microsemi's 2.5" SSD gets NIST certification

Skyera launches industry changing enterprise SSD rack
July 2012 SMART proliferates adaptive DSP IP in SAS SSDs

LSI ships 1 million SandForce controllers / month
Top 25 SSD Companies - 2012 Q2
June 2012 Hynix acquires LAMD

STEC releases SSD cache software

Seagate chooses DensBits adaptive DSP IP
May 2012 Fusion-io demonstrates its first 2.5" PCIe SSD

GreenBytes gets $12 million in Series B funding
April 2012 DensBits samples TLC flash controller

STA adopts SCSI Express (SCSI for PCIe SSDs)

Microsemi eliminates weakest link in rugged high capacity SATA SSDs

Top SSD OEMs - 2012 Q1
March 2012 Dell selects Micron's hot-swap 2.5" PCIe SSD

TMS bundles fast-enough PCIe SSD with NEVEX caching software
February 2012 SanDisk acquires FlashSoft

Rambus acquires CMOx technology

OCZ ships 16TB auto caching PCIe SSD

NeoMagic demos USB MagicVault controller
January 2012 OCZ acquires SANRAD

Fusion-io shows 1 billion IOPS SSD system

Micron acquires PCIe SSD systems company Virtensy

HA enterprise SSD arrays - new directory on
The broad sweep of principles which govern SSD adoption in the enterprise still leaves much room for misleading analysis. And when that mistaken analysis comes from SSD vendors - then it's important to show why it's wrong.
IOPS / $ as a value of SSD goodness is bad
(December 5, 2012 )


The phrases "adaptive writes", "DSP IP in flash SSD", "LDPC codes" and "adaptive flash cell care" have appeared in a lot of SSD news stories in recent years. What is it? Who does it? and why?
Adaptive flash care management & DSP IP in SSDs

2011 - year of the Fusion-io (FIO) IPO

Top SSD Companies - 2011 Q4
December 2011 Apple acquired Anobit for $400 million

Texas Memory Systems launches 10TB SLC fault tolerant 1U SSD
November 2011 Virident ships 1.4 Million IOPS PCIe MLC SSD
October 2011 LSI buys SandForce (a top 5 SSD company)
Top SSD Companies - 2011 Q3
September 2011 OCZ launches auto-tiering hybrid PCIe SSD

Microsemi packs secure SATA 75GB SLC SSD into PBGA
August 2011 SANRAD launches front loadable PCIe SSD

Fusion-io and STEC move into SSD ASAP (auto caching appliance) market
July 2011 STEC loses market share in enterprise SSDs

OCZ elevates performance of Indilinx SSD controllers
Top SSD Companies - 2011 Q2
June 2011 FlashSoft launches auto tiering SSD software

SolidFire launches SSD cloud appliances

world's first PCIe PCM SSD

Violin says it will do $100 million enterprise SSD revenue
May 2011 SandForce names SSD data recovery partner

STEC shifts from FPGAs to ASICs in ZeusIOPS SSDs

IO Turbine's SSD software for VMware does into beta

SanDisk gets serious about enterprise SSDs - acquires Pliant

April 2011 Virident does 1 million IOPS in 1U SGI server

Web-Feet launches top 30 SSD oems SWOT service

Samsung exits shrinking HDD market

Intel fills SSD supply gap with Lite-On
Top 20 SSD Companies - 2011 Q1
March 2011 OCZ acquires Indilinx

WD acquires Hitachi GST

Microsemi pushes the envelope in rugged SSDs

Kaminario carves new market for RAM SSDs
February 2011 SandForce oems shipped over 100 Petabytes of SF SSDs

surveys show SSDs still have low adoption in SANs
January 2011 Samsung anticipates DDR4 market readiness in 2011

Fusion-io shipped 50% more enterprise SSD capacity than EMC in 2010

This is the first time in the history of the SSD market that an ISV has appeared in the top SSD companies list.

FlashSoft would have been joined in that distinction by IOTurbine - if IOTurbine hadn't been gobbled up in the qualifying quarter by Fusion-io.
the Top 20 SSD Companies - in 2011 Q3



2010 - start of the SSD market bubble?

Top 10 SSD OEMs - 2010 Q4
December 2010 Micron quarantines errors in new flash memory

Patriot launches native USB 3 flash drive
November 2010 data recovery indicators cast light on SSD vs HDD life

USB3 HDD backup speeds faster than eSATA 2

Fusion-io demos 1 million IOPS SSD card

Kove launches 20 Gigabytes/s SSD
October 2010 SandForce shows SAS-3 ready 60K IOPS SSD controller

PhotoFast launches low cost terabyte PCIe SSD

OCZ can make 140K SSDs / month
Top SSD Companies - 2010 Q3
September 2010 Samsung's phone flash interrupts slow writes

SanDisk says SSDs are cheaper than HDDs in some DVRs

STEC samples 3.5" RAM SSD

less than 0.1% of data recoveries are for SSDs
August 2010 Samsung and Seagate to codevelop SSD controllers

NVELO auto tunes notebook storage pool

BitSpread claims 10,000x more reliable than RAID
July 2010 Foremay ships 2TB 3.5" SSDs

SSD Bookmarks - from SandForce

HDD market revenue same as pre credit crunch

OCZ's 1st appearance in the top 10 SSD companies list

Top SSD Companies - 2010 Q2
June 2010 Anobit aims at SandForce SSD slots

Apacer samples MO-300 mSATA SSDs

Indilinx supplies SSD controllers to Hitachi

Seagate offers consumers 3TB HDD for < $250
May 2010 RunCore samples SAS SSDs

PMC-Sierra acquires Adaptec's SSD ASAP business

SandForce launches SSD controller branding program

April 2010 Seagate preloads movies on the HDD

Nimbus nixes STEC SAS SSD costs in new iSCSI rackmount
Top SSD Companies - 2010 Q1
March 2010 WD enters consumer SSD market

