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Xitore, Inc., founded in 2014, and based in Southern California, describes itself as "a leading provider of high bandwidth, low latency DATA-Storage products."

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Who's who in SSD? - Xitore

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor - - March 2016

Xitore exited stealth mode in February 2016.

The company (which hasn't launched a product yet) appears to be aiming at the SSD DIMM wars market.

Xitore says its technology - which connects directly to the DRAM bus - has the capability of providing 1TB to 4TB SSD storage in a single DIMM slot while exceeding 20GB/s bandwidth and upto 4 million IOPS while always delivering latency better than 2 microsends.

This capability envelope (although we need to know more to be sure) would position Xitore's technology as having applications in flash as RAM tiering or memory channel SSD markets.

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Xitore decloaks into SSD DIMM wars market
Editor:- February 1, 2016 - Another new name coming into in the SSD DIMM wars saga is Xitore which exited stealth mode today with an announcement about their NVM-X technology - which promises "sub-2 microsecond latency" and 25GB/s bandwidth.

Editor's comments:- Xitore's web site currently has almost no information about its product details beyond the headline claims.

The company, founded in 2014, and whose management team includes experience in SSD companies related to enterprise acceleration (including STEC and Netlist), says it's looking for first-round funding.

In outline Xitore's technology mix sounds similar to Diablo - but with these apparent differences:-
  • shipping sampling status - Diablo has been shipping and sampling products, whereas Xitore doesn't say anything about that yet
  • form factor for end product - Diablo's form factor ambitions start and end in DIMMs. Xitore's web site implies that it is aiming to provide storage in a box - which sounds like an SDS box in which the RAM tiering is the key element but not the whole solution. (Maybe the flash is implemented by COTS SSDs.)
We'll have to wait for more details to emerge.
As enterprise RAM performance is progressively bounded more by controller traffic analysis needs and power consumption rather than DRAM cell capability - there's an argument for saying if the statistical distribution of DRAM latencies is so wide - maybe no one would notice if you slipped in a different kind of memory in the virtual slider mix.
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Xitore envisions NVDIMM tiered memory evolution
Editor:- February 7, 2017, 2017 - "Cache based NVDIMM architectures will be the predominant interface overtaking NVMe within the next 5-10 years in the race for performance" - is the concluding message of a recent presentation by Doug Fink , Director of Product Marketing - Xitore - Next Generation Persistent Memory Evolution - beyond the NVDIMM-N (pdf)

NVDIMM adoption and evolution paper Xitore

Among other things Doug's slides echo a theme discussed before - which is that new memory media (PCM, ReRAM, 3DXpoint) will have to compete in price and performance terms with flash based alternatives and this will slow down the adoption of the alt nvms.

Editor's comments:- Xitore (like others in the SCM DIMM wars market) is working on NVDIMM form factor based solutions and in this and an earlier paper they provide a useful summary of the classifications in this module category.

However, the wider market picture is that the retiring and retiering DRAM story cuts across form factors with many other permutations of feasible implementation possible.

So - whereas the NVDIMM is a seductively convenient form factor for systems architects to think around - the competitive market for big memory will use anything from SSDs on a chip upto (and including) populations of entire fast rackmount SSD boxes as part of such tiered solutions - if the economics, scale, interface fabric and software make the cost, performance and time to market sums emerge in a viable zone of business risk and doability.

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Xitore's NVDIMM-X - comparison white paper
Editor:- September 27, 2016 - If you're interested in a single document which summarizes most of the DIMM wars products in the market today - take a look at this - Introducing NVDIMM-X (pdf) - an architectural white paper by Xitore which is creating this "-X" technology.

This paper was brought to my attention today by Xitore's CEO - Mike Amidi, CEO - who said in his email - "This can be a good article to explain the main difference between all non-traditional DRAM based solution sitting on DRAM memory bus. Either persistence, non-persistence, or SSD-on-A-DIMM." the article (pdf)