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15 years of running ads which changed the world of SSD

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You already know the best place to learn about SSDs.

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the world's first online ads for SSDs ran here on That was easy! - you might say.
There were no other SSD sites at the time. ...learn more

ad packages typically cost from $5,000 to over $30,000 / year

you can pay by credit card, check or wire transfer

If you're in the serious SSD market (enterprise, industrial, military, embedded - from IP and chips to software and rackmounts) then engaging with our readers via editorial or advertising should be regarded as your company's highest business output communications activity.

partial list of past SSD advertisers on

Adtron, Attorn, Austin Semiconductor, BiTMICRO, Computer Expertise Group, CoreRise, Curtis, Dataram, DDRdrive, DTS, Dynamic Solutions, EasyCo, Fusion-io, Hagiwara Sys-Com, Huawei, Hyperstone, IEI Technology, Imperial Technology, International Microsystems, KingFast, LSI, Memoright, Memtech, Microsemi, M-Systems, Mtron , OCZ, PLX, Renice, RunCore, SandForce, SanDisk, SiliconSystems, SMART, Solid Access Technologies, Solidata, Solid Data Systems, Targa Systems, Texas Memory Systems, Trident Space & Defense, Violin Memory, Virident Systems, Virtium Technology, WD, Whiptail.
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Accelerating your SSD sales
is our business
Advertising SSDs doesn't just get you more leads now - it shapes the way that future customers will think about you too
Editor:- 2014 is my 23rd year of publishing enterprise buyers guides and it's the 15th year of running enterprise SSD ads.

Some of the smartest and most seriously minded people on the planet read the SSD articles here on the mouse site to help shape their plans for the SSDs in their future.

If your ads are in the right place at the right time - our readers' futures could be more strongly connected to your future too.
"...For more than a decade with its collaborators and readers have been - making SSD history not just writing about it...."
"StorageSearch has helped more SSD companies
accelerate their business growth than any other publication"
says publisher Zsolt Kerekes. "StorageSearch's SSD advertisers have included many of the world's most successful SSD companies - who regarded early visibility to StorageSearch's readers as a key step up the market ladder. I can't guarantee that an ad package on its own will make you the next Fusion-io. But I can guarantee that without our reader's help - you'll find it much harder to get there."
Do you work in SSD sales or marketing?
2014 is's 15th year selling enterprise SSD ads, the 20th year of featuring SSDs in my buyers guides, and the 23nd year of publishing enterprise directories.

The world's most successful SSD companies know that our readers are the best. Our readers have made the SSD market what it is today and will continue to be the most influential group of people to communicate with - to shape the SSD market of the future.

Zsolt Kerekes, editor

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5 good reasons to advertise on
  • it works! - that's why most of our biggest advertisers in 2011 have increased their ad spend with us significantly for the 2012 period.
  • unmatched reader quality! - Many of our SSD advertisers say:- delivers higher quality readers, more RFQs and lower cost of leads than any other web advertising they have tried (including Google). Our readers have made the SSD market - and have significantly helped the business growth of many SSD companies.
  • without advertising your company can't be found in the enlarged SSD market - although editorial can make you famous for 1 or 2 days - advertising increases your visibility all year round. In 2011 the number of vendors actively promoting SSD products - was over 300 companies.

    Now there are over 500 companies in the SSD ecosystem that we know about - which means that you have to work harder to get noticed - because even in so-called "niche SSD segments" there will be 30, 50 or 100+ other companies which compete with you.
  • improve your image! - Become associated with the highest quality web site on the web with serious SSD content.
  • fill black holes in your Google ads! - We don't run Google ads in current content pages. So none of your generic web ads reach our readers while they view our content.
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  • Classified advertising / advertorial - offers contextual visibility for editorially created technical information about your products in a format which has worked for 20 years. Users value our editor created info pages - which are on our own site - as high quality contextual editorial rather than invasive irrelevant ads. Because we regard these pages as useful editorial which gives readers a snapshot of typical products available in the market - we charge much less for them than than banner ads. This is priced according to the number of articles the ads appear in.

You can pay by credit card, check or wire transfer, whichever method works best for your accounting department.

After we've discussed the ad package with you - we'll email you an invoice and your ad will start typically the same or next wroking day after we get your payment.
Lead-time to start new ads?
We start working on draft (classical) ads as soon as you confirm your order - and talk to you about the ad in parallel with the payment process to save time.

On average - the set-up process takes from 2 to 7 working days.