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VCs in SSDs and storage

by Zsolt Kerekes, editor
Looking for a VC? - that's why I originally started this directory because I was getting so many questions from company founders in the days before there were so many specialist investment sites which make this type of search easier.

Nowadays I get just as many questions from investors and VCs too - who are trying to understand the SSD market and who are prepared to gamble hundreds of millions of dollars (and sometimes the budgets in these conversations have run to billions) on the future success of companies in the SSD ecosystem.

My time budget is limited - but if you have interesting questions I will try to direct you to resources which will help you - or if there's a quick answer - give you one directly.

I talk to hundreds of companies in the SSD market - and thousands of smart readers in the SSD ecosystem. That helps me create better thought leading content for my readers.

How much investment does it take to achieve something big in the SSD market?

A couple of years ago - if you were a big company wanting to get into the SSD marke by an acquisition or strategic investment then a budget somewhere between $500 million and $1 billion would have seemed like plenty.

image shows megabyte waving the winners trophy - there are over 200 SSD oems - which ones matter? - click to read article
top SSD companies
It still wouldn't have secured your long term future 2 to 3 years after you spent that money - but that's another story. It would have been enough to get you in the game.

And if you were the founder of an SSD start up - then upto a few years ago you could make a lot of noise for just a few hundred million dollars.

Today - if you're in a big company in a traditional market - and hoping to do something equally big in the SSD market - then $1 billion may not be enough - but $5 billion may be too much.

On the other hand there are still some small SSD companies operating in niche markets - which seem to be able to run along for years funded by profitable customers. (Until their markets get big enough for all the competitors to notice.)

Why's this SSD market so crazy and so difficult to understand?

Each time I'm asked that question - then I realize - as I look back over my answers over a period of time - the answers seem to be more complicated.

But there are answers - and they are all rational - if you're looking from the right perspective and have the background to see how parts of the old picture joined up, how they had to change so as to reach a critical mass for further advances - and then how they will evolve yet again.

It's more like a series of disjointed spiral steps - like ascending a lighthouse - than a single getting from here to there thing.

And if you've ever climbed up the steps in a lighthouse - you'll kow that not everyone who starts out has the stamina (or will) to get to the top.

For most people it's much easier to understand the broad sweep of the SSD market - and how it compares to previous disruptions in the electronics market in the past 40 years or so - than it is to understand the detailed cause of every little twisty thing along the way. Because a frustrating thing about the SSD market (for some people) is that something which was important in one year - seems to be much less important (or even useless information) as soon as 1 or 2 years after.

But for many of us in the SSD ecosystem (who think we understand where our own local stairs lead to) there's nowhere else we would rather be.

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The enterprise SSD story...

why's the plot so complicated?

and was there ever a missed opportunity in the past to simplify it?
the golden age of enterprise SSDs



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"We've past the no turning back point. "
Hard drives in an SSD world




I was talking to an end user whose organization has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on EMC storage. They'd love to decouple themselves and benefit from modern lower cost flash.

But the flash marketers in startups aren't doing those kinds of conversations.

For many of them a single customer like that is bigger than their whole business plan.
"compared to EMC" - the unreal positioning of AFA startups





"With SSD caching companies becoming almost as numerous as tv channels on a satellite dish - I wanted to wait and see if they would be worth a repeat viewing."
Zsolt Kerekes - editor in a SSD news story - June 2014 - re CacheIO.






Given that there is so much more change still to come in the SSD market

a lot of stuff has happened already.

I was there.
SSD market history












Planning a new SSD family?

names matter
branding articles













who d'you call?

for the SSD crystall ball.
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SSD Jargon...

we'd be lost without it.

Sometimes we're lost when we find it too.
funding stories from the news archive
Time is money. But each month that the sale of Toshiba Memory is delayed takes the memory market closer to the next correction and a lower price.
tensions in the timing - SSD news (May 15, 2017)
Liqid gets $10 million in Series A funding for PCIe fabric management platform
Editor:- May 10, 2017 - Liqid today announced it has secured $10 million in Series A funding led by Marker Hill Capital. Along with previous seed funding from Kingston Technology, Phison Electronics, ABR Capital Management and DH Capital, the company has now raised $20 million
SMART files for IPO
Editor:- May 1, 2017 - the parent company of SMART Modular Technologies today announced that it has filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") relating to a proposed initial public offering of its common stock.

SMART has applied to list its common stock on the NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker symbol "SGH."
Tegile gets another $33 million funding
Editor:- April 11, 2017 - Tegile today announced $33 million in additional funding which was led by Western Digital and current investors such as Meritech Capital, Capricorn Investment Group, and Cross Creek Capital. With this financing, Tegile has raised a total of $178 million to date.
Google joins investors in Avere Systems
Editor:- March 21, 2017 - Avere Systems today announced the closing of a $14 million Series E funding with participation from existing investors Menlo Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Tenaya Capital and Western Digital Capital and new investor Google Inc.

The new investment brings Averes total funds raised to $97 million, and will be used to expand the companys hybrid cloud product offerings so that more organizations can easily take advantage of the public cloud.

Editor's comments:- A year ago Avere announced it had been named "Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner of the Year" for 2015.
Another $75 million to support Kaminario's outlook
Editor:- January 10, 2017 - Kaminario today announced it has secured $75 million in a new round of financing, bringing the company's total funding to $218 million.

The company which is privately owned and doesn't disclose revenue says "Hundreds of customers rely on Kaminario K2 to power their mission critical applications and safeguard their digital ecosystem."

Editor's comments:- Kaminario has changed the internal make up of its flash drives (form factors, interfaces and components) in its arrays many times and has said in the past that its systems are based on an SDS model.

Today's news of continuing investment in the company seems to be a bet that whatever the consolodated enterprise memory systems market of the future might look like any vendor which can grow its sales through multiple transitions of raw technology uncertainty is valued.

SSD symmetries article
SSD symmetries
In June 2012 - when writing about Kaminario's long range philosophy about the SSD market I said they were a rare example of a systems company which had good roadmap symmetry (having an architecture and software which was not closely tied to the advantages of any particular memory type or SSD form factor - but which could plausibly leverage future market improvements in SSDs with smaller bumps than vendors who had over optimized their systems to leverage transient technology spikes).

This is as much about choosing the customers, applications and segments as designing the business plan. Because some customer segments are so price and performance sensitive that only well adapted memory systems can compete and sell in such applications.

It always comes back to marketing in the end.
Nantero has amassed $110 million funding for NRAM
Editor:- December 8, 2016 - Nantero today announced the closing of an over $21 million financing round bringing the total invested in the company to over $110 million.

Nantero currently has more than a dozen partners and customers in the consumer electronics, enterprise systems, and semiconductor industries actively working on NRAM. The new funding will enable the company to support these partners in bringing multiple products into the market, while also enabling new customers to begin development.

A later blog - NRAM set to spark a 'holy war' among memory technologies (January 12, 2017 on ComputerWorld) discusses the 16 years history of NRAM and quotes a report from BCC which said that NRAM now has the potential for mass customization.

See also:- 14 years of "MRAM will soon replace flash"
series C for Diablo's Memory1 and DMX software
Editor:- August 2, 2016 - Diablo Technologies today announced it has secured $37 million across 2 phases of an oversubscribed round of Series C financing.

New investors Genesis Capital and GII Tech Ventures joined the second phase of the round, along with follow-on investments from Battery Ventures, BDC Capital, Celtic House Venture Partners, Hasso Plattner Ventures and ICV.

Editor's comments:- that's kind of interesting - but much more interesting from my perspective was what I learned in a 1 hour conversation with the company last week about the software for their Memory1 (flash as RAM) product. more in SSD software news
Mangstor gets another $5 million funding
Editor:- July 15, 2016 - Mangstor has raised another $5 million in funding according to a report in the Austin Business Journal.
new funding for endurance stretching NVMdurance
Editor:- March 29 , 2016 - NVMdurance recently announced it has completed a $2.5 million Series A round of financing. Existing investors New Venture Partners, ACT Venture Capital, Enterprise Ireland and NDRC have invested bringing total funding to $2.77 million.

SSD endurance
endurance in SSDs
"This financing builds on an exceptional year from NVMdurance which saw its first customer announcement with Altera (now part of Intel)" said Steve Socolof of New Venture Partners LLC. "The NVMdurance software increases the number of program-erase cycles in Altera's FPGA-based storage reference design by up to 7x times compared to existing NAND flash implementations."

Editor's comments:- NVMdurance says the power behind its endurance stretching IP is the use of offline machine learning software that automatically learns the optimal parameter settings for the NAND device.

See also:- There was a young lady called Prudence, Was worried 'bout flash's endurance
Pivot3 closes $55 million funding round
high availabaility SSD arrays
fault tolerant SSDs
Editor:- March 15, 2016 - Pivot3 today announced it has closed a $55 million equity and bank financing round funded by Argonaut Private Equity and S3 Ventures.

Among other things Pivot3 will use the funding to integrate the NexGen QoS capabilities with Pivot3s leading hyper-converged, highly usable capacity, fault tolerant solutions.
more funding and a new CEO for Diablo
DIMM wars
DIMM wars
editor:- January 12, 2016 - Diablo Technologies today announced it has secured an additional $19 million in Series C funding - which will be used to further accelerate customer deployments via expansion of sales, applications support and R&D.

In addition, the company announced that industry veteran Mark Stibitz will serve as the company's Chairman and CEO. He brings extensive business management, global market, and product development experience from across start-up and public companies including Anobit, Elliptic Technologies, PMC-Sierra, Agere Systems and Lucent/AT&T-Microelectronics.

Diablo's co-founder and previous CEO, Riccardo Badalone, has been appointed the technology-centric and customer-facing role of Chief Product Officer.

Editor's comments:- Diablo needed a corporate adrenaline shot.

While the company last year had accustomed its pace to the slow lane timetable of judges and courts - competitors from many different quarters fired up their own alternative smoke and mirrors DIMM war flags of convenience. This has diverted attention away from Diablo which no longer has the sheen and lure of first mover advantage.
Samsung invests in Netlist
image for RAM in an SSD world
what's RAM really?
Editor:- November 19, 2015 - Netlist today revealed how it's going to enter the storage class memory SSD DIMM wars market. This by way of a 5 year joint development and license with Samsung which also brings to the table $23 million of funding. The companies expect to sample products in 2016.

Editor's comments:- 2015 was a signficant kick-start year for the server memory market. Retiring and retiering enterprise DRAM was one of the three big SSD ideas of the year.
Mangstor gets $10 million series B funding for fastest NVMe flash SSDs
Editor:- September 17, 2015 - Mangstor today announced it has closed $10 million in Series B funding which will be used to fuel growth in sales and engineering and business development.

the fastest SSDs - click to read article
the fastest SSDs
Editor's comments:- last week I had a 90 minutes one on one with Trevor Smith CEO and co-founder of Mangstor which we spent talking about gaps in the enterprise SSD market, Mangstor's technology and the competitive positioning of its PCIe SSDs and systems. You can see some of our discussion topics in their profile page.
Crossbar gets $35 million series D funding
Editor:- September 14, 2015 - Crossbar today announced it has completed a $35 million Series D funding round bringing total investment to $85 million to date.

Flash Memory
flash & nvm
Crossbar plans to use the funds to continue the commercial ramp of its RRAM NVM memory technology which is based on a simple device structure using CMOS friendly materials and standard manufacturing processes. It can be stacked in 3D, making it possible to combine logic and memory onto a single chip at the latest technology node.

Crossbar is currently working with beta customers to bring products to market in 2016.
what can we learn from Pure Storage's IPO filing?
Editor:- August 14, 2015 - Pure Storage needs more funds to continue its current growth strategy in the rackmount SSD market.

The reasons become clear in the details revealed in the FORM S-1 which the company registered recently with the SEC for an IPO.

Rackmount SSDs click for news and directory
rackmount SSDs
One interpretation is that the company's R&D and sales and marketing costs have been disproportionately high relative to their revenue - judged by steady state market standards. However, if you choose to assume that the company's revenue will continue to grow rapidly - then these front end loaded losses are not dissimilar to what we have seen in many previous enterprise SSD IPOs.

Interesting things which emerge from Pure's S1.
  • Pure Storage's revenue in the year ending January 31, 2015 was just under $155 million.
  • Pure Storage has over 1,100 customers. And coincidentally - 1,100 employees. (Is 1 to 1 a sustainable ratio?)

    Maybe because of that Pure has a good story to tell about repeat business - although warns that this is based on a short history of 27 months of selling systems and that things could change.
  • silliest statement in the S-1:- "We have pioneered the all-flash array category..."
  • most profound statement in the S-1:- "The market for all-flash storage products is rapidly evolving, which makes it difficult to forecast customer adoption rates and demand for our products."
Investors make decisions based on all kinds of criteria and sometimes these don't make sense to anyone else - or even to the same person when looking back later. So I'm not going to speculate on the gambling aspects of the IPO.

Instead this is a useful opportunity to remind you that in the timeframe of the next 3 to 5 years there will be a great deal of market change and consolidation in the enterprise flash array market for reasons and with possible transformation paths which I wrote about in a recent article.

So if I'm trying to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of how a company like Pure Storage might morph and survive into that kind of future market my guesses would hinge around these factors:-
  • hardware:- companies like Pure (and most others too) will be buying all their hardware boxes from 3rd parties in the future. Pure's hardware IP is minimal today. But this doesn't matter so much.
  • software and marketing:- these are the things which will matter.

    Pure has demonstrated that it can sell systems - although it's hardly unique in that. And while Pure is currently a small and costly sales channel compared to the rest of the market it competes with - some longer established competitors are much worse.

    So the question is - can its software (its real core asset) stand up competitively compared to new upcoming generations of industry standard enterprise flash management software which will become the norm?

    And an equally important question related to software - is what proportion of the future flash array market will actually need to be backwards compatible with legacy architectures?

    That after all is the main point of Pure's business model today.

    So you might think about scaling back down the IDC numbers mentioned in the S-1 or look at the detail or - better still - completely disregard them if you're looking at TAM for Pure style flash arrays.
Of course I'm posing these questions knowing that reliable answers are unknowable. But despite all the uncertainty the beauty of the competitive capitalist free market system is that useful stuff still gets done and when companies become publicly owned the market provides real time feedback of what investors think.
Virtium gets growth investment
Editor:- August 5, 2015 - Virtium today announced it has received an (undisclosed amount) growth investment from L Squared Capital Partners which the company says "will be used to enhance Virtiums product portfolio and strengthen its application engineering and SSD firmware development teams."

Editor's comments:- In the past year or so Ive spoken to a bunch of investors who said they were looking at industrial SSD companies.

image shows mouse building storage - click to see industrial SSDs article
industrial SSDs
I cant tell you who they were or if this was one of them. But the general impression I got was this.

Adding together a lot of small rational investments in customized long term relationship markets like industrial SSDs is an alternative strategy to gambling on a small number of risky big technology bets.

The big bets are risky because bigger monolithic market opportunities for standard products attract and suck in more competitors - which - with low entry barriers and customer churn - can tend to rapidly invalidate the initial investment assumptions.
Nantero gets $31 million funding for 300º C nvram
Military storage
military SSDs
Editor:- June 2, 2015 - Nantero today announced a $31 million Series E financing round for its NRAM technology which the company says is scalable to below 5nm and which has >1,000 years retention at 85 C or more than 10 years at 300 C.
Hedvig has $30 million to fix broken SDS market
Editor:- June 1, 2015 - Hedvig - which operates in the SDS market - today announced an $18 million Series B funding round (bringing the company's total funding to date upto $30 million).
image shows software factory - click to see storage software directory
SSD software

Hedvig's founder - Avinash Lakshman - who is credited with building some of the most successful distributed systems in the world, including Amazon Dynamo, the foundation of the NoSQL movement, and Apache Cassandra for Facebook said - "Weve identified the potential in a broken and fragmented storage market, and are not only looking to bring software-defined storage mainstream, but fundamentally change how companies store and manage data.
Tegile gets another $70 million funding
read the article on SSD ASAPs
auto tiering SSDs
Editor:- May 27, 2015 - Tegile today announced it has closed a $70 million Series D funding round bringing the companys total capital raised to $117 million.

3 new investors, Capricorn Investment Group, Cross Creek Advisors and Pine River Capital Management, join existing investors August Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Western Digital and SanDisk to fund the round.

Since shipping its first hybrid storage array in 2012 Tegile says it has deployed more than 1,500 systems.
Coho adds all flash SSD nodes to its hybrid mix
Editor:- May 20, 2015 - Coho Data today announced it has closed $30 million in Series C funding, bringing its total funding to nearly $67 million.

The round was led by March Capital Partners, with additional participation from HP Ventures and Intel Capital as well as existing investors Andreessen Horowitz and Ignition Partners.

SSD server ratings
SSD server ratings
Coho Data also announced the general availability of its first all-flash storage node, the DataStream 2000f a 2U server based system which uses Intel's P3600 2.5" NVMe SSDs and conventional SATA SSDs.

Coho says that using a judicious mix of its variously populated SSDservers (which includes micro-tiered hybrid systems as well as the new pure SSD nodes) "empowers customers to efficiently support any application at any scale, all from a "single pane of glass" management interface, and all at less than $0.10/GB usable per month."
Liqid gets seed funding for NVMe related IP?
SSD SoCs controllers
SSD controllers
Editor:- May 20, 2015 - Liqid today announced that it has secured $5.7 million in seed funding led by Kingston Technology, Phison Electronics, ABR Capital Management, and additional investments aggregated by DH Capital.

The financing round will be used to advance research and development as well as to help accelerate time to market.
Infinidat gets $150 million series B funding for high availability petabyte scale hybrid storage
Editor:- April 29, 2015 - Infinidat (which operates in the petabyte scale hybrid storage appliance market) today announced a $150 million series B investment led by TPG Growth - which brings the companys total funding to $230 million.
Western Digital invests in Skyera's MRAM supplier
Editor:- January 26, 2015 - Western Digital's investment unit was among the investors in a $29 million series B funding round in Everspin Technologies announced today.

Phill LoPresti President and CEO of Everspin said "With a leading worldwide foundry and storage customer participating in Everspins Series B investment round, the entire industry spectrum is acknowledging ST-MRAM as the leading contender to drive beyond the limits of current mainstream memory."

Editor's comments:- Everspin's MRAM is one tier of the non volatile caching technology used in Skyera's rackmount SSD systems.