OCZ says $100 is too much for a 32GB SSD

futorological article discusses petabyte SSDs

OCZ gets $15 million to boost SSD growth
February 2010 Seagate ships 2TB SAS HDD

Toshiba samples 600GB 2.5" SAS HDD

Foremay samples 200k IOPS PCIe SSDs

Silicon Motion's SSD SoCs - Ready for 20nm

January 2010 ioSafe Launches Disaster Proof Backup SSD

new article discusses Year of the SSD Market Bubble

Samsung Agrees $900 million Settlement with Rambus

$10 million Funding for AoE Pioneer
"Your SSD is only as good as the people who designed it. SSD Architecture is not an established computer science and is not taught at universities. Until it is - maybe in 2016 - most SSD design teams are still learning what is important as they go along. And the rules - of what is possible and sensible- are still evolving."

Zsolt Kerekes, editor
commenting in SSD news July 2010


screenshot image below shows ads which were on the PCIe SSD news page on in July 2010
PCIe SSDs  - July 2010

2009 - the Year of SSD Market Confusion

Top SSD Companies - 2009 Q4
December 2009 Micron Samples SATA 3.0 SSDs

Seagate unveils its 1st real SSD

InnoDisk Enters PCIe SSD Market
November 2009 VAIO notebooks get SanDisk SSDs

NextIO Launches very fast PCIe rackmount SSD

Google's New SSD Based OS

OCZ to show USB 3.0 SSD at CES
Top SSD Companies - 2009 Q3
October 2009 Active Media Products launches 1st USB 3 SSDs

Storspeed Unveils NAS SSD Appliance

Samsung invests in Fusion-io

Foremay Enters PCIe SSD Market
September 2009 PCIe SSD Searches 6x Higher than the year before

Pliant samples fast 2.5" 3.5" SAS SSDs

September 2009, week 3 - Foremay launches Military SSDs

Dataram eliminates waits for the SSD Hot-Spot Engineer
August 2009 Texas Memory Systems Shows 100TB SSD

STEC Samples 6Gb/s SAS SSDs

Dataram Promises SSD Accelerator Soon
July 2009 Foremay's Cheetah Joins Fastest 2.5" SSD List

IronKey launches secure USB memory stick

Flash Price Slope will Flatten says Denali

WD Remains Profitable Despite Softening Hard Disk Market
Top 10 SSD Companies - 2009 Q2
June 2009 Fusion-io promises $895 520MB/s SSD

PhotoFast Launches Fastest ExpressCard SSD

Crocus Ports MRAM to Tower Fab

Phase Change Memory gets 2nd Source
May 2009 DDRdrive Launches Low Cost PCIe RAM SSD

Toshiba Ships 512GB Notebook SSD

Unity Semiconductor Unveils Flash's Successor

Rambus Unveils Faster RAM Technologies
April 2009 Fusion-io Secures $47 million Series B Funding

SandForce Unveils New flash SSD Controller

Sun's Future Proclaimed by Oracle

GE Talks About 500GB Optical Storage
Top SSD Companies - 2009 Q1
March 2009 Pretec Samples Highest Capacity ExpressCard SSD

Viking Launches SATA Cube SSD

Dolphin Launches PCIe Rackmount SSD

WD Enters the SSD Market
February 2009 SalvationDATA Unveils Data Recovery for flash SSDs

SanDisk Announces Imminent X4 Flash

Viking Launches SSD Backup Module for RAID Cache

Hitachi GST Buys Desktop SSD Company
January 2009 EMC Cuts 2,400 Positions

pureSilicon Unveils Terabyte 2.5" SSD

Thousands of USB Sticks Left at Dry Cleaners

World's first 2 Terabyte Hard Drive

September 2009 was a turning point in the enterprise SSD market. readers did more searches for PCIe SSDs than 2.5" SSDs.

2.5" had previously been the #1 most searched SSD form factor.

click for more info about the revolutionary auto tuning XcelaSAN SSD accelerator from Dataram
XcelaSAN is a "revolutionary" self optimizing
2U enterprise SSD accelerator
from Dataram

an ad from 2009

"SSD storage is changing the game for Oracle databases, and how we think about performance tuning. Whereas in the past a poorly-designed database might take 6 months and $500,000 in consulting costs to repair, simply installing an SSD can mean the database immediately runs more than 10x faster for a fraction of the cost of repairing the source code."
Mike Ault, in a news story October 2009 about his book Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning

2008 - Year of 100 SSD Companies.

