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StorageTek - circa 2004

StorageTek is a $2 billion global company that enables businesses, through its information lifecycle management strategy, to align the cost of storage with the value of information. The company¹s innovative storage solutions manage the complexity and growth of information, lower costs, improve efficiency and protect investments. For more information, see

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who's who in SSDs and storage? - from storage market history

Founded in 1969 StorageTek began as a supplier of storage systems in the IBM plug compatible mainframe market.

In 1978 - StorageTek launched the STC 4305 - an SSD aimed at the IBM mainframe plug compatible market. The STC 4305 was 7x faster than IBM's 2305 HDD system (and also about half the price) and StorageTek's SSD - which was implemented by a "cabinet full" of charge coupled devices (pdf) - cost $400,000 for 45MB capacity with throughput speeds upto 1.5 MB/s.

In 1994 - StorageTek marketed a RAM SSD product called Arctic Fox which had been developed by a company called Amperif Corp, acquired in 1993.

In 2000 - StorageTek was a supplier of tape libraries. In the following years - along with many others in the industry - StorageTek began the transition to disk backup.

In August 2005 - StorageTek stockholders voted to approve the acquisition agreement between StorageTek and Sun Microsystems. (See SPARC market history for articles related to SPARC compatible systems and the Solaris x86 Wars.)

Today StorageTek is a marketing brand of Oracle - which acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010.

profile from featured press release December 15, 2004

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"In 1993 - StorageTek acquired Amperif which had been selling a RAM SSD product called Arctic Fox."
...from:- SSD market history
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