Western Digital recently bought Skyera - and my guess is that this investment in Everspin is to take out some of the risk of future availability of these memory parts at a time when an assured supply at higher volume may soon be needed.
Kaminario gets another $53 million funding
Editor:- December 2, 2014 - Kaminario today announced it has closed an oversubscribed $53 million financing round, bringing total raised capital to $128 million. Kaminario says it will use the new investment to accelerate business growth.

Editor's comments:- Kaminario rose 3 places compared to the previous quarter - in the recently published Top SSD Companies in Q3 2014.
SolidFire gets another $82 million funding
Editor:- October 7, 2014 - SolidFire today announced it has closed an $82 million Series D round of funding, bringing its total funding to $150 million.

New investor Greenspring Associates led the round along with a major sovereign wealth fund, with participation from current investors NEA, Novak Biddle, Samsung Ventures and Valhalla Partners. SolidFire will use the additional funds to extend its global reach.

Editor's comments:- The basic building blocks of SolidFire's SSD systems are 1U iSCSI rackmount SSDs which include 10x 2.5" SSDs. At that level it's the same as 100 or so other competing systems.

If you want fibre channel access - you add a special 1U adapter rack to the native IP array. So it's expensive - but keeps the unit costs of the most common building blocks down - compared to including native unified storage in each rack. So in the case of a big installation - it's a reasonable cost optimization tradeoff.

A key difference is SolidFire's software architecture and the fact they use a big controller architecture type of RAID - which they call "no-RAID".

In SolidFire's no-RAID (which is really big RAID) - the data is more widely dispersed across the drive population than in classical (small architecture) RAID.

The effect is much less disruption to data access and consistent performance when a drive fails - because SolidFire's software can manage upto about 100 racks as a raw storage resource (1,000 SSD drives) - so the impact of a single drive down is small. Users also have a high degree of flexibility as to how they micro manage different virtualized segments of storage to meet their different QoS goals.
What will SanDisk really get from Fusion-io?
"the ability to get more enterprise petabytes out from the same raw flash chips in - by shipping it through better architecture - is a more significant business factor in the flash memory market today than the ability to do another cell geometry shrink - or to add a few more toppings on the 3D pizza "

Zsolt Kerekes, more in Fusion-io's profile page
(extracted from SSD news editorial - June 17, 2014)
Intel invests in Maxta
Editor:- May 7, 2014 - Intel Capital was one of the leading investors in a $25 million series B investment in Maxta which was announced today. Other investors included Tenaya Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.

Editor's comments:- these investors aren't the only ones who believe Yoram Novick's claim that the company he founded is markedly different to the other 95% or so of SSD software startups. A lot of you were sufficiently curious too - which elevated Maxta into the Top SSD Companies list in Q1 2014.

See also:- Maxta case studies and white papers, new trends in SSD boxes
Pure Storage's funding coffers fattened up to nearly $0.5 billion
Editor:- April 23, 2014 - Pure Storage today announced it had raised another $225 million in funding - bringing the total in all rounds to $470 million.

Editor's comments:- One of Pure Storage's many competitors - Nimbus - whose CEO has taken a different approach to funding (so far) - this week published an unflattering side by side features comparison between the 2 company's flagship rackmount SSDs.

See also:- rackmount SSD trends
another $13 million for Primary Data
Editor:- February 17, 2014 - A report in - shared from the linkedin page of Primary Data's CMO - Rick White - says that Primary Data (which is still in stealth mode) has secured another $13 million funding - bringing its total funding up to $63 million.
"Over and above the competitive pressures in the PCIe SSD market - Fusion-io's business suffered from self inflicted problems too."
the Top SSD Companies - Q4 2013 (January 31, 2014)
"This IBM rackmount SSD - evolved from the TMS RamSan - has possibly been generating about $500 million of revenue in the past year - which explains where some of the revenue missing from competitors' financial reports may have gone to."
It's IBM Jim - but not as we know it (January 16, 2014)
"We're #1 Most-Searched Private Company on"
Frankie Roohparvar, COO - Skyera - in his blog with the above title (December 9, 2013)
Rick and Dave's new stealth mode enterprise SSD company - Primary Data - gets $50 million initial funding
Editor:- November 11, 2013 - you may be asking yourself - how does a company founded less than 6 months ago - and which doesn't say anything much on its web site - manage to attract $50 million in its first external funding round?

The answer is given by one of these investors, Ping Li at Accel Partners - who - in the recent funding press release - said Primary Datas biggest asset is its team of recognized pioneers in the storage industry. Their technical strength and remarkable experience in successfully bringing disruptive technologies to market will help to solve a number of data virtualization and mobility problems.
  • who's Primary Data? - Primary Data, founded in 2013 and with operations in Salt Lake City, Silicon Valley and Israel - is developing next generation data virtualization and mobility technologies to manage how information is stored and shared globally.
  • what are they up to? - (best guess) SSD software which will change the economics of cloud servers and storage by disruptively improving the utilization efficiency and performance of virtualized apps servers.
Editor's comments:- now if you've been researching this - you'll see that I haven't actually told you any new details about Primary Data which you couldn't already have learned from seeing the public statements which the company has dispersed in various places on the web.

One of the peculiarities about stealth mode companies is they do need to talk to people to get things done - but they also need to control the flow of information about what they reveal for various reasons - not least of which are:-
  • they don't want to alert competitors
  • they might change the details and direction of what they do
Last week I was talking to the founder of yet another stealth mode SSD company - whose web site says a little bit more than that of Primary Data - but I can't say who he is yet either.

I can tell you what he told me, however, which is this...

He had to launch his minimalist web site some time before he would have ideally liked to - because some of his early customers have policies which mean they can't make payments to a company which doesn't have a web site.

Going back to Primary Data - I think I can safely say this.

I confidently predict that when Primary Data does formally exit stealth mode and launch its new products - it will join an elite band of SSD companies (Fusion-io, SandForce, DensBits and Skyera) in entering the Top SSD Companies List within a single quarter. (If not before).
the SSD IPO saga turns to Nimble
Editor:- October 18, 2013 - Nimble Storage has filed its FORM S-1 documents for an IPO from which we learn the following things.
  • Nimble has 1,750 end-customers
  • Nimble had $50 million revenue in the 6 months ending July 31 - at which time it also had 464 employees
Editor's comments:- unlike Violin which IPOed recently, Nimble's rackmount systems are primarily caching hybrid arrays. Although this is another very crowded market segment within the enterprise SSD product continuum - Nimble has a clear positioning message which is...

"Our mission is to provide our customers with the industry's most efficient storage platform."

I like that wording - because exactly a year ago in my home page blog here on - my theme was Efficiency as internecine SSD competitive advantage.

PS - If you're researching Nimble (Storage) then please be careful not to get them mixed up with Nimbus (Data).

Nimbus's CEO told me recently he'd prefer it if I always expanded "Nimbus" to "Nimbus Data" - so that people don't get Nimbus confused with Nimble.

This malapropism isn't something which I had considered before.

I replied that in the unlikely event that serious customers (as opposed to casual readers) ever did get confused - the solution would be for one of the companies involved to change their name.
wonder why all big SSD users will pedal back their buying?
Editor:- October 8, 2013 - Before you make that next presentation about what's happening in the business world of enterprise flash, or before you commit to any future datelines for hard drives being sold into the enterprise you'd be well advised to meet Ken and the enterprise SSD software event horizon - the (long anticipated) new home page blog on
VMEM? - "Ouch" - says Business Insider
discussed here in SSD news (September 28, 2013)
another $150 million for Pure Storage
"the fastest growing storage company in history"
Editor:- August 29, 2013 - Pure Storage today -announced that it has closed an oversubscribed $150 million Series E funding round with institutional investors which brings the companys total capital raise to $245 million. The company has shipped hundreds of units of its FlashArrays (fast-enough rackmount SSDs) to a diverse global customer base and claims it's one of the fastest growing storage companies in the industrys history.

Editor's comments:- in 2001 I started an annual series which listed the fastest growing storage companies - based on revenue growth. I ended the series in 2007/8 when the credit crunch kicked in. But you can still see many of the archived articles.

In the last year of the series there were 3 storage companies which reported over 300% year on year revenue growth. Today Pure Storage is hinting that its year on year revenue growth is north of 400%.
Tegile says its sales exceed its VC funding
Editor:- August 13, 2013 - Tegile Systems (which operates in the SSD ASAP market) today announced the closing of its $35 million Round C funding led by late-stage venture firm Meritech Capital Partners with additional investment by original stakeholder August Capital and strategic partners WD and SanDisk.

Editor's comments:- Tegile says that unlike some other VC funded companies in this market space which have lived mostly on investments Tegile has generated more customer revenue than it has taken in outside financing.
Samsung invests in SolidFire
Editor:- July 25, 2013 - SolidFire today announced it has raised $31 million in series C funding which includes a new investor - Samsung Ventures. SolidFire's latest product - the SF9010 - an iSCSI compatible fast-enough rackmount SSD - which will ship in September - uses SSDs from Samsung.
SanDisk invests in Panzura
Editor:- June 27, 2013 - SanDisk today announced it has invested in Panzura.

Panzura is another excellent example of the important role flash memory is playing in the transformation of the enterprise said Sumit Sadana, executive VP and chief strategy officer of SanDisk.

See also:- exciting new directions in rackmount SSDs
As you can see from the types of acquisition which occur most frequently - the recent trend in SSD company acquisitions has been mostly about buying the capability to design a better SSD rather than buying a company which already makes a perfect product. That's because the evolution of - what is an SSD? what it should do? and how it should fit into the computing infrastructure is still evolving.
exciting new directions in rackmount SSDs - (May 24, 2013)
Reduxio gets $9 million initial funding
Reduxio raised $9 million in its first financing round from Carmel Ventures and Jerusalem Venture Partners - according to a report in
RunCore closes $10 million funding
Editor:- March 29, 2013 - RunCore today announced it has closed $10 million in Series B funding led by OFC (Oriental Fortune Capital).

The global solid state storage market is booming, so we believe that now is the best time to take on board strategic investors to more rapidly achieve our globalization plans" said Jack Wu, CEO - RunCore.
more money for Diablo
Editor:- March 19, 2013 - It's not unusual in the current SSD market for some companies to have oversubscribed investor funding rounds - and that was the case recently with Diablo Technologies which today announced it has closed an additional $7.5 million of funding, increasing the total equity investment of its most recent round to $36 million. USVP joins previously announced investors.

Editor's comments:- Diablo describes its product as being these categories:- "soon-to-be-announced" and "disruptive".

If you're already interested in PCIe SSDs, InfiniBand or SSDs in RAM module form factors (but which unlike the flash DIMMs from memory makers - might actually emerge from stealth mode attached with a software model) then what Diablo does do with its Memory Channel Storage may impact some of your future long range plans.

Like you - I'm guessing of course. Diablo hasn't ordered any SSD ads yet - although that $7.5 million would come in handy.
another $24 million funding for ZFS SSD ASAP ISV Nexenta
Editor:- February 27, 2013 - Nexenta Systems today announced it has secured $24 million in Series D financing.

The company's SSD ASAP software - called NexentaStor - currently supports SSDs from the following companies:- DDRdrive, HGST, InnoDisk , Intel, LSI, OCZ, SanDisk, Seagate, SMART and STEC - according to Nexenta's hardware support list (pdf).
Skyera gets $51 million funding from Dell
Editor:- February 21, 2013 - Skyera today announced it has closed $51.6 million in financing led by Dell Ventures.

Skyera will use the money to accelerate its integration of the latest-generation flash technology and also to drive broader market adoption of its adaptive R/W based, big controller architecture, efficient, Skyhawk family of rackmount SSDs.

The investment in Skyera is one example of how we are deploying our Fluid Data Storage Fund to target areas critical to the evolution of storage...said Jim Lussier, Managing Director of Dell Ventures.
Proton gets funding to rejuvenate flash
Editor:- February 7, 2013 - Proton Digital Systems today announced the completion of its $2 million seed round to support continued development and expansion of its LDPC-based flash read channel IP products that increase the endurance and longevity of flash memory.

Protons IP is currently licensed for enterprise and consumer applications and has already been adopted by some of the worlds largest flash memory companies.

See also:- adaptive R/W and DSP IP in SSDs, flash SSD management care schemes, SSD controllers
Samsung allocates $1 billion for big data investments
Editor:- February 4, 2013 - Samsung today announced it has allocated over $1 billion to invest in big data related business ventures.

Editor's comments:- to you and me - $1 billion sounds like a lot of money - but for Samsung? - really it's small change.

From my past conversations with people in the company who think about acquisitions and strategic stuff - I'm left with the impression of a company which invests a lot of talent - trying to understand what's going on out there and - to analyze what macro market factors and changes will impact its semiconductor fabs.

Samsung was actually the first multi-billion dollar scale company to publicly recognize the strategic importance of the SSD market (2005). But replacing past memory business with new SSD business for many years was a problem on the scale of bailing out water from the Titanic with bathtub size pots.

Like other big interested entities - Samsung could do little more than satisfice its engagements in SSD while waiting for the whole SSD market to get bigger, and the trends to get clearer.

Along the way it has invested in some SSD IP companies - such as Fusion-io, acquired others like NVELO, and tried but failed to acquire SanDisk (2008).

Rather than simply being seen as traditional return on investments - this type of activity by Samsung and other semico companies like Intel - is a way of ensuring strategic forward visibility into new seedlings in the ecosystems which surround their core businesses.
SanDisk invests in WhipTail
Editor:- December 13, 2012 - WhipTail today announced it has secured $31 million series C funding from a group of investors which includes:- SanDisk, an unnamed "Silicon Valley industry titan".

Ignition Partners, RRE Ventures andSpring Mountain Capital also contributed to this Series C funding and Silicon Valley Bank provided debt finance.
"No-VC" Nimbus - story on Bloomberg
Editor:- November 28, 2012 - Why Nimbus Data's founder Thomas Isakovich didn't want VC stakeholders in his SSD company - having got frozen out from an earlier storage venture - is the topic in a recent article on Bloomberg - in which Tom also discusses the new way of growing a business - with real customers - via the web.
Diablo gets funding for alternative to PCIe SSDs
Editor:- November 8, 2012 - as if 400 wasn't already enough - every week I hear about new SSD companies.

One such - Diablo Technologies - today announced a $28 million funding round.

Diablo's Memory Channel Storage - which will soon emerge from stealth - may not strictly be PCIe SSDs - but they will nevertheless affect users and vendors in this market.
former BlueArc CEO, leaves HDS to steer Virident
Editor:- September 20, 2012 - Confidence about the prospects for flash in the enterprise, and a firm conviction that Virident is a key player which will make a difference to the enterprise SSD market - set the tone of the conversation I had on Monday with the company's new CEO Mike Gustafson who was a few days into his new job and briefing me on Virident's announcement yesterday about his new appointment and the company's $26 million in Series D Funding. ...more in SSD news
Pure Storage announces $40 million funding round
In August 2012 - Pure Storage cranked up the heat on its funding to $95 million with a new $40 million Series D funding round.

That's about $1 million of funding for each system shipped since the company emerged from stealth a year ago.

Toughest competitor - based on price - is Skyera - although Skyera will have to prove during the next few quarters that their recently launched technologies work in real world installations before they become a real headache.

Toughest competitors - based on impact of established market presence and reputation - are Texas Memory Systems, Violin, and Nimbus.
$3 million for China based PCIe SSD startup Memblaze
In July 2012 - Infinity Group (a VC company) announced that, together with Z-Park Venture Capital in Beijing, it had invested 20 Million RMB (nearly US$3.2 Million) in Memblaze, a high-speed storage hardware start-up company with plans in the PCIe SSD market.

what's happening now?

see SSD news

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The relationship between the SSD market and raw memory market has changed over time and will change significantly again.
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90% of the enterprise SSD companies which you know have no good reasons to survive.
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There are many segments for enterprise flash arrays which aren't listed or even hinted at in standard models of the enterprise market.

Many of these missing market segments don't even have names.

Hey - that means SSD-world is like a map of the US before Lewis and Clark.

If you're a VC should this make you anxious or happy?
Decloaking hidden segments in the enterprise

We are now at a stage in the development of the SSD market - where even the dogs in the street know this is going to be a multibillion dollar market. The days of the "SSD deniers" and "SSD market entry procrastinators" are behind us.
Analysts will look back on 2010 as - "Year 1 of the SSD Market Bubble." (December 2009)
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Financial data has flaws for a market like SSDs.
  • it's backwards looking,
  • is available too late to provide visibility in fast growing discontinuous markets,
  • and is not available at all for significant companies in the market which are privately owned.
Search precedes rational decision making and supplier selection about new products in new markets. And that's why a high quality search based ranking can provide useful market direction.

That was part of my thinking - 7 years ago - behind this landmark SSD market data series.

And looking back at the accuracy of the past 28 quarterly reports which have tracked millions of focused SSD decision makers - there's still nothing to beat it.
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"We can't afford NOT to participate in the SSD market. But don't ask how we're going to make money out of it just yet..."
hostage to the fortunes of SSD

If an SSD company is worth significantly more on a Friday than it was on the Monday - that's taken as a positive endorsement of the whole SSD paradigm.

Competitors go around saying - we're a bit like them too. Everyone's happy.

...On the other hand...

If an SSD company is worth significantly less on a Friday than it was on the Monday - here's what happens.
SSD investments, x8 flash, and ETs

In this article I'm going to assume you have more than a passing curiosity and more likely a serious professional interest in the SSD market - otherwise you wouldn't still be here.
Can you trust SSD market data?

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That step - when users make the switch to newer generations of software - means not only do they need less servers - but they don't need as many SSDs as they did in an earlier phase of SSD market adoption either.

Some enterprise vendors have already seen that painful effect - the most notable being Fusion-io.

However it will affect all enterprise SSD vendors at some time or other.
meet Ken - and the enterprise SSD software event horizon

Market hype around new technologies from startups results in a low conversion rate for sales leads because lots of people want to learn (triggering an inquiry/lead), but few have actual projects underway.

However, the sales team articulates this phenomenon as marketing only produces poor quality sales leads.
Venture Capitalist Insights from the Flash Memory Summit 2013 - by David Lamont, Marketingsage

"The winners in SSD software could be as important for infrastructure as Microsoft was for PCs, or Oracle was for databases, or Google was for search."
SSD software news and articles


Editor:- the list below includes snapshots of VC investments in storage which got reported in my news page (now history pages) from January 2000 to about 2010 - when I stopped reporting on anything outside the SSD market.
Company which got the investment $ millions Details
3PARdata 116 May 1, 2000. 3PARdata, the enterprise-class information storage system company focused on accelerating data intensive tasks, announced today it has secured $16M in its second round of financing via investments from the Oracle Venture Fund as well as incremental investments from round leaders Mayfield Fund and Worldview Technology Partners.