the Top 10 SSD OEMs - in Q4 2008
December 2008 Addonics Brings NASes to the Masses
PCIe SSDs Enter Top 10 Storage Searches
New Methodology Predicts Flash SSD Reliability
November 2008 Sun Beams into Disk Sanitizer Market
Solid Access Launches Fastest 1U SSD
Curtiss-Wright Ships Faster XMC / PMC SSDs
Violin Advances Enterprise Flash SSD Architecture
October 2008 Plasmon Restructures
IMEC Revs Up for RRAM Dash to Replace Flash
Intel Starts Shipping Fast 2.5" SATA flash SSDs
Fusion-io promises PCIe SSD acceleration for consumer PCs
the Top 10 SSD OEMs - in Q3 2008
September 2008 CFast Standard Now Available
Fusion-io Unveils fast NAS SSD
Cypress Integrates nvSRAM in Controller
Samsung Loses Patience with SanDisk Management
August 2008 STMicroelectronics Demos 6Gb/s SATA
Violin Delivers 1 Million IOPS via a Single Port
Bus-Tech VTL Emulates 256 Mainframe Tape Drives
Royal Bank of Scotland's Customer List Sold on eBay
July 2008 SSD-CPU Equivalence - new term / old idea
ATTO Launches 16 Port SAS RAID PCIe HBA
world's fastest RAM SSD is backed up by flash
Samsung & Sun Work on High Endurance flash SSDs
the Top 10 SSD OEMs - in Q2 2008
June 2008 EcoRAM Slims Server Watts
Sun Announces SSD Product Plans
Panasas Storage Powers Fastest Supercomputer
Mtron Unveils 240MB/S Flash SSD Technology
May 2008 Flash SSD Prices Plunge
Samsung Previews Fast 2.5" SSD
Toshiba Announces Bigger Car Drive
AMCC Confirms Plans to Support Flash SSD RAID
April 2008 Seagate Sues STEC
6Gb/s SAS Storage Comes Closer
IBM Previews Racetrack Solid State Storage
WD Reports 43% HDD Revenue Growth
the Top 10 Solid State Disk OEMs - Q1 2008
March 2008 IMI Launches SATA SSD Testers
LSI Acquires Infineon's HDD Chip Business
Fusion-io Gets $19 million Funding for PCIe SSD
SeaChange Eliminates Spinning Disks in Broadcast Chain
February 2008 HD DVD Retires Early
STEC Shows Fastest CompactFlash SSD
Aleratec Launches 3 Way Blu-ray Duplicator
Intel & STMicro Sample Phase Change Memory
January 2008 EMC Re-enters SSD Market
Nanochip Aims to Trash Flash
Introducing the 1.3" Hard Drive
Samsung Demos 128GB Notebook SSD
In my new year address - January 2, 2008 - I broached the subject of planning a budget for enterprise SSDs.

Here are some extracts below.
How Big is Your SSD Budget for 2008?

Editor:- January 2, 2008 - Happy New Year to You all.

I've got a question for you. How big is your solid state storage budget in 2008?

I hazard to guess that most of you haven't put anything notionally marked as "SSD spending" in 2008's budget - even if you already have a good idea about what you're going to spend on traditional storage products and services.

I also predict that when the crunch comes - and you find yourself spending surprisingly large amounts of money on SSDs for the first time - these costs will be initially allocated to other cost centers - such as servers or PCs - rather than storage.

It was always thus.

In 1983 for example - over 90% of corporates didn't have a budget for buying IBM PCs. These disruptive tools intitially crept in under the IT department radar - as users found they could do useful jobs like word processing and business analysis quicker, cheaper and more conveniently than using the clunky alternatives then on offer by their IT departments.

Similarly RAID systems did not appear in most 1990 corporate IT budgets - but are now everywhere. more in 2008 history archive



2007 - Year of SSD Revolutions

the Top 10 Solid State Disk OEMs - Q407
December 2007 STEC Samples 512GB 2.5" SSDs

Toshiba enters the SSD Market
November 2007 Micron enters the SSD market

Dell Acquires Leading iSCSI Company

BiTMICRO Unveils 1.6T 3.5" Flash SSDs

New Maxtor Disks Were Infected by Virus
October 2007 Panasas Targets RAID Unreliability

Texas Memory Systems Demos 8GFC SSD

AMCC Ships New 3ware SAS RAID Controllers

SiliconSystems Launches Postage Stamp Size USB SSD

the Top 10 SSD OEMs - Q307
September 2007 Fusion-io Launches PCIe flash SSD

TMS Launches World's Fastest Flash SSD

Seagate announces 15K RPM SAS Cheetah

Formation Launches 320GB 3.5" SATA ToughDisk
August 2007 Flash SSDs Get 100x Faster Writes

STEC Announces Native SAS Flash SSDs

Toshiba Announces 320G 2.5" SATA Drives
July 2007 SmartDisk Exits Hard Disk Market

Sanbolic Accelerates Clustered NAS Writes

SanDisk's SATA SSDs Selected for IBM BladeCenter
the Top 10 SSD OEMs - Q207
June 2007 23 companies now market 2.5" SSDs

SanDisk Announces 64GB Notebook SSDs

Seagate Launches New 400G 10k RPM SAS Hard Drive

SiliconSystems' PowerArmor Gets Patent Protection
May 2007 Catalyst Introduces 6Gb/s SAS Emulators

MOSAID Promises 800M bytes/ sec Flash SSDs

STEC has $100 million Pot of Cash for SSD Plans

A New $4 billion Non-Volatile Storage Company is Born
April 2007 Micron Samples 50nm Flash

Mellanox Demos 40Gb/s Over Copper

First 8Gbps Fibre Channel Protocol Analyzer

Seagate Launches DIY Data Recovery Software
March 2007 60nm DRAM in Production

Intel Enters the SSD Market

Maxell Launches World's 1st iVDR Hard Drive publishes - SSD Myths and Legends
Februrary 2007 Adtron Ships 160G 2.5" SSDs

Mellanox Announces IPO Details

SimpleTech Divests RAM Business to Focus on SSDs

Hard Disk MTBF Specs Aren't Credible - Say User Reports

January 2007 First Terabyte Hard Drive

STEC Showcases Thinnest 2.5" 64G SSD

Seagate Ships Record Breaking 2.5" SAS HDDs

BiTMICRO Announces Technology Agreement with ChipX

"More oems now make 2.5" SSDs (22)
than make hard drives."
SSD news - February 2007

Adtron industrial grade  flash solid state disk
2.5" 128GB industrial PATA SLC flash SSDs
from Adtron

