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Wilk Elektronik

Wilk Elektronik was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters to Laziska, Poland. Wilk manufactures memory modules and SSDs (for consumer, industrial and enterprise applications) which are marketed under its GOODRAM brand.

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Who's who in SSD? - Wilk Elektronik (GOODRAM)

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - March 2017

Wilk Elektronik is a new name to me but the company has been in the locally adapted memory systems business since 1991 and became the largest distributor of memory products in Poland 20 years ago. See their company history page for more details.

Until this year Wilk's GOODRAM industrial SSDs have been offered with PATA or SATA interfaces. Bartosz Górecki, Product Development Manager - GOODRAM told me their industrial SSD lines will be extended later this year to include industrial PCI-E Gen3 x2 SSDs with pricing which will be attractive for industrial equipment designers who still haven't made the transition from HDD to SSD.
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