July 02, 2001 - 3PARdata announced today that it has secured $100 million in third-round financing from its strategic business partners, its international partners and the financial community. The round was led by Amerindo Investment Advisors and 3PARdata's original investors, Mayfield and Worldview Technology Partners, who participated for the third time. Key strategic investors included Sun Microsystems and VERITAS Software, and Oracle Corporation, which invested for the second time.
3ware 26 Feb. 11, 2003 - 3ware., Inc., a leading provider of high-capacity, switched Serial ATA RAID storage solutions, today announced that it has completed a $26 million round of financing. U.S. Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm, headed the follow-on round. Other key investment companies include New Enterprise Associates, VantagePoint Venture Partners, Selby Venture Partners, among others.

"As enterprise storage requirements continue to sky rocket, there is a growing demand for scalable, cost effective, reliable storage. We believe that Serial ATA will have a significant role in satisfying this demand," said Magdalena Yesil of U.S. Venture Partners. "We are very enthusiastic about our investment in 3ware. The company has developed an excellent product line and has recruited a seasoned management team to execute on its growth strategy."
4DS ??
Aarohi Communications 46 December 6, 2002 - Aarohi Communications, a provider enabling technology for the storage networking market, announced today the closing of $8 million as part of its second round of funding. Intel Capital led the round, joined by previous investors Telesoft Partners, Kennet Capital and private investors. The funding will be used to accelerate development and launch of Aarohi Communications' storage networking technology. Since its' founding, the company has secured more than $23 million in total funding.
Acuid 8 June 21, 2001 - HgCapital is providing $8 million of expansion capital to Acuid Corporation. Acuid has developed intellectual property for high-speed data communication.

Established five years ago, Acuid recognised the potential for fast chip-to-chip communication, which over the last few years has lagged behind processor speeds. Acuid's technology enables communication speeds between micro-chips of between ten and one hundred times faster than current, equivalent technology. Its low-cost, high-performance product has applications for optical communication, chip-to-chip interfaces and automatic testing equipment for memory chips. This is a multi-billion dollar market and Acuid's testing equipment is especially well placed to service the rapid emergence of the latest memory technology, DDR.
Alacritech 35 January 21, 2002— Alacritech®, Inc., the innovator of accelerator solutions that enable fast and efficient servers and storage systems, today announced the completion of its Series C financing. Led by returning venture capital investor Berkeley International Capital Corporation, the $13 million round also includes Munder Capital Management, Needham Capital Partners and Quantum Technology Ventures. This round brings the total investment in Alacritech to more than $35 million, demonstrating the confidence investors have in Alacritech's continued leadership position with innovative TCP acceleration solutions for networked storage.
AmeriVault 1 June 16, 2003 - AmeriVault Corp. the pioneer of online server backup and recovery for business, announced today that they have secured an additional $1 million in equity financing from Alta Communications, a Boston based investment firm specializing in the communications industries, who has invested more than $1 billion in over 100 companies. AmeriVault will use the additional funding to introduce new products and services, invest in sales and marketing within their existing markets and continue to expand their growing reseller network.
AppIQ 20 February 27, 2003 – AppIQ™, the leader in the open management revolution in storage management software, today announced that it raised $12 million in its second round of venture capital financing. AppIQ's continuing ability to execute a solid business plan and establish extensive industry partnerships has resulted in an up round co-led by original investors Matrix Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners. This brings the total funds raised to $20 million. The additional capital will be used to expand AppIQ's marketing, sales and engineering efforts as the company enters its next phase of growth.
ApplianceWare 14 Aug 22, 2000 - ApplianceWare™ Inc., provider of affordable, easy-to-use server appliance software solutions, today announced today announced an additional $14 million in funding led by OppenheimerFunds. Other significant investors include Scudder Kemper Investments and Sidus Investment Management, LLC. The financing follows an earlier private placement of $3 million led by investment bank Wit SoundView.
Aprilis 2+? Dec. 7, 2000 - Aprilis, Inc., based in Cambridge, Mass., announced today that it recently received an initial, multi-million dollar round of venture capital financing, led by Zero Stage Capital, to develop its proprietary holographic data storage technology. Aprilis is developing the world's first holographic-based data storage products using a proprietary technology based on over five years of research an development that was spun out from a Fortune 500 company. These products, targeted for high capacity storage markets, will provide extremely high storage capacity, fast data access times and exceptional data transfer rates.
Aprius 11 April, 30, 2007 — Aprius, Inc., a recently formed startup in the high-speed computer interconnect field, announced today that it has secured an $11 million Series A investment. Lightspeed Ventures Partners and NEA led the financing round. Aprius was founded in June 2006 by three former Intel employees, one of them a former Intel Fellow. The founders are also key former employees of LightLogic, a startup company which became a leader in 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical transceivers and was acquired by Intel in 2001. The company does not disclose its product plan beyond the general area of high-speed computer interconnects.
Archivas 28 February 27, 2006 - Archivas, Inc., the leading provider of fixed content archiving solutions, today announced that it is has successfully completed a third round of financing of $12 million, bringing the company's total financing raised to date to over $28 million.

The round was led by original Series A and B round investors, North Bridge Venture Partners and Polaris Venture Partners; with Series B investor Solstice Capital joining this successive round as well. The funds will be used for continued development of its Archivas Cluster (ArC) technology, as well as to extend its market reach and penetration, which will include key distributor relationships with value added reseller (VAR) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners, such as that with Hitachi Data Systems Corporation, the leading provider of Application Optimized Storage solutions and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT), also announced today.
Arkeia 4 Aug. 3, 2004--Arkeia Corp. announced today at LinuxWorld that it has completed a $4 million round of equity funding from Banque Populaire and Credit Lyonnais. The proceeds will be used to expand product research and development, expedite sales and marketing efforts, and enlarge corporate infrastructure as the closely held company seeks to increase its share of the worldwide data protection market.

The initial round of funding from two large European investment banks reflects Arkeia's growth potential in the Linux-based backup and recovery market. Profitable since its inception in 1996, the company will use the proceeds to fuel a worldwide expansion program from its headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. and Paris, France.
ARIO Data Networks 17.3 February 2, 2004 - ARIO Data has received $17.3M in funding to date from Clearstone Venture Partners, Partech International, Triton Management, and Evercore.
Aristos Logic 80 December 18, 2001 - Aristos Logic, a leading developer of silicon solutions for the networked storage market, announced today that it has raised $15.5 million in Series B funding from an investment group led by J. P. Morgan Partners and TPG Ventures. Enterprise storage experts Quantum Technology Ventures also participated in this round of funding. The company intends to use the proceeds to continue aggressive development of its Storage Processing Unit (SPU™) technology and FibreSlice™, its flagship product targeted at the enterprise class storage controller as well as network storage virtualization applications.

March 17, 2003--Aristos Logic, the developer of the world's first Intelligent Storage Processor, announced today the completion of a $20 million funding round led by Woodside Fund. Also participating in this round were previous investors JP Morgan Partners, TPG Ventures, QTV Capital and a new investor, Macnica Inc. of Japan. In conjunction with the completion of this round, Aristos Logic has appointed Rick Shriner, a Venture Partner at Woodside Fund, to its Board of Directors.

Sept. 21, 2006 - Aristos Logic, the industry leader in RAID Storage Processor (RSPTM) technology, announced today that it has completed a $15 million Series F funding round. The round was led by a new strategic investor with participation from existing investors Panorama Capital (formerly JP Morgan Partners), TPG Ventures, Woodside Fund and QTV Capital. The round's increased valuation reflects the company's top tier design wins and the strength of the company's fundamental technology.
Arkivio 12.5 March 18, 2002 — Arkivio, an innovator of storage management technology, announced the closing of its Series B equity round, during which the company received $9.5 million in financing from a group of leading venture capital firms. This latest show of confidence from the investment community brings the total amount of equity financing to $12.5 million since the company was formed in December 2000 to solve the challenges in the enterprise storage resource and data management market.

The additional capital will enable Arkivio to bring the first release of its groundbreaking storage management technology to the market this year, as well as develop sales and marketing channels and establish customer service operations.
Arsenal Digital Solutions 101 December 3rd, 2001 -- Arsenal Digital Solutions (Arsenal), a leading Storage Service Provider (SSP), today announced that it has raised $23 million in its latest round of financing (Series C). With this new round of financing, Arsenal has raised a total of $42 million in equity since its inception. The round was lead by Southeast Interactive Technology Funds, and included Covestco, Task USA, and MCNC. Arsenal will use the funding to support both existing and new partners, capital expenditures required to grow the business, and to increase its workforce by 15%.

Feb. 7, 2005--Arsenal Digital Solutions, the leading provider of Storage Management Services (SMS) that enable data protection, business continuity and regulatory compliance, announced today a $15 million senior debt facility from Wells Fargo Foothill, part of Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) and a leading provider of senior secured financing solutions to middle-market companies. Arsenal will use the funding to fuel its growth in 2005. The company has now raised a total of $101 million of equity and debt funding since its inception in 1998.
Asempra Technologies 29 February 21, 2006 -- Asempra Technologies, a pioneer in enterprise-level data protection and real-time recovery management solutions, today announced that the company has secured a second round of funding of $20 million, bringing its total funding to date to $29 million. Menlo Ventures led the round; additional investments were received from Polaris Venture Partners and US Venture Partners, Asempra's Series A investors. The financing will be used primarily to fund the expansion of Asempra sales and marketing, customer service, support infrastructure, and product development.
Astrum Software 5.3 March 5, 2001 - Astrum® Software today announced that it has closed its second round of venture capital by securing $5.3 Million in Series A funding. Led by JMI Equity Fund, other strategic investors include Ironside Ventures and Morgan Keegan. Astrum plans to use the investment to aggressively expand its SRM development efforts and strengthen sales and marketing initiatives.
Astute Networks 23 Formed in April 2000, Astute Networks has raised more than $23 million in venture capital funding led by US Venture Partners (USVP) and BA Venture Partners.
Atempo 6.2 March 31, 2003 — Atempo, the developer of Time Navigator™, the leading software platform for high-performance backup and recovery services, today announced that it has closed $6.2 million in funding. Banc of America Equity Partners, KBC Investco, Plantagenet Partners and Vision Capital accounted for a majority of the investment in the round. The funding will be used to grow Atempo's business and continue product development plans.
Attune Systems 14 November 14, 2006 – Attune Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise-class network file management solutions, today announced that it has received $14 million in a new venture funding round led by RWI Ventures.

The up-round follows significant market momentum, with advances in Attune's R&D efforts resulting in nine patents, and comes at a time when awareness and adoption within the market for file virtualization is expanding rapidly. Participation in this round also included GF Private Equity Group, LLC as a new investor, and existing investors Alloy Ventures, QTV Capital, Rock Creek Capital and Shea Ventures. The funds raised will be used to ramp up sales, marketing, as well as additional R&D and support efforts.
Auspex Systems 90 Sept. 25, 2000 - Auspex Systems, Inc. announced completion of a private placement of common stock, at market price realizing gross proceeds of $90,143,000. Investors include State of Wisconsin Investment Board, RS Investment Management and The Clark Estates.
Avaki 20 June 4, 2001 - Avaki Corporation, formerly Applied MetaComputing, Inc., announced that it has closed $6 Million in its first venture capital funding, led by Polaris Venture Partners.

October 23, 2001 - Avaki Corporation, a leader in the development of grid software to enable resource sharing across large-scale, highly distributed computer networks, today announced a $10 million second closing of its series A financing by Polaris Venture Partners, General Catalyst and Sofinnova. This brings the overall company investment to $16 million, led by Polaris Venture Partners. AVAKI closed the first round of $6 million in June 2001.

February 4, 2003 - Avaki Corporation, a leader in commercial grid software solutions, today announced that it has raised $4.2 million in an extension to its series A financing. Investments from Polaris Venture Partners, General Catalyst Partners and Sofinnova Partners bring Avaki's total funding to over $20 million. The company will use proceeds from the financing to continue market expansion efforts by enabling enterprises across a variety of industries - including life sciences, manufacturing, oil and gas, and financial services - to transparently access and utilize IT resources distributed across geographic and even corporate boundaries.
Avamar Technologies 22.5 April 15, 2002 - Avamar Technologies, Inc. a provider of high availability storage software solutions for simplified management and protection of enterprise data, announced today that it has closed its $12 million Series C financing. Benchmark Capital led the round, followed by Lightspeed Venture Partners and CMGI@Ventures. Including the current round, Avamar has raised more than $22.5 million to date to fund the development of its technology.

Avamar also announced that Bill Gurley, a partner at Benchmark Capital, has joined the company's board of directors, which includes John Rezner, founder and former CTO of GeoCities; Peter Mills, co-founder and managing partner of @Ventures; Stephen Hansen, CEO of Avamar; and Jedidiah Yueh, Executive Vice President and co-founder of Avamar.
Avere Systems 15 In September 2009 - Avere Systems announced it has secured $15 million in Series A funding from Menlo Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners. Avere founders were members of the team that created Spinnaker Networks, an innovator in scalable grid storage solutions, acquired by NetApp in 2004 for $300 million.
BakBone Software 15 April 16, 2003 - BakBone Software, Inc., a global provider of data recovery software announced that its Board of Directors has unanimously approved an agreement with VantagePoint Venture Partners IV (Q), L.P. ("VantagePoint") pursuant to which BakBone will, by way of private placement, issue to VantagePoint an aggregate of approximately 22,000,000 Series A preferred shares ("Preferred Shares") at CDN$1.00 per Preferred Share for gross proceeds of approximately CDN$22,000,000 or US$15,000,000.
Banderacom 44 June 4, 2001 - Banderacom™, a leading fabless InfiniBand™ semiconductor company, today announced $35 million in second-round venture capital funding. Lead investor Infinity Venture Capital LLC joins well-known venture capital and technology leaders Austin Ventures, Crossroads Systems, Intel, Jato Tech Ventures, QLogic Corporation and Trinity Venture Capital as Banderacom's second-round investors.

Austin Ventures, Crossroads Systems, Intel and Jato Tech Ventures participated in Banderacom's $9 million first-round funding, concluded in August 2000. This $35 million investment will enable Banderacom to maintain its leadership position in the rapidly emerging InfiniBand technology sector by funding the development of Banderacom's IBandit silicon products family.
BiTMICRO Networks 31 September 10, 2007 - BiTMICRO Networks, Inc., maker of intelligent flash IDE/ATA, SCSI, and Fibre Channel and SATA solid state disk (SSD) storage solutions, today announced the completion of $9.3 million in Series F funding with a team of investors led by Woodside Investments LP.

BiTMICRO intends to utilize the additional capital to further ramp production, sales and marketing operations, as well as support the company's aggressive R&D initiatives to create a new generation of flash based E-Disk solid state disk and semiconductor storage solutions.
BlueArc 148 May 7, 2001 BlueArc Corporation, developer of the world's highest performance enterprise-class network storage systems, today announced the completion of a $72 million round of financing led by Weston Presidio and previous BlueArc investors Celtic House International, Apax Partners & Co., and Patricof & Co. Ventures. Also joining this round of funding are Dell Ventures, EUROQUBE, New York State Retirement Co-Investment Fund, J.P. Morgan Partners, and Fort Washington Capital.

The investment will be used to drive the growth of BlueArc in the extremely fast moving network storage market. Since the company's founding in 1998 BlueArc has secured over $100 million in funding. Coinciding with the completion of this round of funding, BlueArc announced today that James B. McElwee, general partner of Weston Presidio, has joined BlueArc's board of directors.

July 16, 2003 At the conclusion of a quarter marked by record revenue and customer growth, BlueArc™ Corporation has secured an additional $47 million in funding that will further promote the company's rapid expansion in the network attached storage (NAS) market. Fully funding the company to a positive cash flow position, this latest infusion of capital, led by Meritech Capital Partners, with co-investments from Crosslink Capital and RWI Group, comes on the heels of BlueArc's record second quarter, ending June 30, 2003, during which the company increased its customer ranks by more than 20 percent and achieved a 57 percent increase in revenue over that of the second quarter 2002

June 6, 2006 BlueArc® Corporation, the world leader in network storage innovation, today announced that it has secured $29 million in equity financing led by new investor Morgenthaler Ventures and including financial support from existing BlueArc investors and new investors Chevron Technology Ventures and Wasatch Advisors. This funding will enable BlueArc to dramatically expand its field sales and services team throughout North America and Europe to help meet growing demand for the company's products, and to increase the company's presence and reach to deliver the world's best network storage solution to a broader customer base. 6 Palo Alto, Calif. January 23, 2008 --, the web's first online file system, announced today that it has raised $6 million in a Series B financing led by venture capital firm U.S. Venture Partners, and includes Series A investor Draper Fisher Jurvetson. The capital will be used to continue company expansion, including the development and marketing of new services and products. has more than 1.4 million registered users, and continues to grow as the need to access files anywhere, anytime becomes an integral part of people's personal and professional lives.
Broadband Storage 16 June 26, 2001 - Broadband Storage announced it has secured $16 million in its Series A round of funding from Mellon Ventures, Moore Capital, Morgan Keegan, and Global EuroNet Mellon Ventures contributed $5 million toward the round.
Calimetrics 25 ALAMEDA, California March 23, 2001 – Calimetrics, Inc., the emerging leader in data storage semiconductor and high-density optical media technologies, today announced the closing of its third round of financing for a total of $25 million in equity, debt, and license funding. The lead investor in the round is TDK Corporation. Additional investors in the round include Sanyo Semiconductor Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, China Development Industrial Bank, Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd., Sino-Japan High-Tech Fund, ITOCHU Finance Corporation, and GATX Ventures, among others, as well as returning investor JAFCO America Ventures. Previous investors in Calimetrics include Walden International Investment Group and Iomega Corporation.
Cambex 10 August 7, 2000 - Cambex Corporation (OTC BB:CBEX) today announced that it has entered into an agreement with a private institutional investor that provides the company with a $10 million equity line over an eighteen month period.
Celona Technologies 14+ July 9, 2007 - Celona Technologies today announced a £7 million ($14 million) Series B funding round with new investors Caledonia Investment plc. It provides the financial platform to enable Celona to build out its customer-facing sales and support activities and to continue to develop its industry leading application data migration software for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).
Cereva Networks 58.5 Marlborough, Massachusetts, May 14, 2000 - Cereva Networks Inc., a new technology company providing next generation architecture that enables Web content and eCommerce providers to scale capacity and transaction performance well beyond existing capabilities, has today announced completion of a second round of funding totaling $58.5 million. This brings the company's total funding to $66.5 million since its incorporation in December 1998. Worldview Technology Partners and Goldman Sachs Inc. (NYSE: GS) jointly lead this round. Additional investments were provided by Intel Corporation, Global Crossing Ventures, Inc., Comdisco Ventures (NYSE: CDO) and the three venture capital companies who participated in the first round financing for Cereva Networks Inc.; Matrix Partners, North Bridge Venture Partners and Oak Investment Partners.
Chaparral Network Storage 41 Jan. 23, 2002 - Chaparral Network Storage, a developer of specialized appliances that deliver data across global storage networks, today announced that it has closed $12 million in financing from existing investors and a new strategic partner. The strategic partner is a leading, global manufacturer of networking and storage systems. Existing investor participants include the Tech Harvest Group and Aweida Ventures. The current round brings total capital raised to date to $41 million. Chaparral's strategic relationship encompasses both product development and distribution. Further details will be announced later this year.
Cicada Semiconductor 37 August 19, 2002 – Cicada Semiconductor Corporation, the leading developer of DSP and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) that enable broadband communications within Local, Wide, and Storage Area Networks, announced today the completion of $17.4 million in third round funding, bringing the company's total private debt and equity funding to $37 million to date. Participants in the round include strategic investors and existing shareholders Sevin Rosen Funds and Perot Investments. The company will use the new funding to further accelerate its product development, expand its applications support and augment its current marketing and sales efforts.