SSD ad from 2007

Mtron said it will be ramping out at 50,000 SATA SSDs / month by September 2007
SSD news - June 2007

2006 - SSD awareness flares into notebooks

Global shipments of Hard Disk Drives rose 15.5% in 2006 to 434 million units according to iSuppli

the 2006 Solid State Disks Buyers Guide

2006, December week 1 - Toshiba Launches 100G 1.8" HDD
2006, December week 2 - More Sites Use iSCSI than Fibre Channel SAN
2006, December week 3-4 - Expansion Box Extends Tape Library to 10 Petabytes

2006, November week 1 - Kanguru Fingerprints USB Flash
2006, November week 2 - Msystems' Shareholders Vote Yes to SanDisk
2006, November week 3-4 - ILM? - What ILM? - Say Thousands of IT Managers

2006, October week 1 - Tandberg Launches RDX QuikStor Disk Backup
2006, October week 2 - Dell Says No - to More Tape Libraries
2006, October week 3 - AMCC Ships Fastest RAID 6 SATA II RAID Controller
2006, October week 4 - Plextor Ships 10X DVD+R

2006, September week 1 - DRAM Prices Rising - Says iSuppli
2006, September week 2 - SiliconSystems Announces Investment by Samsung
2006, September week 3 - InfiniBand Users May be Lonesome Tonight
2006, September week 4 - Intel Launches New Storage Processors

2006, August week 1 - Cornice Announces Thinnest 1" 12GB Hard Drive
2006, August week 2 - Nimbus Unveils Free iSCSI Target Software for Windows
2006, August week 3 - Intel will Bundle Diskeeper with Motherboards
2006, August week 4 - Tandberg Acquires Exabyte

2006, July week 1 - Seagate Drives in Himalayan Trek
2006, July week 2 - Seagate and Adaptec Offer SAS / SATA RAID Kit
2006, July week 3 - New SSD Systems Scale to Tens of Terabytes
2006, July week 4 - Samsung Prepares for SSD-Aware PC Market

2006, June week 1 - Rambus Notches Up 500th Patent
2006, June week 2 - Seagate Enters the Online Storage Market
2006, June week 3 - EqualLogic Overtakes EMC in iSCSI Market Share
2006, June week 4 - Toshiba Buying Into Next Generation DVD Market

2006, May week 1 - Will Phone Hard Drives Kill the iPod?
2006, May week 2 - Cornice Aims to be #1 HDD Supplier in Phone Market
2006, May week 3 - Fujifilm will Soon Ship 25G Blu-ray Disks
2006, May week 4 - Fujitsu Launches Tape / Disk Degausser

2006, April week 1 - Cirrus Offers NAS on a Chip
2006, April week 2 - iSuppli Ranks Top HDD OEMs
2006, April week 3 - Solid Access unveils rackmount SSD array prices online
2006, April week 4 - McNealy Gives Up the CEO Hot Seat at Sun

2006, March week 1 - Samsung Shows World's First Hard Disk Phone
2006, March week 2 - Amazon Enters the Online Storage Services Market
2006, March week 3 - Serial Attached SCSI - is it worth the wait?
2006, March week 4 - iVivity Ships Wire Speed 10Gbps iSCSI HBA

2006, February week 1 - Nimbus and Chelsio Aim for Fastest iSCSI Storage
2006, February week 2 - Samsung Announces Fastest GDDR4
2006, February week 3 - Hitachi Opens New Hard Disk Mega Factory
2006, February week 4 - QLogic is Fibre Channel HBA Market Leader

2006, January week 1 - New HDD Lets Users View Head Seeks
2006, January week 2 - World's first SSD based Windows notebooks
2006, January week 3 - Samsung memory powers "single use" cameras
2006, January week 4 - EMC Announces Petabyte Disk Storage Array

2005 - Samsung declares SSDs strategic market

HDD industry industry shipped 380 million disk drives in 2005

Squeak! - the Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2005

Squeak! - the Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2005

2005 December week 1 - Storage Product Category of the Year 2005
2005 December 2 - Declining DRAM Market Fuels Switch to Flash
2005 December 3-4 - Pioneer Launched Blu-ray Drives and Fusion-io founded.

2005 November week 1 - ProStor Unveils New Backup Technology - RDX
2005 November week 2 - Sony's Hard Disk Focuses on Camera Flash Slots
2005 November week 3 - TMS Demonstrates Native InfiniBand Solid State Disk
2005 November week 4 - Asigra Says "No" to Outmoded Veritas Costs

2005, October week 1 - Imation Packs Hard Drive into LTO
2005, October week 2 - Nexsan says - the AutoMAID is not for turning
2005, October week 3 - McDATA Surpasses 20,000 Director Milestone
2005, October week 4 - Intel Launches Network Storage Systems

2005, September week 1 - iTunes Service Starts on Cellphones
2005, September week 2 - World's First Dual Interface Flash SSD
2005, September week 3 - a different kind of flash SSD endurance story
2005, September week 4 - Microsoft Gets into Disk to Disk Backup

2005, August week 1 - LSI Logic Ships Production 4Gb/s Fibre Channel
2005, August week 2 - DDR2 Memory Volumes Overtake DDR1
2005, August week 3 - Seagate Ships SATA Drives for D2d Market
2005, August week 4 - Ramtron Chip Aims at Car Crash Recorders

2005, July week 1 - Hard Drives Target the Bedroom
2005, July week 2 - Disk Purge Comes to Linux
2005, July week 3-4 - EMC Announces World's Largest Storage Array

2005, June week 1 - Sun Acquires StorageTek
2005, June week 2 - DISUK Launches SafeTape
2005, June week 3 - Mellanox Ships 60Gb/s InfiniBand
2005, June week 4 - FCIA Supports SATA Tunneling

