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ad packages typically cost from $5,000 to over $40,000 / year

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If you're in the serious SSD market (enterprise, industrial, military, embedded - from IP and chips to software and rackmounts) then engaging with our readers via editorial or advertising should be regarded as your company's highest business output communications activity.
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We offer 2 types of ads which can be used by themselves or at the same time in different contexts.

Our biggest advertisers have used both types of ads - because some methods are more economic at reaching percentiles of readers in some subjects - depending on the type of product and the newness or maturity of the market.

I will advise you which I think is best and why - when I talk to you.
  • Classified advertising / advertorial - offers contextual visibility for editorially created technical information about your products in a format which has worked for 20 years.

    Classified ad pages are visible to search.

    It's easy! - Our classified ad service (on the web since 1996) is a hands-free advertising service which was designed for busy company founders and senior marketing / sales management. All you need is email and a credit card.

    You tell us which products you want to promote and we create the draft ad. All it takes is a couple of emails to set up. And we update the ad content automatically from analyzing news about your company - which keeps it relevant until the next major ad review.

    Or you can design the ad text yourself and we'll edit it to fit in with our editorial guidelines.

    There's no difference in the price. This is a total end to end ad service.

  • Banner Advertising - is proven to promote products and technologies.

    We've been running banner ads for enterprise products since 1998 and we are only interested in running ads which are understood by readers and which work for our advertisers sustainably.

    So we'll help you with feedback - before you even design your first banner message - based on our unmatched epxperience of testing thousands of banner ads on tens of millions of our readers - to ensure your message is credible and understood.

    If we don't think your banner design will work to enhance your business - we'll tell you why and we won't waste your money by running it.

    Our ad message credibility analysis is a free service - which often begins even before you even place your order. Typically it takes 2 to 7 design iterations to get an optimum banner - and we use a mix of live user testing and market experience to tell you how to get better results.
2 good reasons to advertise on
  • it works! - that's why many of our past SSD advertisers ran ads here for year after year.

    For many leading SSD companeis this started from the 1st SSD ad which the companies ever ran upto the last ads when they were acquired - for periods ranging from 5 to over 10 years.
  • unmatched reader quality! - Many of our SSD advertisers say:- delivers higher quality readers, more RFQs and lower cost of leads than any other web advertising they have tried (including Google).
You can pay by credit card, check or wire transfer, whichever method works best for your accounting department.

After we've discussed the ad package with you - we'll email you an invoice and your ad will start typically the same or next wroking day after we get your payment.
Lead-time to start new ads?
We start working on draft (classical) ads as soon as you confirm your order - and talk to you about the ad in parallel with the payment process to save time.

On average - the set-up process takes from 2 to 7 working days.
any questions? - just ask

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advertising SSDs and related IP on was the first publication in the world to focus on the SSD market and we've been selling ads which have helped to shape and change the SSD market for over 18 years.

The world's first online ads for SSDs ran on

Many of the world's best known SSD companies (today) say they were greatly helped by the visibility they got on and the leads and the business they got from our readers.

Most of the world's leading SSD marketers I've spoken to say they regard as the best online site which talks about the SSD market and stiumlates their thinking and their plans.

Typically our advertisers once they get started with us stay loyal year after year or until they get acquired and sometimes resurface after that. Its not unusual for advertisers to stay with us for 3 to 5 years. And some have gone on for over 10 years.

Here's a partial list of past SSD advertisers
  • AccelStor,
  • Adtron,
  • Attorn,
  • Austin Semiconductor,
  • Cactus Technologies,
  • Cadence,
  • Computer Expertise Group,
  • CoreRise,
  • Curtis,
  • Dataram,
  • Diablo
  • DDRdrive,
  • DTS,
  • Dynamic Solutions,
  • EasyCo,
  • Foremay,
  • Fusion-io,
  • Guava Systems,
  • Hagiwara Sys-Com,
  • Huawei,
  • Hyperstone,
  • IEI Technology,
  • Imperial Technology,
  • International Microsystems,
  • KingFast,
  • Longsys,
  • LSI,
  • Memoright,
  • Memtech,
  • Microsemi,
  • M-Systems,
  • Mtron ,
  • OCZ,
  • PLX,
  • Renice,
  • RunCore,
  • SandForce,
  • SanDisk,
  • Seagate,
  • SiliconSystems,
  • SMART,
  • Solid Access Technologies,
  • Solidata,
  • Solid Data Systems,
  • Targa Systems,
  • Texas Memory Systems,
  • Toshiba,
  • Trident Space & Defense,
  • Violin Memory,
  • Virident Systems,
  • Virtium Technology,
  • Waitan,
  • WhipTail,
  • Western Digital,
To learn more about advertising visibility for your SSD products, and SSD related services and IP- contact me by email or take a look at these information pages.
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