As a key silicon solutions supplier enabling the market transition to Gigabit Ethernet, Cicada is now shipping its SimpliPHY™ family of quad and single port Gigabit Ethernet transceivers in volume to customers throughout the US, Asia, and Europe. To date, SimpliPHY stands as the world's lowest power and highest noise immunity transceivers shipping in production.
Cloverleaf Communications 10 October 2003 - Cloverleaf to date has received $10 million in financing from leading venture capitalists including Genesis Partners, BancBoston Ventures and ELTA Systems as well as private investors such as Kumar Malavalli, co-founder and strategic advisor to storage networking company Brocade Communications Systems. Cloverleaf's board of directors, led by executive chairperson Brenda Christensen, a storage networking, system area networking (clustering) and Fibre Channel industry-marketing pioneer, includes Eddy Shalev, founder and general partner of Genesis Partners, Mordechay Finkenberg, director business developments of ELTA, Haim Amitai, vice president, finance of ELTA, and David Jeffrey, director of BancBoston Capital Ltd.
Cofio Software 2 September 6, 2006 - Cofio Software, a Delaware corporation with operations in California and England, received over US$2 million in funding from private investors. Cofio's founders include Patrick Barcus, Tony Cerqueira and Fabrice Helliker, all of whom each have over 15 years of experience in the data protection software marketplace.
Continuous Computing 21 March 28, 2001 - Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU), the leading provider of Voice-over-Packet platform solutions for telecom equipment manufacturers, today announced it has received over $21 million in equity funding from several venture capital organizations. The round was led by Technology Crossover Ventures, with additional participation from Palomar Ventures, Smart Technology Ventures and senior partners of W R Hambrecht + Co, including Bill Hambrecht, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.
COPAN Systems 34 COPAN Systems began operations in Dec 2002. Austin Ventures and Globespan Capital were Series A investors.

February 17, 2009 – COPAN Systems, the industry leader in cost-effective storage solutions for the protection and management of persistent data, today announced that it has secured $18.5 million in new capital financing. The round was led by new investor Westbury Partners and includes participation from existing COPAN Systems investors Austin Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners, Firstmark Capital and Credit Suisse. The funding will help expand the company's product development, sales, marketing and channel efforts globally and build on its success in the enterprise data storage market.
Coraid 60 January 25, 2010 - Coraid today announced that it has closed a $10 million Series-A financing round with Allegis Capital and Azure Capital Partners to accelerate the development and adoption of its AoE compatible storage.

November 3, 2011 - Coraid announced that it has closed a $50 million investment round led by Crosslink Capital, with participation from existing investors Menlo Ventures, Allegis Capital, Azure Capital Partners and affiliates of Silver Lake, as well as new investors including Seagate Technology and Kinetic Ventures. The company also announced that it has surpassed 1,500 customers in 45 countries, marking Coraid as one of the fastest-growing vendors in the enterprise data storage industry. With this new round of financing, Coraid will expand global operations and accelerate innovation in storage and cloud orchestration.
Cornice 178 LONGMONT, Colo., February 4, 2004 . Cornice Inc., an innovator in compact, highcapacity storage, has secured $51 million in a second round of venture financing. The round includes the Company's previous investors – CIBC Capital Partners, Nokia Venture Partners and VantagePoint Venture Partners – and brings on board new investors BA Venture Partners and GIC Special Investments Pte. Ltd. As a result of this second round of financing, Jim Jones, a director at BA Venture Partners, will join the Cornice Board of Directors. This round of financing brings the total amount invested in the Company to $81 million. The new capital will be used to support sales, development, and manufacturing initiatives related to the company's Storage Element technology.

LONGMONT, Colo., December 14, 2005 — Cornice Inc., an innovator in consumer storage solutions — today announced it has secured $97 million in venture debt and equity financing. The equity round includes the Company's major previous investors – VantagePoint Venture Partners, BlueRun Ventures and BA Venture Partners – and brings on a new lead investor, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (the "Caisse"). Simultaneously with the close of the equity financing, the Company entered into a new lending relationship with Hercules Technology Growth Capital; the firm supplemented Cornice with structured mezzanine debt capital.

The new financing will be used to support the development and manufacturing initiatives related to the Company's micro hard drive technology, as well as expand the marketing and corporate sales groups. Cornice offers embedded one-inch storage devices for pocket-able consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, digital music players, and personal storage devices. Cornice's storage products have been enabling small, ultra-thin, highcapacity, rugged consumer electronics products for more than two years for the world's leading consumer electronics manufacturers.
CreekPath Systems 36 January 8, 2001 - CreekPath Systems, a developer of advanced technology solutions to enable the deployment of managed storage services, announced today that it received $23 million from TeleSoft Partners, Sequel Venture Partners, and Exabyte Corporation in its first round of venture funding. The funding, which includes $17 million in equity, as well as up to $6 million in debt financing, reflects investors' recognition of CreekPath's unique position in the growing managed storage services market. Dataquest Gartner projects that companies will spend $7 billion a year on outsourcing information storage by 2003.

November 5, 2002 - CreekPath Systems, a leading software development company setting the pace for the market in delivering integrated Storage Resource Management (SRM) solutions, today announced the closing of its oversubscribed Series B financing with total commitments of more than $16 million, bringing the total raised funds to more than $36 million. CreekPath's second round of equity financing was led by top-tier investment firm New Enterprise Associates (NEA) with participation by A.G. Edwards Capital and original investors TeleSoft Partners and Sequel Partners. The capital raised in this round of funding will be used to expand the company's global sales and marketing efforts, as well as to increase product research and development to enhance the CreekPath AIM™ Suite.
DataCore Software 30 Oct. 30, 2001 — DataCore Software Corporation, the leading provider of storage virtualization and networking software, announced today that the company has raised over $30 million in its current round of funding. Vista Equity Partners, based in San Francisco, was the lead investor in the round. New Enterprise Associates and OneLiberty Ventures, the initial institutional investors, also made significant follow-up investments.

"DataCore has the most advanced storage virtualization and storage management offering in the market. Every user we contacted has achieved significant operational savings and a substantial return on investment. Satisfied customers, plus a growing list of major OEM and reseller relationships, made the investment decision in DataCore easy," stated Robert F. Smith, managing principal at Vista Equity Partners.

The company will continue to use its funds to significantly increase its customer base, grow and build upon major OEM and reseller relationships providing 'Powered by DataCore™' solutions to enterprise accounts and expand its global presence in North America, Europe and Asia.
Data Domain 26 December 16, 2003 - Data Domain, Inc., a leader in enterprise data protection solutions, today announced that it has secured $17 million in Series B funding. The new round of funding led by Palo Alto-based Sutter Hill Ventures and joined by original investors Greylock and New Enterprise Associates, brings Data Domain's total funding to $26 million.
DATAllegro 22.5 September 20, 2006 – DATAllegro™, a supplier of industry leading data warehouse appliances, today announced the closing of $22.5 million in venture capital funding. The "C" Series round was led by JAFCO Ventures and included Focus Ventures as well as existing investors Adams Capital Management, Intel Capital, Palomar Ventures and Venrock Associates.

DATAllegro offers data warehouse appliances that are especially valuable for companies with very large amounts of data. The company's patent-pending technology enables its customers to more rapidly query their data at a price that is frequently a tenth of the price of traditional offerings.
DataPlay 119 June 8, 2001 - DataPlay, Inc., announced today that it has closed a $55 million round of financing, bringing the total capital raised since the Company's inception to $119 million. This financing includes significant investments from leading consumer electronic device manufacturers, technology companies and retail distribution. DataPlay is committed to becoming a standard for the distribution and recording of digital content such as music, video, digital images, games and software in the consumer electronics marketplace. This current round of financing includes investments from Eastman Kodak Company, Intel Capital, Olympus Optical Company, Ltd., Trans World Entertainment, meVC Draper Fisher Jurvetson Fund I, Imation Corporation, Sequel Venture Partners, Colorado PERA, Portage Venture Partners, SG Cowen Securities Corporation, A.G. Edwards Capital, Graystone Ventures and musician David Crosby.
Decru 40 August 2002 - Decru recently closed its second round of funding, bringing investments to over $40 million. Decru is funded by top-tier venture capital firms, including Benchmark Capital, Greylock and New Enterprise Associates. Strategic investors include In-Q-Tel, the investment firm funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, and Canon Inc., the global leader in office automation.
DensBits ?? October 31st, 2010. DensBits Technologies Ltd. ("DensBits") has closed Series B funding, led by a new investor, Bessemer Venture Partners ("Bessemer"), and existing investor Sequoia Capital ("Sequoia").

"NAND Flash technology is hitting a wall as it is pulled in two opposite directions of lower cost per bit and yet, higher performance requirements for everything from embedded Flash storage, used in smart phones and tablets, to solid state disks (SSDs) in the data center. Over the past 3 years, we have developed the world's first "Memory Modem," which is an intelligent Flash controller that will significantly extend the life of NAND Flash technology," said Ilan Hen, DensBits' Chairman and CEO. "Our Memory Modem is composed of proprietary ECC, DSP, and memory management solutions, specifically designed to overcome Flash memories' unique problems. Similar to a communications modem, our Memory Modem dramatically improves Flash reliability, which in turn enables memory vendors to continue their cost reduction with smaller process node geometries as well as higher number of bits per cell. We are currently working with several leading NAND Flash vendors on their 2Xnm products and beyond. This latest investment is a testament to our technology and market leadership, and will enable us to expand our development and support for customers".
Diligent Technologies 46 October 4, 2004 -- Diligent Technologies, a leading enterprise data protection software provider for Mainframe and Open System environments, announced the completion of a $22 million follow-on round of venture financing.

The oversubscribed investment is co-led by top venture firms Accel Partners of Palo Alto, California and London, England and Matrix Partners of Waltham, Massachusetts and Menlo Park, California. Gemini Israel Funds also participated in this round bringing Diligent's total funding to $37 million. With this announcement, Fearghal O'Riordain, Principal at Accel, David Skok, General Partner at Matrix, Adi Pundak Mintz, General Partner at Gemini and Moshe Yanai, one of Diligent's original investors have been appointed board members to broaden the depth and experience of Diligent's Board of Directors.

August 20, 2007 -– Diligent Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise-class de-duplication and data protection solutions, today announced that it has completed $10.5M in Series D funding, bringing the total amount raised to date to $46.5M. New investor Eastward Capital joins existing investors Matrix, Accel and Gemini to support Diligent in this round of funding. Diligent will use the funds to further its research and development of enterprise-class data protection technologies and acquire additional resources across its sales, support and engineering staff.
DiskSites 9 April 4, 2001 - Tamir Fishman Ventures announced today the signing of an agreement to invest up to $3.2 million in DiskSites Inc. Tamir Fishman Ventures led this round of venture financing in which DiskSites raised $4.5 million. Network Appliance, the leading Network Attached Storage company in the world, co-invested with Tamir Fishman Ventures in this round.

May 11, 2004 – DiskSites, a supplier of innovative network optimization solutions for organizations with branch offices, today announced that it has closed the first phase of its financing round by securing $3.5 million, adding up the amount of funds raised to date to nine million dollars ($9,000,000.) The funds will be used to fuel the company's rapid expansion of sales and marketing efforts, as well as to expand its customer service and business development activities.
Elpida Memory 123 September 2, 2003 - Elpida Memory, Inc. (Elpida), a provider of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), today announced it has signed an agreement with Intel Capital in which Intel Capital will invest 2.7 Billion Yen (approximately US$23 million*) in Elpida in return for non-voting stock. Elpida plans to use the proceeds from this proposed investment to accelerate production of high-performance DRAMs, such as DDR2 SDRAM products. Additional details were not disclosed.

In June 2003, Elpida and Intel Capital announced they had signed an agreement for Intel Capital to invest approximately US$100 million (approximately 12 Billion Yen) in Elpida in return for non-voting stock. The total amount of possible investments from Intel Capital is approximately 14.7 Billion Yen (US$123 million).
EqualLogic 52 March 24, 2003 – EqualLogic, Inc., today announced the closing of a $15 million round of funding led by TD Capital Technology Ventures. This latest round of funding, which also includes Charles River Ventures and Sigma Partners, supports the company's sales and marketing efforts in response to demand for its PeerStorage architecture. EqualLogic has secured $27 million in outside funding to-date.

June 28, 2004– EqualLogic®, Inc., a leading provider of iSCSI-based, self-managing networked storage solutions, today announced that it received an additional $20 million in an oversubscribed third round of funding led by new investor Focus Ventures. The Series C round, which also includes current investors Charles River Ventures, Sigma Partners and TD Capital Technology Ventures, supports EqualLogic's expansion of sales, marketing and manufacturing activities in North America, Europe and Asia. With this most recent round of funding, EqualLogic now has raised a total of $52 million in equity capital.
EVault 17 March 4, 2003 - EVault Inc., a leading provider of disk-based data protection and recovery software and services, today announced its third round of financing, securing more than $6 million and appointed Michael Wei, as vice president of EVault's products and services division. Lead investors Council Ventures of Nashville, Tenn., Massey Burch of Nashville, The Business Engineering, Science & Technology Discoveries Fund of Toronto, River Cities Capital Funds of Cincinnati and Linwood "Chip" Lacy Jr., former CEO of Ingram Micro, participated in the latest round. New investor, Jemison Investment Co, Inc. of Birmingham, also contributed to the Series C round of funding.
Exabyte 20 November 10, 2003 -- Oakdale MN and Boulder CO - Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), a worldwide leader in removable data storage media, and Exabyte Corp. (OTCBB: EXBT), a performance and value leader in tape backup systems, today announced an agreement that establishes Imation as the exclusive worldwide distributor of Exabyte brand media products. As part of the agreement, Imation will also make an equity investment in Exabyte, representing less than five percent of total equity. The total dollar value of the transaction, when fully completed, is $20 million, the majority of which is for distribution rights.
ExaGrid Systems 40 Founded in 2002, the company has received $8.5 million in funding from top tier investors Highland Capital Partners and Sigma Partners.

March 28, 2005 -- ExaGrid Systems, innovators in Self-Protecting Storage, today announced that the company has raised an additional $13.5 million from existing investors Highland Capital Partners and Sigma Partners. This new round of funding will help expand the company's sales channels and further enhance ExaGrid's industry-leading integrated storage and data protection solution.

November 8, 2007- ExaGrid Systems, Inc. ( the leader in cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup solutions with byte-level data de-duplication, today announced that it has received an additional $20 million of funding led by new investor Lehman Brothers Venture Partners, the venture capital group of Lehman Brothers, the global investment bank. The round, which also includes current investors Highland Capital Partners and Sigma Partners, supports ExaGrid's expansion of sales and marketing activities in North America, Europe and Asia, and is expected to fund ExaGrid to cash positive status.
Exanet 17 December 4, 2001 - Exanet Inc. announced today that it has completed its second round of venture funding, raising a total of $17 million from such firms as Evergreen Canada-Israel Investments Ltd., Intel Capital and Microdent Ltd., as well as individual investors. The funds will be used to help bring Exanet's leading-edge ExaStore storage system to market.
Fusion-io 66 March 31, 2008—Fusion-io, the leader in enterprise solid-state architecture and high performance I/O solutions, today announced that it has closed $19M in Series A funding from a group of investors led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA), one of the leading U.S.-based venture capitalist firms.

"The breakthrough technology Fusion-io has developed will change the way companies think about their storage architecture," said Scott Sandell, general partner, NEA. "The company's innovative plug-and-play approach to storage will open up a world of possibilities previously not available with traditional storage architecture."

April 7, 2009 – At Storage Networking World Spring 2009, Fusion-io announced today that it closed $47.5 million in Series B funding from a group of investors led by global venture capital firm Lightspeed Venture Partners. In addition to Lightspeed Venture, Series A investors, including New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Dell Ventures and Sumitomo Ventures, have returned for the Series B round.
Gear6 10 July 11, 2006 - Gear6, accelerating storage and delivering real time performance, today announced a $10 million round of funding led by InterWest Partners, and joined by previous investor U.S. Venture Partners (USVP). The financing will support the market entry of Gear6 solutions, designed to address the widening gap between increasingly powerful servers and constrained, disk-based storage systems. Deployed in the data center, Gear6 products eliminate bottlenecks and deliver guaranteed performance to existing storage infrastructures. These real time capabilities speed up applications, provide protection from peak load disruptions, and improve quality of service.
GiantLoop Network 160 February 13, 2001 - GiantLoop Network, Inc., the leader in Enterprise Optical Networking services, today announced that it raised $120 million in Series C funding from venture firms, strategic partners, and leading technology companies. GiantLoop has raised a cumulative total of $160 million in the 10 months since its inception. GiantLoop will use its Series C funding to continue enhancing its Operational Support System (OSS), Network Control Center, and software development capabilities. Some of the participants in the Series C investment were Greylock Partners, Pilot House Ventures and Roger Marino (one of the founders of EMC Corporation.) Also participating in this round were Nortel Networks [NYSE/TSE: NT], 360networks (NASDAQ: TSIX and TSE: TSX), Sycamore Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCMR), Cabletron Systems (NYSE: CS) and CNT (Nasdaq: CMNT).
GlassHouse Technologies 15 GlassHouse Technologies, Inc., a vendor-independent storage strategy and services firm, completed initial funding in August 2001. Investors include Sigma Partners and Shiprock LLC.