2005, May week 1 - Seagate and Cornice Reach Partial Settlement
2005, May week 2 - LeWiz is the Fastest TCP/IP Offload HBA
2005, May week 3 - M-Systems Has Biggest Fastest Flash Drive
2005, May week 4 - Funding for 300GB Holo Drive Reaches $61M

this Arkeia banner ad  ran on in April 2005 - click to see company profile and notes about Arkeia

2005, April week 1 - World's 1st performance guarantees for SSDs
2005, April week 2 - emBoot announces the death of the iSCSI HBA
2005, April week 3 - SmartDisk Introduces Portable DVR
2005, April week 4 - Topio Secures $8 million Round of Funding

2005, March week 1 - Curtis SSD speeds up telco's 30 million user database
2005, March week 2 - Fujitsu Delivers Production Serial SCSI Hard Drives
2005, March week 3 - Overland Claims to be #1 in Disk to Disk Backup
2005, March week 4 - New World Record Set for iSCSI Throughput

2005, February week 1 - BiTMICRO is #1 Recognized Solid-State Disks Brand
2005, February week 2 - HP Ousts Fiorina
2005, February week 3 - ADTX is #1 in ATA/SATA Storage in Japan
2005, February week 4 - Seagate Ships 6GB 1" Hard Drive

2005, January week 1 - OPTWARE's New HVD Signals Sayonara to DVDs
2005, January week 2 - Apple Sold 4.5 million iPods in First Quarter
2005, January week 3 - Maxell Announces DVD that will Endure
2005, January week 4 - Incipient, Inc., Secures $20M Series C Funding

2004 - asks

what do SSD buyers want?

the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide - 2004

the Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2004

the Fastest Growing STORAGE companies in 2004

the Rising Stars of Storage and the Dogs which Failed to Bark in 2004

the State of iSCSI in 2004 - products fail to match hype

2004 December week 1 - Worldwide SAN Market Flat
2004 December week 2 - Hitachi's 1 Inch Hard Drive is 5
2004 December weeks 3 - 4 - VERITAS Merges with Symantec

2004 November week 1 - FRAM server is unfazed by power dropouts
2004 November week 2 - SiliconDrive SSDs get 5 year warranty
2004 November week 3 - Tabernus Releases DOD Certified Disk Purge
2004 November week 4 - Megabyte's Holiday Adventures (cartoon)

2004, October week 1 - CentricStor Backs Up 8.6TB / Hour to SATA
2004, October week 2 - Sun Microsystems to Resell Solid State Disks
2004, October week 3 - Kashya Clusters Windows Over 2,000 miles
2004, October week 4 - BiTMICRO Ships 1st Ultra320 SCSI Flash SSD

2004, September week 1 - iSCSI Gets Solid State Disk Targets
2004, September week 2 - SATA-IO Organization Formed
2004, September week 3 - Infineon Pays $160 million Fine to DoJ
2004, September week 4 - Iomega Ships 16x Double-Layer DVD Drives

2004, August weeks 1 - 2 - Toshiba Launches 60G 1.8" Drives
2004, August week 3 - Vitesse Ships 8Gbps Capable Fibre Channel Chips
2004, August week 4 - LSI Logic Demos 1st SATA II Controller

2004, July week 1 - Cornice Slammed by Another Disk Patent Suit
2004, July week 2 - Adaptec to Acquire Snap Appliance
2004, July week 3 - Adtron Introduces First SATA Flash SSD
2004, July week 4 - DiskOnKey Unlocks 2GB

2004, June week 1 - LightSand Demos 1,000 km (600 miles) SAN Mirroring
2004, June week 2 - Elpida Invests $4 Billion in Memory Fab
2004, June week 3 - iSCSI Company Xiran Closes Down
2004, June week 4 - The World's Largest DRAM Production Facility

2004, May week 1 - Imation Launches Terabyte-Class Magnetic Tape Fab
2004, May week 2 - Gartner Says More than 25% of Critical Data is Flawed
2004, May week 3 - BiTMICRO Introduces PMC Flash Disk
2004, May week 4 - Cybernetics Tape Library Packs 15TB Backup into 4U

2004, April week 1 - Sun Licenses NAS Technology from Procom
2004, April week 2 - ActionFront Sets New Milestone for Data Recovery
2004, April week 3 - Intel Cranks Up SATA Speed to 3Gbps
2004, April week 4 - Toshiba Ships 100GB 2.5" Hard Disks

article:- Megabyte's Storage Market Review Q1 2004

2004, March week 1 - Broadcom Does NAS on a Chip
2004, March week 2 - Hitachi announces 400GB hard drive
2004, March week 3 - BiTMICRO Unveils 16TB Solid State SAN Accelerator
2004, March week 4 - DiskOnChip Used in Smartphones Throughout China

2004, February week 1 - Cornice Secures $51 Million In Venture Funding
2004, February week 2 - Earliest known data recovery from a failed iPod
2004, February week 3 - Seagate Launches 2.5" 10K RPM Enterprise Disk Drive
2004, February week 4 - M-Systems will develop removable flash for Xbox

2004, January week 1 - Toshiba Introduces World's Smallest Hard Drive
2004, January week 2 - LaCie Ships Universal Dual 8x DVD±RW Drive
2004, January week 3 - LSI Logic Delivers First SAS Controller IC
2004, January week 4 - Ideas Int'l Launches Storage Street Pricing Service

2003 - StorageSearch publishes SSD Price Guide

This expanded our SSD coverage from a simple directory of SSD companies
and news (started 1998) to a new guide with price bands. The SSD Buyers Guide evolved
in later years to add sub-directories filtered by interface type and form factor.

