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Aprilis, Inc. ( based in Maynard, MA., is the technology leader in holographic imaging technologies and devices for biometric fingerprinting identification, authentication, and matching. The Company's HoloSensor line of fingerprint readers provide demonstrably higher quality images than any device currently in production today. These devices have been combined with proprietary software algorithms to address many of the acknowledged deficiencies in current fingerprint identification systems. Aprilis' hardware and software capabilities provide the only current roadmap to commercial AFIS Level III products. The Company was founded on the vision of creating best-in-class devices based upon proprietary holographic technologies. Aprilis's products, including its HoloSensor line and high-density media are designed to provide the highest value of combined accuracy, performance, and reliability.

  • August 14, 2006 - Dow Corning Corporation acquired the assets from the holographic data storage business of Aprilis, Inc.
  • editor's note:- Aprilis, Inc. commenced operations in 1999 to commercialize proprietary holographic data storage technology.
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read article by Plasmon the Impact of Compliance  on Archival Storage Strategies
the Impact of Compliance on Archival Storage Strategies - article by Plasmon

It's difficult enough protecting and archiving your data so that it's available to the right people at the right time (and cost). But now that's only part of the problem. With so many new rules and regulations which prescribe how you should destroy data records at the appropriate time - how do you guarantee that they stay deleted?

Archiving data on the wrong kind of media could mean you run the risk of breaking the law. Advances in the data recovery industry, and the future cohabitation of storage search-engines both mean that Compliance Officers have to pay much more attention to the ways in which data is dispersed and disposed of in different types of media.

This article summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of currently available market technologies. ... read the article, ...Plasmon profile, Optical Libraries

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