September 4, 2002 - GlassHouse Technologies, Inc. (GlassHouse), a pioneer in the storage services sector, today announced the receipt of $6.4 million in Series B funding from return investor Sigma Partners, and new investors GrandBanks Capital and JAFCO Ventures. Including the recent funds, GlassHouse has received $8 million in capital to date; new funds will be used as operating capital to scale the company's sales efforts. The funding event positions storage services as an element essential to the successful rollout of new storage technologies, as well as a cost-effective method for optimizing and enhancing existing storage environments.

October 7, 2003 -- - GlassHouse Technologies, Inc., a provider of independent storage services and consulting, today announced it has received $7.1 million in a Series C round of funding led by Kodiak Venture Partners. The capital will be used to support the company's growth, allowing GlassHouse to capitalize on its first-mover market advantage as it works with clients to establish predictability and manageability in client storage and IT environments.
GRAU Data Storage 8.5 January 15, 2002 – Grau Data Storage AG secured an important second round of investment in the third quarter of 2001. The significance of this infusion during a notorious absence of venture capital investments speaks volumes about the plans and products being offered by Grau. The keystone product, the Infinistore ® Virtual Disk System (IVD), has generated awards and testimonials paving the way for the company's growth into the future. The second round of investment was led by the e-millenium 1 fund.

The second round of funding, amounting to $8.5M, will provide working capital through the early growth phase of the company and see more new products enter the market in early 2002.
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Hyperchip 220 January 18, 2002 - Hyperchip Inc., The Petabit Routing CompanyTM announced today that is has secured $70 million in its fourth round of financing, bringing the total amount raised to some $220 million. Lead investor TechnoCap was joined by Vertex Technology Fund, Advent International, Optical Capital Group, JT Ventures, Artémis and Pilgrim Baxter. This round includes a $50-million loan from Investissement-Québec.

This new funding strengthens Hyperchip as the company continues trials with leading international carriers and prepares to commercialize its carrier-class core router that scales from tens to millions of gigabits per second of capacity.
Ikadega 15 March 26, 2001 — Ikadega, Inc., a provider of rich media content and data storage and delivery solutions, today announced it has secured $8 million in its first institutional round of funding, led by Chicago-based Kettle Partners with participation from BlueStar Ventures, Leo Capital Holdings and OCA Ventures. This round of funding, which brings the total to $15 million Ikadega has received to date from various corporate and angel investors, will be used to expand senior management and engineering and to expedite the development of the suburban Chicago company's rich media content and data storage and delivery solutions.
iLumin 8.5 RESTON, VA - January 14, 2004 - iLumin Software Services, Inc., a leading provider of compliance and email archiving solutions, today announced it completed its $8.5 million round of financing led by new investor, Boulder Ventures. The existing investment group of Deutsche Bank, MidOcean Partners, Rock Creek Capital, Softbank and Wachovia Strategic Ventures all participated in the round. Blacksmith Capital, another new investor, also participated.

This funding will be invested in infrastructure needed to support iLumin's future growth. Additional staff will be added to customer service and support, product development and direct sales. A substantial investment is also being made in the marketing and channel partnership programs to increase iLumin's worldwide presence.
Imperial Technology 11 March 18, 2002 - Imperial Technology, the company that accelerates application performance, today announced it has secured additional investment through a second round of capital financing. This brings the total funding received in the last 18 months to over $11M. The capital injection was led by Celerity Partners and included GMG Capital Partners.
Incipient 79 March 31, 2003 – Incipient, Inc., a developer of network-resident storage management applications which leverage advanced networking platforms and intelligent switches, today announced the successful completion of $15 million in Series B financing led by Globespan Capital Partners (formerly JAFCO Ventures) with participation from return investors Greylock and Sigma Partners. To date, Incipient has raised $25 million. The funds will support Incipient's ongoing hiring plans, continuing product development and the execution of its go-to-market strategy.

January 26, 2005 – Incipient, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent switch-resident storage software, today announced it has successfully closed a third round of $20 million in equity financing, bringing total equity capital raised to $55 million. GrandBanks Capital led the Series C round, with full participation from existing major investors; Globespan Capital Partners, Greylock, HLM Venture Partners, and Sigma Partners. Proceeds of this latest round will be targeted for advanced development, as well as executing on go-to-market relationships with existing and prospective OEM business partners.

January 31, 2006 – Incipient, Inc, a leading provider of intelligent switch storage software, announced today that it has raised $24 million in Series D financing bringing the total equity capital raised to $79 million. Leading this round is new investor QuestMark Partners, along with participation from Wasatch Advisors. Incipient's major existing investors Globespan Capital Partners, GrandBanks Capital, Greylock, HLM Venture Partners, and Sigma Partners also participated in this round of financing. The Series D capital is earmarked for expansion of marketing and sales efforts in support of the Incipient Network Storage Platform (NSP) software suite.

Incipient NSP is embedded in intelligent Fibre Channel (FC) switches and serves as a common software platform that delivers Incipient-developed, network-based storage applications throughout a SAN environment.
InfiniCon Systems 48 February 19, 2002 - InfiniCon Systems, Inc., the premier developer of shared input/output (I/O) systems announced today that it has completed a $26M Series B round of funding. The company's second round of funding, led by Bay Partners, also included Wasserstein Ventures, Crosslink Capital, AG Edwards Capital and others. The round was also supported by initial Series A investors Arch Venture Partners and Tredegar Investments.

The completion of the Series B funding brings the total investment in InfiniCon Systems to more than $33 million. InfiniCon will use the funds to bring the first generation of its ISIS™ Shared I/O System product family to market, and to further its research and development program. Additionally, InfiniCon will fund targeted market awareness and channel partner development programs, as it begins revenue shipments in the second half of the year.

September 24, 2003 – InfiniCon Systems, the premier provider of shared I/O and switching solutions for next-generation server networks, today announced that it has secured an additional $15M in Series C funding. The company's third funding round was led by Bay Partners and included investors from prior rounds – ARCH Venture Partners, W Capital Partners, and A.G. Edwards Capital – as well as new investors, including Chevron Technology Ventures LLC.
Ingrian Networks 40 January 5, 2004—Ingrian™ Networks, Inc., enablers of data privacy throughout the enterprise, today announced the completion of a $14 million third round of funding. Investors participating in this round include Prism Venture Partners, Globespan Capital Partners (formerly JAFCO Ventures), HighBAR Ventures, and Partech International. Ingrian will leverage this funding to enhance its pioneering solutions and further expand its leadership in the emerging data privacy segment.

Founded in 1999, Ingrian has received over $40 million in funding to date. Prism Venture Partners led this round of funding, and was accompanied by Globespan Capital Partners, HighBAR Ventures, and Partech International—all of which invested in previous financing rounds.
InPhase Technologies 61 DECEMBER 4, 2002 - InPhase Technologies, the leader in holographic data storage development, today announced that it has closed the first segment of its projected $15 million second round of funding. InPhase has secured $6.3 million in equity financing, and will consider additional investments of up to $8.7 million in a subsequent close by February 2003.

MARCH 1, 2004 -- InPhase Technologies, the leader in holographic data storage development, today announced that it has closed on the final $8.7 million to complete its second round funding of $15 million.

New Venture Partners LLC led the round with additional investments from existing investors Hitachi Maxell Ltd. and Signal Lake, who led Round A. New investors include ALPS Information Technology Fund LP, a core member of the Alps Electric North America, Inc. affiliated group and indirectly owned by ALPS Electric Co. Ltd., a leading Japanese electronic components developer. Additional investors are Yasuda Enterprise Development Co., one of Japan's leading technology venture capital firms, Japan Asia Investment Co., Japan's largest independent venture capital firm, and Mr. B.J. Cassin, a founding investor of numerous technology startups.

May 25, 2005 - InPhase Technologies, the leader in holographic data storage drive and media development, today announced that it has closed a $32.1 million third round of funding. Bayer MaterialScience AG, a market and technology leader in developing polymers for optical data storage, represents a new strategic investor as well as development partner for InPhase. Nanotech Partners Ltd., another new investor, is a leading venture capital firm sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation, focusing on emerging nanotechnology at the global level. New Venture Partners LLC and existing investors Hitachi Maxell Ltd., ALPS Information Technology Fund LP, Yasuda Enterprise Development Co., and Japan Asia Investment Co. continued their strong financial support of InPhase in Series C.

The new funds will be used to complete the commercialization of the world's first holographic data storage drive and media. The initial product will hold 300 gigabytes (GB) of data with a transfer rate of 20 megabytes (MB) per second.
InSiteOne 13 April 18, 2000 - Wallingford, CT — InSiteOne, a provider of online, nearline and offline digital imaging storage and archiving services, today announced it has secured its initial round of institutional funding through Primus Venture Partners, a private equity investment firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. InSite will use the $3 million funding to further build and execute its aggressive sales and market plans for its InDex (Internet DICOM Express) digital image storage and archiving services. Primus representatives will also serve on InSite's board of directors.

Oct. 31, 2001--InSiteOne, a leading provider of Web-enabled onsite and offsite digital imaging storage and archiving services, today announced that it has raised $10.25 million in an oversubscribed Series B funding round. New investor Allegra Partners led the round with participation from Series A investors Primus Venture Partners and Galbreath and Company, and several prominent new investors including Osprey Partners, Bernard Goldstein, founder of Broadview Associates, and Robert Machinist, ex-president of Patricof & Co. InSiteOne will use the funding to support the increasing demand for its InDex(TM) digital image storage and archiving services and for continued expansion of the company. Larry Lawrence, managing director of Allegra Partners, will join InSiteOne's board of directors.
IntelliPath 6.5 April 11, 2007 - IntelliPath announced Series A funding of $6.5 million co-financed by two prestigious venture capital firms - New York, N.Y.-based L Capital Partners and Blueprint Ventures, based in the San Francisco Bay area. The investment will be used for product development to extend the technology leadership of the UCS product line, as well as for strategic go-to-market initiatives to capitalize on the strong market opportunity for automated connectivity solutions. The company will sell directly to end customers as well as through established value-added resellers that specialized in enterprise connectivity.
InterSAN 28 April 30, 2001-- InterSAN™, a pioneer in the new field of applications-based Storage Area Management (SAM) software, announced today that it has received $7.8 million in its first round of venture funding. The round was led by Wit SoundView Ventures, and includes Alliance Ventures, Morgan Keegan & Company, and storage luminaries such as Kumar Malavalli, co-founder and vice president of technology of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. InterSAN's SAM software enables companies to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of managing large mixed-vendor storage networks. The solution is designed for Global 2000 Enterprises to maximize the benefits of heterogeneous storage networks. InterSAN will use the funding to complete product development and deploy its applications-based SAM solution with bellwether beta customers.

May 13, 2002—InterSAN™, a pioneer of applications-based storage area management (SAM) software, today announced it has closed its Series C funding round of $17.8 million, bringing total funding for this award-winning start-up to over $28 million. This oversubscribed round, led by Worldview Technology Partners, includes Fidelity Ventures and all of the previous InterSAN™ venture investors: SoundView Ventures, Alliance Ventures, Kumar Malavalli, Morgan Keegan & Company, and other private investors. InterSAN's progress with Fortune 500 customers, such as financial services giant Northern Trust Company, and endorsement from the world's largest and most respected storage vendors prompted investor enthusiasm for this round of funding, which will be used to fuel InterSAN's rapidly expanding sales and customer support organizations. Worldview Technology Partners and Fidelity Ventures are new InterSAN investors. Worldview Technology Partners is a leading venture capital firm with $1.75 billion under management. The company focuses on supporting U.S.-based technology investments, helping the Worldview portfolio to expand into lucrative global markets. Fidelity Ventures is the venture capital arm of Fidelity Investments and has actively invested in early-stage companies in the software, networking, and telecommunications industries.
Intransa 49 January 8, 2003 - Intransa, a privately-held IP storage company focused on developing simple, scalable and affordable digital information storage and access solutions, today announced it has secured an additional $6 million in venture capital financing. Existing investors, Advanced Technology Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures, Sofinnova Partners, US Venture Partners, and 3Com were joined by other smaller investors in Intransa's third round of funding, which brings the company's total funding to $33 million to date. As Intransa prepares to introduce its first network storage product in 2003, the company continues to grow and invest in developing storage solutions designed to simplify the way organizations store, access and manage information at a fraction of the cost of existing alternatives.

January 5, 2004 - Intransa, the leader in intelligent information storage, delivery, and management over IP, announced today it has secured an additional $8 million in venture capital funding that will further accelerate the company's aggressive go to market strategy in the IP SAN market. Existing investors Advanced Technology Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures, Sofinnova Partners, US Venture Partners, and a large pension plan participated in this most recent round of series C funding, bringing the company's total funding to date to $49 million. Intransa expects the proceeds of the funding to be put toward sales and marketing programs, global operations, and continued development of its next generation products.
I/OMagic 14 Feb. 28, 2001--I/OMagic Corp. (OTCBB:IOMC - news), a leading developer and marketer of peripheral PC products, today announced that it has obtained a commitment for $8 million in equity from Citrine Corp.

Aug. 9, 2001--I/OMagic Corporation (OTCBB:IOMC - news), a leader in digital entertainment, multimedia and peripheral PC products, announced today the completion of a $14 million equity infusion from two of its largest manufacturing partners/suppliers. This capital raise, previously announced in the first quarter of 2001, is part of the Company's competitive roll-up and consolidation strategy.
IO Turbine 8 April 19, 2011 - IO Turbine is a new (to me) storage software company which is designing software for high IOPS virtual flash SSD environments.

The company popped out of stealth mode today and announced it has secured $7.75 million in funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, as well as Merus Capital and notable angel investors. FAQs for connected IT marketers

Isilon Systems 23.4 July 22, 2002 - Isilon SystemsTM , a provider of network storage systems for digital content, today announced the completion of a $15 million second round of financing, in which the company received an increased valuation from its previous round. Sequoia Capital led the financing, the first time the firm has led a round in Washington State. Initial investors Atlas Venture and Madrona Venture Group also participated, bringing Isilon's total funding to $23.4 million. Concurrent with the financing, Sequoia Capital partner Greg McAdoo has joined Isilon's board of directors.
iStor Networks 11 February 22, 2002 iStor Networks, Inc. a provider of ultra fast performance, high availability network storage solutions for enterprise level SAN and NAS storage networking applications, announced today that it has closed its $11 million Series A Preferred financing successfully. The major shareholders include several very reputable chipset, network switch, and notebook OEM vendors, strong distributor and investment bankers. This round of capital will be used to spearhead the development of its core technology in IP Storage.

iStor also announced that Dr. Kevin C. Daly, CTO at ATL Products, has joined the company's board of directors, which includes WenChi Chen, President and CEO of VIA Technologies; Sam Liang, President of D-Link Corporation; Ming Hsu, Vice President of Pac-Link; Bernie Wu, VP of Business Development at FalconStor Software; Simon Huang, Co-founder, President and CEO of iStor; and Frank Huang, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of iStor.
iVivity 50 May 18, 2004 -- iVivity, a leading technology provider for intelligent storage networking systems, today announced that it has closed a $26 million Series C preferred stock financing led by new investors Grotech Capital Group and JK&B Capital. Mellon Ventures was also a new investor to the round which included investors from previous financing rounds: H.I.G. Ventures, Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Kinetic Ventures, Cordova Ventures, Yamacraw and Bergman & Associates. The round brings iVivity's total funding to date to over $50 million.

"This financing marks a major milestone for iVivity as we transition our focus from research and development to delivering the products and services to our customers that will permit them to take full advantage of our revolutionary iDiSX technology," said David Coombs, president and CEO of iVivity. "This additional funding will enable us to build upon our leadership position in the intelligent storage processor arena through continued expansion of our sales, marketing, product development and customer service."
Kazeon Systems 17 March 15, 2005 - Kazeon Systems today emerged from stealth mode and announced its product strategy to control unstructured enterprise information. Kazeon is backed by $17 million in funding from Redpoint Ventures, Clearstone Venture Partners and Goldman Sachs.

The company is led by CEO and co-founder, Sudhakar Muddu, a proven executive and successful entrepreneur who founded Sanera Systems which was sold to McDATA in 2003. The Kazeon management team also includes several seasoned executives who come from some of the technology industry's leading companies, including VERITAS, Sun Microsystems, Inktomi, Broadcom, Sprint and Cisco. The company's first product is currently being tested with several Fortune 500 companies and is expected to be generally available in mid-2005.
Kilopass Technology ? January 18th, 2004 - Kilopass Technology Inc., an emerging leader in non-volatile memory intellectual property announced today the successful conclusion of its first round of venture capital funding from Nokia Venture Partners, InveStar Capital, Inc. and iGlobe Partners. The funding will enable the company to continue to enhance its technology portfolio and expand its market presence.

"Kilopass Technology's non-volatile memory technology distinguishes itself in the market with its very broad base of applications, ranging from memory storage for mobile phones and computers, to programmable microcontrollers for consumer electronics, digital entertainment, and office equipment." said John Malloy, General Partner of Nokia Venture Partners. "The company is well positioned to grow rapidly with its exciting technology."
Lane15 Software ? January 24, 2001 - Lane15 Software, an emerging provider of InfiniBand™ management software, today announced it has received financing from leading venture capital and strategic investors. Austin Ventures led the round, joined by AV Labs, Compaq Computer Corp. (NYSE: CPQ), and Intel Capital. Lane15 will use the capital to fuel its growth, and further the development and deployment of InfiniBand technology.

April 10, 2001 - Lane15 Software, the leading developer of InfiniBand™* management software, today announced that they have received an investment from Dell Ventures, the business group at Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) responsible for strategic investment activity. Lane15 will use the funding to support the company's development of fabric management software for heterogeneous InfiniBand networks. Dell Ventures joins a number of venture capital and strategic partners who have invested in Lane15, including Austin Ventures, AV Labs, Compaq Computer Corp. (NYSE: CPQ), Intel Capital and Lightspeed Ventures.
LeftHand Networks 75 June 25, 2001 – LeftHand Networks™, a pioneer of Network Unified Storage (NUS) solutions that offer significant advantages compared to existing network storage offerings, today announced it has received follow-on funding for its Series A round, bringing the total to $13 million. Boulder Ventures and Sequel Venture Partners led the round, with additional funding from Ironside Ventures, Portage Venture Partners and Vista Ventures. As a portfolio company, LeftHand Networks received some of its venture funding and human capital through the network. The NUS architecture combines the performance of a Storage Area Network (SAN) with the ease-of-use of Network Attached Storage (NAS) in a stand-alone, integrated network storage module.