article:- Chewing over 2003

Squeak! - The Fastest Growing STORAGE companies in 2003

Squeak! - the Top 10 Storage Software Companies - 2003

Squeak! - the Solid State Disks Buyers Guide - 2003

2003, December week 1 - Disk Storage Market Declined Says IDC
2003, December week 2 - Decru Secures Tape Backup
2003, December week s 3 to 4 - Data Domain Gets $17 Million in Funding

2003, November week 1 - SBS Launches 1st PMC InfiniBand Adapter
2003, November week 2 - ATAbaby Twins - the Tape Terminaters
2003, November week 3 - 3ware Cuts SATA Cabling
2003, November week 4 - Quantum Corp defragments itself

2003, October week 1 - Olixir Launches Rugged Portable 3.5" Hard Disk Drive
2003, October week 2 - Memtech's SSD Endurance Surpasses 8 Million Writes
2003, October week 3 - Diskology Releases Disk Jockey
2003, October week 4 - SanDisk and Fujifilm Sign xD-Picture Cards Agreement

2003, September week 1 - Plasmon to showcase UDO drives
2003, September week 2 - Storage Server 2003 is Now Available
2003, September week 3 - First PCI Express Fibre Channel HBA
2003, September week 4 - SAMSUNG Announces Flash Memory Breakthrough

2003, August week 1 - Ramtron ships 1st 0.35 micron FRAM
2003, August week 2 - Solid State Disks - a $10 Billion Market in 2007?
2003, August week 3 - Recovering Data after NY & Canada Grid Crash
2003, August week 4 - InfiniCon Demonstrates 150,000 IOPS Performance

2003, July week 1 - SSDs become #1 search for readers of
2003, July week 2 - Promise Technology Selects Ramtron's FRAM for RAID
2003, July week 3 - BlueArc Secures $47 Million New Funding
2003, July week 4 - StorageNetworks Announces Liquidation Plan

2003, June week 1 - Unigen Gets Patent for NV Data Protection
2003, June week 2 - Intel Sells ICP Vortex to Adaptec
2003, June week 3 - Seagate Enters Notebook Hard Drive Market
2003, June week 4 - LSI teams with Seagate to drive SAS interoperability

2003, May week 1 - "Tape is a thing of the past" - says Diamond Lauffin at Nexsan
2003, May week 2 - Imperial launches WhatsHot SSD tool
2003, May week 3 - InoStor Gets US Patent for RAIDn
2003, May week 4 - Tandberg Data ASA demerges

2003, April week 1 - Emulex Ships One Millionth Fibre Channel HBA
2003, April week 2 - - Spectra ships native iSCSI tape libraries
2003, April week 3 - Seagate Overtakes EMC in Annual Storage Revenue
2003, April week 4 - CENATEK Announces Availability of RAMDisk XP

Ingrasys banner ad on March 2003

2003, March week 1 - Sony Unveils USB/FireWire AIT Drives for SOHOs
2003, March week 2 - Tandberg Data introduces RAIDn technology
2003, March week 3 - Aristos Logic Secures $20 Million in Series C Funding
2003, March week 4 - HP Releases iSCSI Driver for HP-UX Servers

2003, February week 1 - IBM Delivers First Bluefin Storage
2003, February week 2 - Adaptec Products Support Final iSCSI Standard
2003, February week 3 - Sony Busts 1TB Tape Barrier
2003, February week 4 - world's first terabyte class SSDs announced

2003, January week 1 - HP Introduces Fastest Ever DVD Writers
2003, January week 2 - AMD and M-Systems Expand Flash Agreement
2003, January week 3 - Fibre-channel grows to 71% of QLogic's business
2003, January week 4 - Topio closes $10M 2nd round VC funding
2003, January week 5 - Paralan Launches Ultra320 SCSI HBAs

2002 - 1st terabyte SSDs start shipping

article:- Chewing over 2002

Squeak! - The Fastest Growing STORAGE companies in 2002

article:- the Top 10 Storage Software companies 2002

2002, December week 1 - Imperial launches MegaRam-SuperSpeed SSD software
2002, December week 2 - YottaYotta Sets Record for Disk-to-Disk Bulk Transfer
2002, December weeks 3 - 4 - EMC Ranked 1 in Storage Brand Awareness

2002, November week 1 - ActionFront completes 10,000 Data Recoveries
2002, November week 2 - InfiniCon is First to Deliver End-to-End InfiniBand
2002, November week 3a - ASACA Launches FireFly Digital VTL
2002, November week 3b - Silicon Image's SATA Controller Selected by Adaptec
2002, November week 4 - Interphase launches PowerSAN PMC FC adapter line

2002, October week 1a - Arkeia Announces MySQL Plug-in
2002, October week 1b - JMR Launches StorBlade
2002, October week 2 - Maxtor One Touch Disk Backup
2002, October week 3a - SnapApp is Back
2002, October week 3b - The New Goldrush? - Network Accelerators
2002, October week 4 - CNT Makes Remote Tape Backup Look Local
2002, October week 5 - Big Iron gets an iSCSI Facelift ,

2002, September week 1 - Microsoft Delivers Multipath I/O for Storage
2002, September week 2a - Maxell Ships One Millionth Super DLTtape Cartridge
2002, September week 2b - Intel Unveils SATA RAID and iSCSI
2002, September week 3a - New Licensees for Quad Band Memory
2002, September week 3b - Imperial Raises the IQ of SSD SAN Accelerators
2002, September week 4 - Qualstar Ends 9 Track Tape Drives Production
2002, September week 5 - StorageTek Unveils Fastest, Highest Capacity Tape Drive

