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XIO (formerly called Xiotech) is the leader in performance driven storage with the best price/performance/capacity ratios of any solution in the market. XIO pioneered the only True SHD storage system that amalgamates SSD and HDD in a single pool of storage, resulting in extreme performance that changes the economics of the data center. XIO empowers enterprises to drive database performance to its limits, accelerate business analytics, enable VDI deployments and greatly improve their server virtualization consolidation ratios. In addition, enterprise-class reliability and ease of use are in our DNA and core aspects of all our storage systems. XIO is field-proven with thousands of deployments worldwide.

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  • editor's comments:- March 2012 - among other things - XIO makes FC compatible SSD ASAPs.
XIOtech milestones from SSD Market History

In July 2006 Xiotech announced support for solid state disks as accelerators in its Magnitude 3D® 3000 virtual storage systems -- making it the first Fibre channel SAN switch maker to support SSD technology.

Editor's comments:- February 2010 - I like XIOtech's blog - Performance (Still) Matters - in which the author Rob Peglar says - "...there's only 24 hours in a day, and that is the inexorable limit we all battle."

In January 2011 - Xiotech joined the crowding SSD ASAP market with the launch of its Hybrid ISE - a 3U FC rack with 14TB of capacity and 60,000 IOPS performance which internally uses a mixture of 2.5" SSDs and HDDs.
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"Boot Storms can cause tens of thousands of IOPS with just a few hundred users. I’m getting to 60,000 Storage IOPS before the cores on the UCS get close to 100%. Any Proof of Concept should consider booting some significant number of desktops during testing to measure the effect to the end-user experience."
When It Comes To VDI Storage, It’s Buyer Beware - XIO blog - July 18, 2014
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"...You like the idea - SSDs could make your apps go faster. Problem is making it work."
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How big was the thinking in this SSD's design?
Does size really does matter in SSD design?

By that I mean how big was the mental map? - not how many inches wide is the SSD.

When it comes to SSDs - Big versus Small SSD architecture - is something which was in the designer's mind. Even if they didn't think about it that way at the time.
click to read the article - Big versus Small SSD  architectures For designers, integrators, end users and investors alike - understanding what follows from these simple choices predicts a lot of important consequences. the article
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