Nov. 13, 2001--LeftHand Networks(TM), a pioneer of Network Unified Storage (NUS) solutions, today announced it has received an additional $5.5 million in Series A funding. The investment comes from William Blair New World Ventures and Wasatch Venture Fund a Draper Fisher Jurvetson affiliate, and brings total funding for LeftHand to $19.4 million. Both companies are new investors for LeftHand Networks, and join a distinguished list of existing investors that includes Boulder Ventures, Sequel Venture Partners, Ironside Ventures, Portage Venture Partners and Vista Ventures. LeftHand Networks is also a Garage Technology Ventures portfolio company. The funds will be used for development, marketing, and sales of LeftHand's recently introduced NSM 100 product.

September 6, 2005 - LeftHand Networks®, a leading provider of complete iSCSI storage area network (SAN) solutions built using patented storage clustering technology, today announced completion of a $25 million dollar round of Series C financing. The C round funding brings the total equity investment in LeftHand Networks to $75 million. Valhalla Partners led the round, with new participation from JPMorgan Chase, as well as funding support from all existing venture investors. LeftHand Networks will use this investment to extend global sales and support for the company's iSCSI SAN solutions based on its SAN/iQ software. The company will enter new geographic markets in Asia and expand its European presence to answer strong worldwide demand for its products. The demand is being fueled by the increasing need for distributed network storage solutions from both end-users and storage solution providers.
LightSand Communications 7 August 6, 2003 - LightSand, a developer of high-end SAN gateway products announced today that it has executed definitive agreements regarding a new round of funding and the acquisition of SANcastle Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of FCIP gateways and inter-fabric switch (AR/DAT) technology.

The investors in this round include Baring Equity Partners Asia, Concord Venture Partners, Fremont Ventures and Genesis Partners Group. The Boards of Directors of LightSand and SANcastle have approved the acquisition, which, after obtaining shareholder approval from each company and satisfying other closing conditions, is expected to close in August 2003.
Link_A_Media Devices 22 April 9, 2008 – Link_A_Media Devices Corporation, a leader in data recovery and transport technologies for storage devices, secured $22 million in Series B financing.

The funding round, led by AIG SunAmerica Ventures, was secured from four additional financial and corporate investors – KeyNote Ventures, NEC Electronics, Micron Technology, Inc and Seagate Technology.

Link_A_Media Devices is developing a new class of data recovery solutions for peripheral storage devices, including hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD).
Linux Networx 40 Nov. 4, 2004 - Linux Networx, the innovation leader in Linux cluster systems for high performance and technical computing, announced today it has closed $40 million in Series B funding. Oak Investment Partners led the round, which also included new investor Tudor Ventures.
LiveVault 25 June 20, 2000- LiveVault Corp. today announced that it has secured $17million in equity financing from several new strategic partners, including Dell Ventures, Iron Mountain Inc. and, Inc. The investment will support the launch of LiveVault services that provide continuous data protection for servers and database applications over secure Internet and private IP connections. The new participants in the round join several existing corporate investors, including ADIC, Comdisco, and Sumitomo.

February 4, 2002 LiveVault Corporation, the leading provider of fully managed online backup and recovery services, today announced that it has secured $8 million in equity financing. The funding was led by Matrix Partners and Atlas Venture. Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM), the leader in offsite data storage and protection and a LiveVault partner, continued its strong support of the company by participating in the financing, as did Adams Street Partners. Building on customer enthusiasm for the LiveVault Online Backup and Recovery Service, the financing will be used to both continue the enhancement of the service and accelerate its sale through LiveVault partners such as Iron Mountain and Compaq.
ManagedStorage International 50 March 30, 2000 StorageTek (Storage Technology Corp., NYSE:STK) and Great Hill Partners LLC today announced the formation of ManagedStorage International Inc. ManagedStorage International will offer data storage services including storage-on-demand, server backup, PC backup and content management services.

StorageTek Spins-Off Storage Solutions Business; Forms ManagedStorage International with Great Hill Partners; Receives $50 Million Equity Funding Commitment
Maranti Networks 57 December 18, 2001 - Maranti Networks announced today that it has received $25 million in series B funding, bringing its total equity investment to $31 million since being founded in October 2000. This second round of investment is led by Menlo Ventures and Trinity Ventures, along with Alliance Ventures, who led Maranti's first round of funding last year. Based on its patent-pending technology, Maranti will introduce the first standards-based, application aware storage switching platform enabling truly intelligent storage networks. Maranti Networks addresses the needs of today's complex enterprise storage environments by delivering storage services for business continuance with unprecedented scalability, availability and performance.

February 9, 2004 - Maranti Networks announced completion of a $26 million Series C round of expansion financing led by JPMorgan Partners with participation by prior investors Menlo Ventures, Trinity Ventures and Alliance Ventures. The Series C round brings Maranti's total equity investment to $57 million since the company's founding in October 2000. In conjunction with the financing, Vikram Gupta, Principal of JPMorgan Partners, and Anil Gupta, CEO and President of Aristos Logic Corporation, will join Maranti's board of directors. Maranti will use the proceeds from this round of funding to fuel the growing global demand for its CoreSTOR product line and to expand its sales and marketing efforts.
Maximum Throughput 11 January 15, 2002 — Maximum Throughput Inc., an emerging leader in the networked storage market, today announced the completion of a $7 million Series A round of funding, bringing the total venture capital raised by the company to $11 million. Participants in the round were new investors GTI Capital, The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Venture Capital and NB Capital Venture Partners. The proceeds will be used to launch Maximum Throughput's innovative software-based networked storage solutions. The company makes the world's fastest Network Attached Storage (NAS) system according to an independent evaluation recently published by eTesting Labs (, an industry leader in Internet and technology testing. Additionally, the company will build its sales, marketing and customer service organizations, as well as grow its product development team.
Maxoptix 30 November 27, 2000 - Maxoptix, Corp. today announced that it has completed a second round of funding, totaling more than $18 million. The company has now secured more than $30 million in two rounds of funding. The lead investors for this round of funding include Smart Technology Ventures III SBIC with $4 million, Hunt Ventures L.P with nearly $1 million, Vahit Yazici with $2.6 million, H.T. Ardinger Jr. with $7 million, and Lafe Holdings Limited with $2 million.
MaXXan Systems 113 September 23, 2002. MaXXan Systems, Inc., the leading developer of next-generation storage area networking infrastructure technology, today announced that it has closed on $25 million in additional equity financing. The new funding brings the total equity raised to date to more than $63 million. Including the previously announced $10 million equipment financing credit line the total amount of financing secured to date exceeds $73 million.

MaXXan's current investors, U.S. Venture Partners, Venrock Associates, Lucent Venture Partners, Ironweed Capital, Trellis Partners, UMC, United Investment, The China Development Industrial Bank, and Premier Capital Management all participated in this round. New investors include Askew International Corp., Global Strategic Investment Fund, Chiao Tung Bank, Prudence Capital, Infinity Global Investment, Ltd., and WQ Investments. The new funding was handled as an extension to MaXXan's previous funding round announced in 2001.

December 13, 2004 – MaXXan Systems, Inc., the first company to ship network-based intelligent storage solutions, today announced that it has received an additional $29 million in venture funding led by BA Venture Partners, bringing the total secured financing in the company to $113 million since its incorporation in 2000. Other investors included US Venture Partners (USVP), Venrock Associates, China Development Industrial Bank, Inc. and Inventec Corporation. The capital raised will be used to ramp up the sales, marketing and support organizations, as well as to open an interoperability lab to meet the growing demand for the company's fabric-based intelligent storage switches and appliances.
Mellanox Technologies 89 Feb 11, 2002 - Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., the leading provider of InfiniBandSM silicon, announced today it has secured $56 million in its third round of funding. The round, led by Bessemer Venture Partners, includes both existing and new corporate and financial investors. In addition to Bessemer, new investors participating in the round include: Banc of America Securities, China Development Investment Bank, Dell Computer Corp, Gemini Israel Funds, Jerusalem Global Ventures, JNI Corporation, Quanta Computers, Sun Microsystems Inc., Walden Israel Venture Capital and additional corporate and private investors. Previous investors also participating in this round of funding include Intel Capital, Raza Venture Management, Sequoia Capital, US Venture Partners and Vitesse Semiconductor. MellanoxTM is pleased to welcome Rob S. Chandra, from Bessemer Venture Partners, as the newest member of the board of directors, joining Irwin Federman (US Venture Partners), Pierre Lamond (Sequoia Capital), Atiq Raza (Raza Venture Management), and Eyal Waldman (Mellanox).

The closing of this round of funding brings the total investments in Mellanox to more than $89 million.
Mendocino Software 15 March 30, 2004 - Mendocino Software today announced it has secured and completed $15 million in its Series A funding round. Mayfield and Accel Partners co-led the round, with additional participation from Advent International and Foundation Capital. The funds will be used for growing the engineering/product organization and for rapidly deploying the necessary support for end-user customers, OEM and strategic partners.
Merlin Software Technologies 2.1 April 26, 2001- Merlin Software Technologies International, Inc. (OTC:MLSW), publisher of PerfectBackUP, today announced that it has received $1 million in funding from several institutional investors. The $1.0 million in proceeds is the second tranche of a $2.1 million private placement which closed on August 24, 2001.
MonoSphere 11 October 25, 2006 - MonoSphere Inc. today announced it has closed $11 million in Series B funding. Led by Intel Capital, this funding round also included additional investments from existing investors, ComVentures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. This new funding enabled MonoSphere to expand its national reach by opening a New York office.
Mountain View Data 3 Dec. 20, 2001--Mountain View Data, Inc. announced the closing of $3 million in its first round of outside funding. Participating in the round were venture capital firms Nippon Venture Capital, Orix Capital, and Tsunami Network Partners. As part of the funding agreement, Tsunami Network Partners will hold a seat on Mountain View Data's board of directors.
MTI Technology 15 June 22, 2004 – MTI Technology Corporation (Nasdaq/SCM: MTIC), a global provider of data storage products, data management and protection solutions, professional services and support, today announced that it has raised $15 million, before consideration of professional fees, in a private placement equity financing transaction led by Advent International. In connection with the financing, MTI issued 566,797 shares of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock at $26.46 per share and warrants to purchase 1,624,308 shares of Common Stock of MTI with an exercise price of $3.10 per share.

"The proceeds from the Advent investment will be used to support the continued expansion of our sales and professional services organizations," said Thomas P. Raimondi, President and CEO of MTI. "With Advent's strategic and financial support, we believe we are well positioned to focus on sustainable growth and improving the financial metrics of our business. Continued development as a provider of mid-market solutions is an important element of MTI's overall growth plans."
Nanochip 34 Jan. 22 2008 – Nanochip, Inc., a developer of advanced microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) silicon data storage chips, today announced the completion of a $14 million financing round. In conjunction with Intel Capital and JK&B;Capital, both investors in earlier rounds, this round was led by an additional world-class investment company. The financing round will allow Nanochip to complete development of its first prototypes later this year to support design verification testing and limited customer sampling in 2009.

Nanochip is developing a new class of ultra-high-capacity storage chips enabling the storage of tens of gigabytes of data per chip.

March 8, 2004 - Nanochip, Inc., a MEMS-based storage company, today announced that it has secured $20 million in its Series B financing. JK&B Capital led this round, and was joined by leading institutional and corporate investors, including New Enterprise Associates, Microsoft and AKN Technology. MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) are microscopic devices that are produced on semiconductor chips and are measured in micrometers.

Nanochip is developing a new class of MEMS-based storage products that are smaller, faster, use less power, and achieve dramatically higher storage densities than anything available in today's market. These multi-gigabyte storage chips are designed to be used in a wide range of consumer electronic products, including Web phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, mobile PCs, and related wireless and remote storage appliances.
Neartek 35 April 23, 2002 – Neartek, Inc., the independent leader in tape virtualization software and services, announced today that it has raised $27 million in new financing. Benchmark Capital, the leading global technology venture capital firm, led the round. Earlier investors Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures and Magnum Telecom also participated significantly in this round. Goodwin Procter LLP served as counsel to Neartek on this transaction. George Coelho, General Partner at Benchmark Capital, has joined the Neartek Board of Directors.

October 10, 2003 - Neartek, Inc. today announced that it has received an additional $8 million in funding from Benchmark Capital, Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures and Magnum Telecom. The funding will be used to expand U.S. sales and marketing efforts, to continue support of Neartek's growing international customer base and to expand the company's European presence for its Virtual Storage Engine.
NeoPath Networks 6 March 8, 2004 - NeoPath Networks announced it closed a Series A round of financing in the spring of 2003, which is being used to develop a new class of intelligent file management technology that addresses the growth of unstructured file data. August Capital and DCM-Doll Capital Management co-led the financing round. Also participating in the round were DotEdu Ventures and Bill Joy through HighBAR Ventures. As a result of the financing, Vivek Mehra from August Captial and Rob Theis from DCM have joined the board of directors. Dr. Rajeev Motwani, Stanford University Professor of Computer Science, was also named to the board as an outside director.
NeoScale Systems 25.2 April 21, 2003 – NeoScale Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise storage security solutions for the networked storage and data storage management markets, today announced that is has secured $12 million in second round equity funding led by Sevin Rosen Funds with strong participation from current investors. These investments bring NeoScale's total financing to $25.5 million from top tier venture capitalists Bay Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Sevin Rosen Funds. The company is also announcing the appointment of industry veteran John McGraw as president, CEO and chairman of the board.
Nexsan Technologies 17 December 16, 2003 - Nexsan Technologies today announced that it has secured $17 million in venture capital funding, led by VantagePoint Venture Partners. RRE Ventures, Gesfid First Gen-e and a syndicate of individual investors formed by Beechtree Capital also participated in the round. Nexsan will use funds to continue to expand its rapidly growing global business.
NextIO 55 Austin, TX – June 8, 2009 – NextIO (, the premier provider of next-generation I/O solutions, today announced that the company has received a $15 million round of Series D funding. NextIO is the industry leader in providing intelligent, rack-optimized I/O virtualization (IOV) solutions based on high-performance PCI Express (PCIe) switching technology.
Nirvanix 12 September 18, 2007 – Nirvanix, Inc, provider of the first storage delivery service optimized for media applications, today announced that it has closed a $12 million equity financing round led by Mission Ventures and Valhalla Partners with participation from Windward Ventures. Nirvanix will use the funds to expand its business-to-business Storage Delivery Service (SDS) globally. The recently launched Nirvanix SDS already has more than 40 customers worldwide using the service.

"We are excited to lead this round of funding in a company that is revolutionizing the way user-generated content is stored and delivered to media applications," said David Ryan, Managing Partner of Mission Ventures. "We are at the intersection of the explosive growth of digital media and the requirement to add online storage to access and share this media from anywhere. Based on our extensive market and technical analysis, Nirvanix's platform is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this growth."

Nirvanix was founded by a team of storage and content delivery veterans from EMC, Brocade, McDATA, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, and Yahoo who recognized the need for a scalable storage service that would power the backbone of web applications and services. The Nirvanix service has been built from the ground up to support Internet-scale media storage requirements and to remove the barriers of managing and storing billions of files for millions of users. "Nirvanix has a tremendous clustered file system architecture
Nishan Systems 20 December 20, 1999 – Nishan Systems today announced that it has secured $20 million in its second round of financing, led by Raza Ventures. These investments bring Nishan's total funding to $30 million from the premier technology venture capitalists ComVentures, Weiss, Peck & Greer Venture Partners, Raza Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures, Discovery Ventures, and Altos Ventures. (Editor's note - this was a near miss on the dates, so I decided to include it.)
NSI Software 15 January 13, 2003 - NSI® Software today announced $15 million in funding led by ABS Capital Partners with participation from existing investors, Dell and J. & W. Seligman & Co. NSI will use the financing to advance research and development initiatives, continue its aggressive sales and marketing campaigns and further international growth. ABS Capital Partners' Laura L. Witt and Bobby Goswami will join NSI Software's board of directors.
OCZ 15 March 24, 2010 - OCZ disclosed it has closed $15 million in funding to support its growing SSD business.

OCZ's President and CEO, Ryan Petersen said "This round of funding will enable OCZ to continue its growth in SSDs and accelerate the development of next-generation solutions."
Onaro 7 April 26, 2004 – Onaro, Inc., a pioneer in the SAN control and change management market, today announced it has closed a $7.75 million Series B Preferred financing led by Newbury Ventures with participation from existing investor Cedar Fund. In conjunction with the financing, Trevor Kienzle, general partner of Newbury Ventures, will join the company's board of directors. The capital raised will fuel Onaro's growth and accelerate marketing efforts for its revolutionary Predictive Change Management technology for SANs.
ONStor 105 Editor:- this company has changed its name more than once. From Agile Storage, to ClariStor, and then to ONStor.

March 19, 2002.— Agile Storage, Inc., a pioneer of file services solutions for networked storage, announced today that it has attracted $26 million in Series B funding, bringing its total equity investment to $40 million. This investment was finalized in under 90 days and is led by Worldview Technology Partners. Current investors Foundation Capital and Mayfield also participated in this round. With this funding, Agile Storage is poised to deliver a new class of networked storage solutions that combine file-level services with a unique high performance architecture.

June 2, 2005 – ONStor Inc., the leader in Enterprise NAS Gateway solutions for multi-vendor storage, today announced that it has secured $24 million in additional venture funding, bringing the total equity investment in the company to $79 million. The investment was led by ComVentures, with the participation of existing investors Mayfield, Foundation Capital, and Worldview Technology Partners. The capital raised will be used to ramp up global sales, marketing, R&D, and support functions to meet growing demand for the company's NAS Gateway solutions.

August 1, 2007 - ONStor, the leading provider of scalable clustered network attached storage (NAS) solutions for the enterprise, today announced it has closed a $27 million mezzanine round of funding. New investor Sand Hill Capital joins existing investors Foundation Capital, Mayfield Fund, ComVentures, and Worldview Technology Partners to support ONStor in this final round of funding.
OuterBay 40 July 22, 2002 - OuterBay, a provider of application data management software, today announced an additional investment of $9 million, bringing total venture capital funding in the company to $19 million. New investor Redpoint Ventures of Menlo Park, Calif., led the round with existing investors, BA Venture Partners and Leapfrog, demonstrating their continued support of OuterBay through the expansion of their initial investments.