2002, August week 1 - Dot Hill Ships 5000th SANnet Storage System
2002, August week 2a - IBM Ships Seagate's 15K Ultra320 Cheetahs in RAIDs
2002, August week 2b - 3ware Ships 1st Enterprise Class SATA Controller
2002, August week 3a - Cisco Enters Fibre Channel SAN Switch Market
2002, August week 3b - Seagate Demos Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
2002, August week 4a - I/OMagic is #1 Seller of CD-RW Drives in USA
2002, August week 4b - M-Systems & Toshiba Collaborate on SSD DiskOnChip

2002, July week 1 - SATA enters top 3 searches on
2002, July week 2 - InfiniCon Launches InfiniBand Starter Kits
2002, July week 3a - SNIA Launches Storage Security Group
2002, July week 3b - EMC and HP Cross License Storage APIs
2002, July week 4a - DataDirect Announces Plug and Play SAN
2002, July week 4b - 2 out 3 Data Centers Deploy SANs,

2002, June week 1 - LSI Announces 1st Ultra320 PCI RAID
2002, June week 2a - Nexsan Launches Multi-Terabyte D2d Backup
2002, June week 2b - 1st Chipsets with Integrated USB 2.0
2002, June week 3 - DiskOnChip Capacity Rises to 1 Gigabyte
2002, June week 4a - Western Digital Delivers 1st 200GB Hard Drives
2002, June week 4b - Archiving Digital Data for 100 Years

2002, May week 1a - 2 Terabytes / Hour Backup Milestone
2002, May week 1b - Set top HDDs will make money for Cable TV
2002, May week 2a - 1st Flash Memory Based on MirrorBit Architecture
2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b,

2002, April week 1
2002, April week 2b - IEI ships NAS flash SSD to USA

2002, March - week 1 - BiTMICRO and CENATEK collaborate on PCI SSD
2002, March week 2a - Pirus Networks Ships First Intelligent Storage Switch
2002, March week 2b - SanDisk Launches World's Largest Capacity CF Card
2002, March week 3a - Cypress Ships 2 Million USB 2.0 Units
2002, March week 3b - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack Backed Up on VXA-1 Tape
2002, March week 4a - Infineon Samples Gigabyte DDR SDRAM
2002, March week 4b - Overland Brings Infiniband to Tape Market

2002, February - week 1a - a Terabyte of SAN disk and tape for under $50k?
2002, February - week 1b - Compaq sets date for vote on HP merger
2002, February - week 2a
2002, February - week 2b
2002, February - week 3
2002, February - week 4 - SATA 2 working group announced

2002, January - week 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5,

2001 - iSCSI is born

article:- 2001 a Year to Forget

Squeak! - The Fastest Growing STORAGE companies in 2001

article:- the Top 10 Storage Software companies 2001

2001, December - week 1a - Optosys ships world's first gigabyte CF-2 card
2001, December - week 1b - Kentron Announces Quad Band Memory Roadmap
2001, December - week 2a, 2001, December - weeks 3 to 4,

2001, November - week 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3, 4,

2001, October - week 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b,
2001, October - SSD makers Adtron and Solid Data named among fast growing US companies,
2001, October - week 4 - Alacritech Ships Industry's 1st GbE Accelerator
4b, 5,

2001, September - week 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b

1st disk to disk backup banner ad run on - September 2001 - links to D2d History article

2001, August - week 1, 2, 3,
2001, August - week 4 - Imperial announces trade in program for old SSDs

2001, July - week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

2001, June - week 1
, 2001, June - week 2 - Adtron Ships 14GB 3.5" SCSI Flash SSD
3, 4,

2001, May - week 1 - LSI Logic first to validate Ultra320 SCSI interoperability
2001, May - week 2 - VXA-1 Tape Drives Gain Acceptance in Mac Market ,
3, 4, 5,

2001, April - week 1 - World's 1st NAS Refragmenter
2001, April - week 2 - NetApp Endorses iSCSI
2001, April - week 3 - Sony Transitions DDS Tape Format
2001, April - week 4 - Paceline Secures $20 million for InfiniBand

2001, March - week 1,
2001, March - week 2,
2001, March - week 3,
2001, March - week 4 - publishes 1st iSCSI directory

2001, February - week 1 - Intel began strategic flash memory supplies to Cisco,
2, 3
2001, February - week 4 - 1st Mention of Serial ATA /SATA

2001, January - week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

2000 - SATA is born

2000, December - week 1 - ,
2000, December - week 2 - Imperial's SSDs are eBay's Holiday Helpers,
2000, December - weeks 3 to 4 - WorldStor Locks Up $33 million 2nd Round ,

2000, November - week 1, 2, 3, 4,

2000, October - week 1, 2, 3,

2000, October - week 4 - EMC Study Finds Explosive Data Growth,

2000, September - week 1 - Maxoptix launches DVD-RAM Libraries,
2, 3,
2000, September - week 4 - Auspex Raises $90 million funding

2000, August - weeks 1-2
2000, August - week 3
2000, August - week 4 - 1st SATA HDD Unveiled at IDF

July 2000, weeks 1-2 - SST Launches PATA SSD on a Chip

May ,
2000, June - HP partners with

3 - 4

April 2000

March 2000

February 2000 - BiTMICRO unveils fast 18GB 3.5" PATA SSD
February 2000 - Ampex stores 150 hours of MPEG video on a single cartridge

January 2000 - WD exits enterprise hard drive business and Komag Ships 10GB Per Platter

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1999 - tape library market optimistic
as users look at the Cost of Owning and Storing Data

historic ad from Dynamic Network Factory

1999 - a terabyte of RAID storage cost $79,000. See the contemporary banner ad (above) we ran with that price point from Dynamic Network Factory.