March 21, 2005 — OuterBay, a leader in information lifecycle management (ILM) solutions for applications and databases, today announced it has received $12 million in Series C financing. Focus Ventures led the round with a $4.2 million investment, bringing OuterBay's total funding to $40 million. The round was completed at an increased valuation over the prior round, which occurred in June of 2003. Previous investors BA Venture Partners, LeapFrog Ventures, Mayfield, and Redpoint Ventures also participated. The financing will be used to expand field and product operations for OuterBay's ILM products.
Paceline Systems 21.5 April 24, 2001 - Paceline Systems announced today it has received $20 million in financing from top-tier venture capitalists. The funds will enable Paceline to develop data center networking products based on InfiniBand technology, a new switching technology that interconnects servers, storage systems and communications equipment in a high performance network. The series B financing was led by BancBoston Ventures and included Commonwealth Capital Ventures, Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown, Kodiak Venture Partners, Goldman Sachs and prominent individuals from the networking industry. The new funds will enable the company to expand its staff of experienced hardware and software engineers and to purchase product development materials. The company received $1.5 million in seed financing from Kodiak Venture Partners last year.
Panasas 68.5 October 1, 2001 — Panasas, Inc., the pioneering leader in smart and infinitely scalable storage networks, today announced that it has secured $25.4 Million in additional funding from three leading technology investment firms, bringing its total funding to $36.5 Million to date. Carlyle Venture Partners, an affiliate of private equity giant The Carlyle Group, leads the round in partnership with global investment bank Goldman Sachs and Mohr, Davidow Ventures (MDV), which led the company's initial funding round of $10 Million. Additionally, Bob Grady, managing director of Carlyle Venture Partners, has joined Panasas's board of directors.

September 16, 2002 — Panasas, Inc., a pioneering company delivering the world's most scalable and agile storage network, announced today that it has secured $32 million in additional funding from six leading investment and technology firms. Centennial Ventures, a major investor in the communications industry, leads the round. Intel Capital, Intel's strategic investment program and Novak-Biddle Venture Partners are also new investors. Previous investors participating include Carlyle Venture Partners, Evercore Ventures and Mohr, Davidow Ventures (MDV), a third-time investor in Panasas. Steve Halstedt, managing director and co-founder of Centennial Ventures, has joined Panasas's board of directors.
Parascale 11 June 23, 2008 – Parascale, a provider of cloud storage solutions for rich media content in traffic-intensive applications, today announced that it has closed a $11.37 million Series A financing round led by venture capital firms Charles River Ventures and Menlo Ventures. Parascale plans to use the funding for product development and marketing initiatives in preparation for the launch of Parascale Cloud Storage (PCS), an application that aggregates disk storage on multiple standard Linux servers providing one highly scalable storage cloud, accessible via standard file access protocols.

Parascale has developed a new class of storage solutions designed to support video-on-demand, digital document archiving, scientific data analysis, video surveillance and medical image remote diagnosis among others. The company's PCS software is patented technology which automatically and transparently migrates and replicates files among storage nodes to balance and optimize performance – without interruption in client access.
Peak 10 9.2 April 5, 2002- Peak 10, Inc.- a leading regional Data Center Services provider- closed a $9.2 million Series C round of funding this week, led by existing investors Seaport Capital of New York and Frontier Capital of Charlotte. Proceeds from the offering will fund the operations of Peak 10's existing Data Centers through break-even and will finance the build-out of additional Data Centers.
Picolight 10 Jan. 21, 2004--Picolight today announced that it closed a $10M funding round Dec. 30 led by St. Paul Venture Capital and BA Venture Partners (Bank of America).
Pillar Data Systems 200 Pillar Data Systems is privately funded by Tako Ventures, LLC, the venture arm of Larry Ellison.
Pirus Networks 55 September 25, 2001 - Pirus Networks, a next-generation storage networking company, today announced that it has closed an additional $9.5 million in funding from JAFCO Ventures as part of a Series B round, which brings the total raised by Pirus to-date to more than $55 million. In March 2001, the company announced the first stage of its Series B funding that included investments from storage industry leaders StorageNetworks, Inc. (Nasdaq: STOR) and VERITAS Software (Nasdaq: VRTS), venture investment from BlueStream Ventures, and additional funding from first round investors Bessemer Venture Partners and Charles River Venture Partners.

The new funding is targeted to expand the company's marketing, sales and support efforts as Pirus moves towards distribution of the industry's first Storage Utility Switch (PSX-1000). Additionally, JAFCO will provide an extensive network of contacts and new business development teams in Japan and Southeast Asia, to support the Pirus global initiatives.
Pivot3 24 January 28, 2008 – Pivot3 Inc, the inventor of high-definition storage based on distributed RAID, today announced that it has received $24 million in series C venture funding led by Mesirow Financial Capital Partners IX. Participation in this round also included new investor Silver Creek Ventures, and existing investors Lightspeed Venture Partners and InterWest Partners.
Platypus Technology 7 April 8, 2002 - Platypus Technology, the high-performance solid-state storage system developer, today announced that the company has closed its second round of funding, totaling $7 million. The second round of financing is co-led by Washington-based ECentury Capital and Technology Venture Partners, a leader in information technology and communications funds in Australia. Additional key investors include Mitsubishi, The Carlyle Group and JAFCO Asia, the latter two having been investors in the company's initial round of funding. Since launching a new product suite in the U.S. last fall, Platypus has secured a significant share of the burgeoning solid-state storage sector, a market that is expected to reach $2 billion by 2006. With the new funding in place, Platypus will further extend its current suite of solid-state storage products as well as the company's sales and marketing initiatives, according to Platypus CEO Colin Lillywhite.
Pliant Technology 23 March 30, 2009 – Pliant Technology, developer of Enterprise Flash Drives (EFDs), a new class of high-performance solid state storage devices for the enterprise, today announced that it has received $15 million in Series C funding.

Pliant's EFDs are designed to deliver dramatically higher levels of I/O performance while meeting the growing need for increased energy efficiency and reliability in enterprise computing environments. Pliant plans to use the Series C funding as working capital to support the volume production ramp-up of its first EFD solutions. The company will also leverage the funding to begin expanding its EFD product portfolio. Pliant began delivery of initial EFD units to major OEMs in late 2008. Pliant's Series C funding round includes the addition of Menlo Ventures, one of the world's largest VC firms focusing on the information technology sector, and managing director Mark A. Siegel has joined Pliant's board of directors.
PolyServe 25 PolyServe has attracted approximately $25 million in investment led by premier venture capital firms Greylock,New Enterprise Associates and The Roda Group. Incorporated in 1999, PolyServe has been successfully enabling Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises to create highly available and recoverable computing and storage environments.
Precision I/O 10 Mar. 29, 2004 – Precision I/O, Inc., has raised $10 million in venture funding to bring to market a new high-performance server I/O architecture based on Ethernet, the foundation technology of today's ubiquitous IP networks. The company's products, to be introduced beginning in mid-2004, will open up the server-to-network bottleneck that has plagued enterprises in their efforts to bring the benefits of high-speed networking to data-center and high-performance computing applications.

Lead investors in the company's first round of venture funding are Advanced Technology Ventures (ATV), Palo Alto, Calif.; 3i, Menlo Park, Calif.; and Foundation Capital, Menlo Park, Calif. Precision I/O was spun out in March 2003 from Packet Design, LLC, which provided seed funding. Judy Estrin, Precision I/O's chairman and acting CEO, said the company is the first to solve the server I/O problem using standard IP/Ethernet infrastructure. Previous approaches have been proprietary solutions or complex new switch fabric technologies (e.g., InfiniBand) that require users to deploy a costly secondary switch infrastructure and make significant software modifications.

Precision I/O products will be implemented initially as software solutions that support network speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, and later as hardware/software solutions that support wire-rate processing of 10 Gbps. Products will be offered for Unix, Linux and Windows operating system environments. The company plans to sell its products chiefly through system integrators, value-added resellers and OEMs.
Princeton Softech 21 March 26, 2002 – Princeton Softech, the pioneer and leader in active archiving technologies, today announced it has closed a $21 million deal with Apax Partners, Inc. and co-investor LLR Partners, Inc. The funding enables Princeton Softech to spin out from its parent company, Computer Horizons Corp., and fortify its leadership position in the active archiving market.
ProactiveNet 50 ALVISO, CA - July 17, 2001 - ProactiveNet, Inc., the leading provider of operations performance assurance solutions for applications and web technology infrastructures, announced today that it closed a $15million round led by Wit Soundview Ventures, a leading technology investment bank, and has also received funding from Sun Microsystems, a leading provider of software, hardware and services that power the Internet. The new funding, in addition to previous investments from Crosspoint Venture Partners, Sevin Rosen Funds, Oak Investment Partners and others, brings the total capitalization to $50million, and makes ProactiveNet one of the best funded software companies in the infrastructure management space. The funds will be used for R&D, international expansion, and channel development.
ProStor Systems 18.4 Nov. 2, 2005 – ProStor Systems, a data storage company founded in May 2004, that has attracted some of the most experienced talent from the disk and tape technology industries, made its public debut today by introducing the firm's RDXTM technology, a revolutionary removable disk-based data storage backup, recovery and archive solution that combines the best features of disk and tape and scales from the small enterprise to the data center.

Leading the ProStor team as CEO and president is industry veteran Steve Georgis, who brings more than 28 years of data storage experience from Exabyte, StorageTek and Data General, and holds 15 technology patents. The executive lineup also includes COO and Vice President of Engineering Andrew Goldstein, with 28 years of product development, engineering, manufacturing, quality and executive management experience in the magnetic tape, disk drive and optical communications industries; Vice President of Sales Dave Perry, with 26 years of sales and business development in the data storage industry; Chief Financial Officer Merle McCreery, with 25 years of executive level financial management, administration and operations experience; Vice President of Marketing Liz Coker, with 23 years of experience in product and channel marketing of storage and IT technologies; and Director of Engineering Chris Alaimo, with 15 years of product development and management experience in data storage and telecom equipment industries. Chairman of the Board Peter Behrendt, a storage industry icon, was the former chairman, CEO and president of Exabyte, and is now a venture partner with New Enterprise Associates (NEA).

The company has raised $8.7 million in financing from New Enterprise Associates, Boulder Ventures and Western Technology Investment. This funding will be used to further develop, manufacture and market the RDX product line.

June 14, 2006 – ProStor Systems, a provider of removable disk storage solutions, today announced that it has secured $12.2 million in Series B funding, bringing the current investment in ProStor Systems to $18.4 million. The financing was led by Sutter Hill Ventures, based in Palo Alto, CA. Original ProStor Systems investors New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Boulder Ventures also participated in the round. The additional funds will be used to develop and sell the company's portfolio of RDXTM removable disk storage solutions as well as to expand its worldwide marketing and branding efforts.
RAIDCore 5 Nov. 3, 2003 - RAIDCore, Inc., maker of enterprise-class RAID storage solutions that set a new price/performance standard, today announced that Egan-Managed Capital and Longworth Venture Partners have committed $5 million in venture capital funding to the Company. The investment will support the company's push to bring the advantages of RAID storage technology to a wider range of users through RAIDCore's patent-pending Fulcrum Architecture™.
Rhapsody Networks 62 September 5, 2001 - Rhapsody Networks®, a provider of storage networking products for enterprises, announced today the completion of a $50 million second round of funding. Morgan Stanley Technology Ventures led the round, joined by previous investors Accel Partners and Sequoia Capital, and new institutional investors Amerindo Investment Advisors and others. Additional strategic investors contributing to this round include Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL) and Quantum Technology Ventures.

The funding will be used to accelerate development and launch of Rhapsody Networks storage network infrastructure products. Since its' founding in June 2000, the company has secured more than $62 million in total funding.
SANcastle Technologies 20 August 25, 2000 - SANcastle Technologies, Inc. announced today it has completed a $20 million second round of funding. The round was led by Genesis Partners and the Concord Venture Partner Group, previous investors in SANcastle. They were joined in this funding round by JP Morgan Investments.
SandForce ?? September 14, 2010 - SandForce announced it has closed $25 million in Series D funding, led by Canaan Partners.
Sanera Systems 66 October 2, 2001 - Sanera Systems, Inc., a start-up building industry's first terabit, protocol transparent SAN switch, announced today that it has secured $38.3 million in second round financing. Enterprise Partners Venture Capital and Greylock Ventures led the funding. Current investors Storm Ventures, CMEA and E*Trade also participated in the second round funding validating Sanera Systems' vision. First round investors included Storm Ventures, CMEA, Acorn Venture Partners, E*Trade Ventures and angels who collectively invested $17.5 million in September 2000, bringing total venture funding raised to $55.8 million.

March 18, 2002 - Sanera Systems, Inc., a start-up building a highly reliable and scalable datacenter-class switch for enterprise storage area networks (SANs), announced today that it has secured $10 million in equity financing from Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs joins Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, Greylock, Storm Ventures, CMEA, E*Trade, Acorn Venture Partners and others as investors in the company. Total venture funding raised to date is $66 million, including recent Series B funding of $38.3M in September 2001.
SANRAD 8 August 2, 2004 – SANRAD Incorporated, a leader in developing and delivering intelligent iSCSI IP SAN solutions, today announced that it has closed a funding round of $8 million with leading venture capital firm Sequoia Capital as the principal investor.

The capital raised in SANRAD's latest funding round will mainly be used to continue the company's aggressive market expansion with its IP storage networking solutions into computing environments throughout the world. In addition to expanding sales, marketing and support, SANRAD will also use a portion of the funds to bring future products to market and to facilitate its previously announced development of worldwide headquarters in California's Silicon Valley.
Sanrise 203 May 2, 2001 — Sanrise Group, Inc., and its subsidiaries, a privately held global managed storage service provider, announced today that it has successfully completed the second closing of its Series B equity round in the total amount of $115 million. This substantial round positions sanrise™ as a dominant force in the managed data storage arena, and brings the total amount of equity, debt and lease facilities issued, raised and committed to $203 million since the company's inception in May of 2000.

The Series B investors include: ACON Venture Partners, a Texas Pacific Group affiliate; Comdisco Ventures, a division of Comdisco, Inc. (NYSE: CDO); Crosspoint Venture Partners; Exodus Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: EXDS); GATX Ventures, Inc., a subsidiary of GATX Corporation (NYSE: GMT); Global Innovation Partners; Greenbridge Partners LLC; The Greenspun Corporation; Hitachi Data Systems Corporation, Hitachi Ltd. (NYSE: HIT); Lighthouse Capital Partners; Morgan Keegan (NYSE: MOR); Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Equity Funding, an affiliate of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (NYSE: MWD); Oasis Ventures; and VERITAS Software Corporation (NASDAQ: VRTS).
SAN Valley Systems 25 July 19, 2000- SAN Valley Systems, Inc. "The Internet-SAN Company", today announced that it has raised an additional $25 million in its second round of funding, bringing the total financing to over $31 million since the Company's inception in August, 1999. SAN Valley will use the funds to execute its product strategy aimed at delivering Internet Protocol (IP) based Storage Area Network (SAN) optical edge access products that enable seamless connectivity over Internet Protocol (IP) based Metropolitan and Wide Area Network infrastructures.

Funding from Moore Capital, Vertex Management, Upstart Capital, Innovacom Venture Capital, Agilent Technologies and Cisco Systems will enable SAN Valley Systems to execute Fibre Channel to Internet Protocol Storage Area Network optical edge access product strategy.
Scale Eight 54.5 SAN FRANCISCO, August 6, 2001 - Scale EightSM, Inc., a provider of global data storage solutions, announced today that it has secured $23 million in third-round funding from a group of leading venture capital firms. The funding will be used to advance the company's operations, marketing and sales efforts in support of the Scale Eight Global Storage Service.

The round was led by Oak Investment Partners. STAR Ventures participated as a new investor, joining existing backers InterWest Partners, CenterPoint Ventures, and Crown Advisors.

San Francisco, CA - July 25, 2000 - Scale EightSM, Inc., a leading provider of Internet storage infrastructure services, announced today that it has secured $26.5 million in second-round funding from a group of leading venture capital firms. The funding will be used to ramp the Company's sales, marketing and international operations.

Oak Investment Partners led the round as a new investor. Joining Oak were Scale Eight's first-round venture partners InterWest Partners, CenterPoint Ventures, and Crown Advisors, as well as several private investors. The terms of the investment include Fred Harman's appointment to the board of directors. Mr. Harman, a general partner at Oak, holds seats on the boards of Inktomi Corporation and InterNAP Network Service Corporation and led Oak's investment in Exodus Communications. Mr. Harman has extensive experience working with companies whose goal is to scale the Internet.
Scentric 10 April 19, 2006 - Scentric today launched its corporate identity, and website following the recent expansion of its Series A funding round to $10.4 million from HIG Ventures, Valhalla Partners, Imlay Investments and ATDC.
Seanodes 6.5+ November 6th, 2007 - Seanodes, which launched in the US at Storage Networking World in Dallas last month, today announced the closure of a $6.5 million funding round led by investment firm 123Venture and GALIA Gestion that will propel the company's rapid expansion of its Shared Internal Storage concept to customers worldwide. This round also includes initial investment firms ELAIA Ventures, IRDI/ICSO.

The additional funding will be used by Seanodes to continue research and development, expand marketing initiatives and increase its sales and support infrastructure in advance of the launch of its revolutionary Shared Internal Storage software technology that provides a new paradigm for commoditized infrastructures, combining the best elements of NAS, SAN and DAS to benefit users in a whole new way.
Senforce Technologies 13 Apr. 13, 2004— Senforce Technologies™, Inc., the leader in location-aware endpoint security, today announced it has closed $12.4 million in financing in the company's largest-ever investment round. The round was co-led by vSpring Capital and Thomas Weisel Venture Partners, and included a syndicate of new investor American River Ventures and current Senforce investors Rocket Ventures, and EsNet Group. The size and timing of the investment signifies strong venture community confidence in Senforce's technology, product direction, and business growth opportunities in the mobile endpoint security market.
SiliconStor 12 March 29, 2005 – SiliconStor, Inc., a provider of innovative silicon solutions for enterprise storage, today announced it has completed its second round of private funding, raising $9 million. This is the first institutional investment in the company, following private individual investment of $3 million in seed capital.

The Series B investment round was led by VSP Capital (formerly Venture Strategy Partners, San Francisco, CA), and also includes APV Technology Partners (Palo Alto, CA). John Hamm, general partner at VSP Capital, has joined the SiliconStor board of directors, which also includes president and CEO Michael Ofstedahl, William Stewart from APV Technology Partners, Charles Smith from CHS Ventures and chairman of the board, Petro Estakhri. SiliconStor will use the Series B capital to position the company for the next phase of customer acquisition, revenue growth and for expanding the company's sales, applications engineering, marketing, and R&D organizations.