In November 1999 - the number of market active SSD manufacturers listed on had reached 11.

Artecon merged with Box Hill Systems to become Dot Hill

1998 - 1st publication to unify whole storage market

1998 - is launched in September 1998. It was the world's 1st publication which covered the whole storage market. Before that storage publications had covered just disks or tape -and storage had been regarded as a tied to particular vendor or OS markets.

Also, in the same month, Google Inc. is incorporated as a company.

1997 - Imation launches the SuperDisk - which was a very high capacity (at the time) floppy disk drive - offering nearly 100x the capacity of an industry standard floppy disk. DEC ran an ad for its StorageWorks in our SPARC Directory to target Sun users - who spents billions of dollars on 3rd party storage from DEC and EMC in the following years because they were much better than Sun's own storage arrays.

1995 - Xiotech founded.

How big were disk drives and memory in 1995? - Sun Microsystems launched its first 64 bit SPARC workstations, the Ultra-1 and 2. RAM was upto 512MB. The internal 3.5" hard disk provided upto 4.2GB capacity.

1994 - first directory of Fibre-channel adapters published in ACSL's SPARC Product Directory

Ancot ships first Fibre Channel analyzer.

1992 - HDD spin reaches 7,200 RPM

Seagate started shipping the 1st 7,200 RPM HDDs.

1991 - ACSL, publisher of founded. Our first product (1992) was a printed directory of Sun SBus compatible host bus adapters, and SPARC workstations and servers.

1988 - CMS Peripherals founded.

1987 - RAID concept created by the University of California at Berkeley

Plasmon founded.

Bus-Tech founded.

1986 - the editor, then working as hardware manager at a UK company called Databasix, was tasked with designing a disk array controller to parallelize the data transfer from multiple low cost 5.25" hard disks. We didn't call them RAIDs in those days - because the term hadn't been invented yet - but the concept was not new. The prototype proved the concept - but we didn't productise it.

1985 - PNY Technologies founded

1984 - Qualstar founded.

1981 - SCSI interface launched as a virtual intelligent disk drive connection.

LSI Logic founded by by Wilf Corrigan.

1980 - BMC Software founded.

Overland Storage founded.

1979 - Egan and Roger Marino start EMC.

Spectra Logic founded.

Seagate Technology founded. Its first product, the ST506 hard drive, had a capacity of 5 megabytes.

SASI interface created by Shugart Associates. This was the precursor to SCSI (parallel SCSI) - article:- SCSI History -

1978 - Texas Memory Systems founded.

Memories of 1978

Editor:- as an "experienced" (1 year out of college) electronics engineer in 1978 - I started designing and managing my own first complete product (an automated fuel flow consumption meter and data logger for engine test beds) using Intel's 8748 microprocessor. That was a single chip micro with I/O, timers, program and user memory all on the same chip. The memory capacity was 1k bytes (1, 024 bytes) and the RAM was 64 bytes!

I managed to squeeze everything, including the operating system, into the 1k with about 5 bytes to spare - because the assembly language instructions were very efficient and occupied just 1 or 2 bytes, and I used a lot of subroutines.

Needing quite sophisticated maths and not having the time nor inclination nor memory to do this - I cheated by adding in a calculator chip as a co-processor. In future designs, as I got more experienced, and the development tools got better I did more in software and less in hardware, and made sure there were sockets for expansion memory!

In my next project - moving on from manually looking up assembly language hex codes printed on a card edited on RAM and archived on EPROM (Prompt-48 development system) - to a development system which was more like a modern computer was a great productivity aid

Intel's (blue box) development system at that time cost more than my house - which is why we only bought one after we had proved this was going to be a viable business. It included a text editor (called Edit), an assembly language linker and loader, an in-circuit emulation system, 8 bit 8080 processor with 32K RAM and a VDU and floppy disk drive. It ran an operating system called Isis - which was the model for CP/M, and later, DOS.

BTW - I didn't complain too much about the Prompt-48 - which was my idea to save cost compared to using external consultants. In fact we rented it. It was a step up from what was used in an earlier microprocessor project - which I managed - having just come out of college but having read some micro manuals - which was as much experience as anyone else had in those days.
paper tape - software metaphor
In that earlier, 1977 system, (a ship's diesel engine training simulator with over 400 digital, and 50 analog I/O in a 15 foot long, 6 foot high metal control panel covered in switches, lamps and meters) the development tools consisted of a teletype which punched hex codes onto paper tape. We used to spool hundreds of feet of paper tape all over the floor. That's what suggested the icon we now use on for storage software. Click on the image (right) to see a bigger picture of the tape and hedgehogs.

1976 - the world's #1 personal computer - the APPLE-II - is launched with 48k bytes on-board RAM - from Apple II History. How much memory is that? Well a kilobyte is about a thousand times smaller than a megabyte, which in turn is a thousand times smaller than a gigabyte. The whole PC had a memory about 1, 000 times smaller than the smallest flash memory sticks available circa 2003.

1972 - IBM's 8 inch floppy drive the IBM 3740 hits the market. Capacity is 250K bytes.

1970 - Intel launches the first commercially successful dynamic RAM

1979 - Western Digital founded.

1969 - StorageTek founded.

1967 - Dataram founded.

1956 - IBM invented the hard drive in San Jose, California and delivered it on September 13, 1956 as the RAMAC (Random Access Method of Accounting and Control.) ... from a Hitachi news story.

1953 - IBM 650 Magnetic Drum Data Processing System Machine is announced.

1949 - An Wang invents magnetic core store.

article:- 5 Decades of Magnetic Data Storage (1940's to 1990's) - by A. S. Hoagland (pdf)

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