"SiliconStor is a unique early stage company in that it is shipping product commercially, has strong customer design win traction in a significant market space, and is poised for immediate revenue growth," said John Hamm, general partner at VSP Capital. "Enterprise IT organizations are clearly emphasizing lower cost storage solutions for information life-cycle management (ILM), infrastructure ROI, and regulatory compliance initiatives. SiliconStor's technology and product timing are perfectly aligned to enable rapid customer adoption of SATA disk drives for online and nearline storage arrays, a market that is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years."
SiliconSystems April 4, 2004 -- SiliconSystems, Inc., a leading provider of solid-state storage solutions to the Enterprise System OEM market, announced today that it has closed a first round of venture capital funding with Miramar Venture Partners. Miramar, located in Orange County, California, has been a key investor in leading edge technology companies with strong growth potential.

In announcing the investment, Michael Hajeck, SiliconSystems' CEO and co-founder, emphasized that there is investment capital available for the right story. "We succeeded in raising financing because of our strong fundamentals and our outstanding management team," Hajeck stated. "These are very difficult market conditions in which to raise money and the market is highly selective. As a result, we specifically targeted our fund-raising efforts to Miramar because of their expertise in our technology and their outstanding reputation in the venture capital community. We are extremely pleased with our new financial partner," Hajeck concluded.
Sierra Logic 32 January 7, 2002 - Sierra Logic, a fab-less storage semiconductor startup, announced today that it has raised a total of $5.25M in funding for its Series A round. Lead participants were Quantum Technology Ventures, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, and Palo Alto-based Texas Pacific Group Ventures.

October 30, 2003. Sierra Logic, a storage semiconductor company, announced today that it has raised $15 million in its third round of financing, bringing its total funds raised to over $32 million. All current investors participated, including JPMorgan Partners, TPG Ventures, InterWest Partners and QTV Capital.
Sistina Software 20 February 10 , 2003 - Sistina Software, the premier storage infrastructure software company delivering data-sharing solutions for enterprise and technical computing customers, today announced that it secured a round of financing from top venture capitalist firms for $10 million. Led by Crescendo Ventures, the series B round includes Validus Partners and series A lead St. Paul Venture Capital, bringing the Company's total funding to more than $20 million.

This round of funding enables Sistina to progressively expand the company in order to meet increasing customer demand and fully capitalize on its leadership position. In addition, the funding will allow Sistina to enhance its business operations, plus market new enterprise products, such as the first cluster file system solution for IBM® Linux® mainframes, delivered with its partner Mainline Information Systems.
SolidFire 37 October 25, 2011 - SolidFire announced that it has raised $25 million in its second funding round, bringing its total funding to $37 million..
Spinnaker Networks 51.4 April 11, 2000 - Spinnaker Networks, a Pittsburgh based technology start-up firm, announced today that it has secured $20.4 million in first-round financing from two leading west coast venture capital funds - Norwest Venture Partners and Menlo Ventures. This level of capitalization in the early stage of a company's development is unprecedented in the Pittsburgh region.

May 20, 2002 ­ Spinnaker Networks, Inc., a leader in developing next-generation, distributed storage systems, today announced that it has successfully raised $31 million in its Series B funding round. This second funding follows an initial funding round of $20.4 million in 2000. The second round of investment was led by Mellon Ventures, Inc., with GIC Special Investments also joining as a new investor. Series A investors Menlo Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners, also participated in the funding round.
StarWind Software ?? February 3, 2009 – StarWind Software Inc., a provider of iSCSI SAN and Storage Virtualization software, today announced their spin-off from Rocket Division Inc. and their first round of investor funding, led by ABRT Venture Fund. Rocket Division, a leader in storage solutions for the consumer and corporate markets will continue to serve the consumer market, while StarWind Software will be dedicated to developing storage software for small and midsize companies.

StarWind will expand their product offering capabilities, with a strong commitment to small and midsize companies, and will become an independent developer of StarWind product lines including iSCSI SAN (Storage Area Network) software solutions that have enterprise-class performance, reliability and manageability while still being affordable to SMBs. While StarWind products have been available globally via online sales, the investment by ABRT Venture Fund will help accelerate the company's growth by hiring a new management team that will expand sales, channel distribution and marketing efforts.
StoneFly Networks ? Investors include:- Palomar Ventures, Crescendo Ventures, El Dorado Ventures, and Intel Capital.
Storability 66 June 25, 2001 -- Storability, Inc., the world's leading provider of Automated Storage Management Solutions, today announced that it closed $30 million in its second round of funding. Led by Technology Partners and Sprout Group, the round also includes an investment from Lee Munder Venture Partners and additional funding by Storability's initial investors Battery Ventures, Madison Dearborn and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

September 8, 2003 -- Storability Software, the leading provider of Enterprise Storage Resource Management (ESRM) solutions, today announced that it has secured $7M in financing, bringing the company's total funding to date to $66M. Existing investors Battery Ventures, Technology Partners, Sprout Group, and Lee Munder Venture Partners participated in the round, signaling their satisfaction with Storability's continued performance and growth over the past year as well as their confidence in the company's future direction.
StorageApps 75 November 13, 2000 - StorageApps today announced the completion of a $50 million strategic financing round led by Bowman Capital. The investment comes from a group of investors and customers, including Bessemer Trust, Bowman Capital, Dell Ventures, Enron Broadband Services, LSI Logic Storage Systems, and StorageNetworks, Inc. This round brings the total invested in StorageApps for the year to $75 million and adds to the current list of strategic partners that includes The Blackstone Group and Soros.
Storage Computer 5 August 16, 2001 -- Storage Computer Corporation (AMEX:SOS), a leading worldwide provider of high-performance storage, today announced that it has completed a $5,000,000 financing through a private placement of Preferred Stock to Rose Glen Capital Group, an existing institutional investor in the Series C Convertible Preferred Stock of the Company.
StorCard 14 April 12, 2004 – StorCard Inc. today announces the completion of Series C financing to complete development and preparation for volume production of the StorCard® platform, an innovative new technology platform. New Enterprises Associates (NEA) led the investment, with Rembrandt Venture Partners also participating for a total investment of US$8 million. This brings total investment in StorCard to US$14 million to date.

StorCard is developing products based on new technologies that combine the best features of flexible magnetic storage, intelligence and security technologies packaged in the ubiquitous credit card format – the industry's first intelligent, portable media. StorCard's patent pending technology provides a convenient way to securely transport, share and manage large amounts of personal or business information, while protecting the data from theft and tampering.
StoreAge Networking Technologies 25 January 25, 2001 - StoreAge Networking Technologies announced to day the completion of its second round financing totaling $25 million. Participating in the round were Cisco Systems, Genesis Partners, IIS Intelligent Information Systems (NASDAQ: IISL), Koonras Technologies, Morgan Keegan & Company (NYSE: MOR), Ophirtech as well as others. The round was divided into two phases the first of which ($14 million) was concluded in late December 2000.
Storewiz 9 June 5, 2007 - Storewiz Inc., the only provider of innovative online storage compression solutions, today announced that it has closed a $9 million round of funding with leading venture capital firm Sequoia Capital.

The Series B funding will be leveraged by Storewiz to boost the company's ability to meet the soaring demand for its solutions by organizations looking to benefit from its patent pending data compression technology to maximize their network infrastructure at a fraction of their current cost.

The investment by Sequoia enables Storewiz to aggressively expand its sales and marketing teams in the US and worldwide to meet soaring demand. The Storewiz unique primary data compression solutions, which were first introduced into computing environments around the world at the end of 2005, offer companies significant operating expense reductions such as: fewer hardware devices acquired and under management, reduced network traffic, less power consumption, and significant floor space savings all achieved while enhancing performance.

"Our investment strategy is to search out those companies that we believe will have the greatest impact in the industry in which they perform," said Shmil Levy, Sequoia Partner.
Tacit Networks 7.3 December 9, 2002 – Tacit Networks, Inc., an innovator in enterprise-class wide area network (WAN)-based storage consolidation solutions, announced today that it has raised $7.3 million in its first round of funding. The Investors in the round are RRE Ventures, Canaan Partners and Silicon Alley Seed Investors. The funding enables Tacit Networks to aggressively pursue its marketing goals and development plans. Tacit Networks' initial storage caching products are ready to ship (see related news, "Tacit Networks delivers LAN Speed Access to Data over WANs," also announced today).
TeraCloud 5.5 May 17, 2002 - TeraCloud Corporation, a leading storage resource management (SRM) software provider, announced today that it has closed $5.5 million in its first round of institutional funding. Boulder Ventures Limited, the lead investor, and Northwest Venture Associates financed the round, which will be used to expand the TeraCloud management team and help the company grow its base of Fortune 1000 customers. TeraCloud leveraged the expertise of Cascadia Capital, an investment bank based in Seattle, throughout the financing process.

Serving Fortune 1000 customers for more than 11 years, TeraCloud provides an integrated SRM solution for mainframe and distributed storage environments that allows companies to manage mission-critical data, maximize space use and improve capacity planning for the enterprise. The funds will be used to expand TeraCloud's sales, marketing and development teams in order to deliver next generation storage management solutions.
Topio 21 January 28, 2003 – Topio, a leading provider of next-generation data replication and disaster recovery solutions, today announced the completion of a $10 million second round of venture financing from Sigma Partners and Sequoia Capital. This most recent round raises Topio's total funding to date to $13 million. Topio will utilize the funds to expand sales, marketing, and product development activities. Sigma Partners, based in Menlo Park, California, led the round as a new investor and was joined by Sequoia Capital, Topio's original venture partner. Concurrent with Sigma Partners' investment, Pete Solvik, managing director of Sigma Partners and the former CIO of Cisco Systems has joined Topio's board of directors.

"Topio enables our enterprise customers to implement system-wide consistent disaster recovery for multi-vendor heterogeneous environments," said Yoram Novick, founder and CEO of Topio. "Topio's novel approach for data replication maintains the highest level of data integrity while exploiting standard IP networking to deliver long distance capability. Most importantly, Topio enables a dramatic reduction in disaster recovery TCO. This investment by Sigma Partners and Sequoia Capital is a strong vote of confidence in Topio and our ability to provide a robust, solid disaster recovery solution."

April 25, 2005 – Topio, the leading provider of enterprise software for data replication and recovery, announced today it has secured an $8 million round of venture financing; led by Star Ventures with participation of existing investors Sequoia Capital and Sigma Partners. Topio will utilize the funds to expand its sales, marketing, and product development activities to meet strong customer and channel demand throughout North America and Europe.

"We spent 2004 building a rock-solid installed base with leading enterprises and business continuity providers in North America and Europe," said Yoram Novick, Topio's founder and CEO. "In the first quarter of this year, we passed the 40-customer milestone across midrange and large enterprises.
Topspin Communications 67 November 4, 2003 - Topspin Communications, the leader in switched computing, today announced that it has secured a $20 Million third round of funding. The over-subscribed round was led by Meritech Capital Partners and included all investors from prior rounds, including Accel Partners, Advent International, Duff Ackerman & Goodrich, Presidio Venture Partners, and Redpoint Ventures. Topspin has raised over $67 Million to date.
Trebia Networks 40 July 23, 2001—Trebia Networks, Inc., an emerging leader in the development of innovative network processors for Storage Network applications, has secured over $30 million in funding from premier venture companies. Atlas Venture led Trebia Networks' second major funding round and was joined by Kodiak Venture Partners, Raza Foundries, BancBoston Ventures, VantagePoint Venture Partners, Allianz of America Inc., Deutsche Banc Alex Brown, and others. The funding will be used for continued product development as Trebia readies for first product shipment.

Coupled with Trebia Networks' initial seed funding round from Kodiak Venture Partners and a $9 million round from Kodiak, Raza Foundries and BancBoston Ventures, the company has raised over $40 million in venture capital.
Troika Networks 13 May 29, 2003 Troika Networks, Inc., the pioneer of the Network Storage Services Platform approach to SAN-based intelligence, announced that it has raised a $13M round of financing. Anthem Ventures Partners led the round, which included previous investors Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Dynafund Ventures, and Windward Ventures, as well as new investor Hamilton Apex Technology Ventures. This additional funding will allow Troika to capitalize on the many marketplace opportunities created by being first to market with the leading platform for accelerating network-based storage services.
TrueSAN 30 Jan. 17, 2001 - TrueSAN Networks, Inc., whose leading-edge technology is poised to revolutionize network infrastructure with more scalable, more manageable, and more flexible storage solutions, today announced the completion of a $30M second round of funding. Woodside Fund led the financing round, with additional investments from Merrill Lynch, QLogic Corporation, JT Venture Partners, Credit Suisse First Boston, Spring Creek Partners, and Finisar Corporation. TrueSAN will use the funding to expand its sales, marketing, and recruiting efforts as well as accelerate engineering initiatives that will enable the company to take a dominant position in open storage infrastructure solutions.
Unity Semiconductor 75 May 19, 2009.Unity Semiconductor Corp., a start ]up that will serve the semiconductor data storage market as a designer, developer and manufacturer of non volatile storage class memory integrated circuits announced today that it has closed its Series C round of financing of $22 million.

Founded in 2002 by Darrell Rinerson, a former executive at memory leader Micron Technology and at AMD, Unity Semiconductor will deliver the industry smallest die size and the lowest manufacturing cost per bit for its targeted market.

The $22M Series C financing came primarily from Unity Semiconductor three major venture capital investors. August Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Morgenthaler Ventures and a major hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturer, also a repeat investor. The latest round brings to nearly $75M the total funding to date in Unity Semiconductor.
VIEO 20 February 5, 2001 - VIEO, Inc., a provider of software products for the InfiniBand' architecture, today announced that it has raised $20 million in Series A funding. The investment is led by TL Ventures and includes One Liberty Ventures, Audax Venture Fund and Eyes of Texas Partners. Robert Fabbio, Managing Director of TL Ventures, Duncan McCallum, General Partner of One Liberty Ventures and a yet-to-be-named executive from Audax Venture Fund will join Newt Hamlin, chairman and CEO and Jim Mott, founder and CTO as members of VIEO's Board of Directors.
Virident Systems 50 Editor:- November 10, 2011 - Virident Systems today announced it has completed a $21 million Series C funding led by current investor Globespan Capital Partners with strategic investments from Intel Capital, Cisco and a storage solutions provider, along with existing investors Sequoia Capital and Artiman Ventures - bringing its total equity funding to $50 million.

(November 16, 2010) -- Virident Systems, Inc., the fast emerging leader in PCI Express Solid-state Storage Solutions, today announced that it has closed a new round of funding led by Sequoia Capital, the leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm, known for investments in high-quality, growth-oriented companies. The Series B round was co-led by another new investor, Globespan Capital Partners, together with participation from existing investors including Artiman Ventures who see continued value in Virident's vision for solid-state storage solutions in the enterprise datacenter. The funding will be used to accelerate Virident's solid-state storage solutions and scale to address this rapidly growing market demand.

Editor:- November 10, 2011 - Virident Systems today announced it has completed a $21 million Series C funding led by current investor Globespan Capital Partners with strategic investments from Intel Capital, Cisco and a storage solutions provider, along with existing investors Sequoia Capital and Artiman Ventures - bringing its total equity funding to $50 million.
Vixel February 19, 2003 –Vixel Corporation (Nasdaq: VIXL), a leading provider of storage networking technologies, today announced the execution of a definitive purchase agreement with Goldman Sachs and a leading Boston-based investment management firm for $8 million of convertible preferred stock and common stock warrants. "This transaction further solidifies our balance sheet and allows us to accelerate our leadership in the embedded storage switch market. We are delighted to receive this commitment from Goldman Sachs and a major institutional investor, and are particularly pleased that Goldman Sachs will bring their depth of experience with high-growth technology companies to our Company and Board of Directors," said Jim McCluney, president and CEO of Vixel Corporation.
Voltaire 65 April 17, 2001 - Tamir Fishman Ventures announced today the signing of an agreement to invest up to $2 million in Voltaire. Tamir Fishman Ventures will participate in a $7.3M round in Voltaire at a pre-money valuation of $11.5M (of which $2.5M constitutes conversion of a bridge loan). Tamir Fishman Ventures will invest alongside SFK Technologies, Polaris, Concorde Ventures and Challenge Fund. The deal is subject to fulfillment of final closing conditions.

January 7, 2002 -- Voltaire, Inc., a leader in intelligent connectivity solutions for InfiniBand, today announced that it has secured $13.2 million in private funding led by Baker Capital and unveiled plans to deliver a new class of intelligent routing solutions designed to help data centers take full advantage of the InfiniBand architecture when connecting to existing networks. Backed by industry-leading companies including Intel, IBM, Compaq, Dell, EMC, Sun and Microsoft, among others, InfiniBand is a next generation architecture and emerging standard for enhancing the performance and efficiency of data centers. In addition to Baker Capital, existing investor Pitango Venture Capital (formerly Polaris Venture Capital) also participated in this round. This new funding, in addition to a previous investment of $9.3 million by Platinum (formerly SFKT), Tamir Fishman Ventures, The Challenge Fund - Etgar L.P. and strategic investor Quantum Ventures, brings the total investment in Voltaire to $22.5 million. With this capital the company will accelerate the development and deployment of its TCP/IP to InfiniBand router product line.

March 8, 2004 - Voltaire, a leading provider of high performance InfiniBand solutions, today announced that it has secured $15 million in financing bringing the company's total funding to date to $50 million. Baker Capital, Pitango Venture Capital and new investor Vertex Venture Capital led the oversubscribed round. Existing investors Platinum Venture Capital, Tamir Fishman Ventures, and The Challenge Fund also participated.

June 6, 2005 – Voltaire, the leader in interconnect solutions for high performance grid computing, today announced that it has closed $15 million in financing. Baker Capital, Pitango Venture Capital and Vertex Venture Capital led the oversubscribed round. Existing investors Platinum Venture Capital, Tamir Fishman Ventures, and The Challenge Fund also participated. Among the new investors is Paul Bonderson, co-founder and former Vice President, Engineering of Brocade, who also contributed to the round.

"The market opportunity for InfiniBand-based solutions is growing rapidly, driven by the shift to grid computing in the enterprise and the high performance computing markets," said Ashley Leeds, partner, Baker Capital. "Voltaire is a leader in this market, having established successful partnerships with critical vendors such as HP, IBM, SGI, Sun, Apple, NEC, and Hitachi, and achieved solid customer successes. These were the important considerations underlying our continued support for the company."
Vyant Technologies 3 APRIL 10, 2003 -- Vyant Technologies, the developer of RealTime™, a new, rapid data-recovery software for enterprises, has received $3 million in additional funding from Capitol Ventures, a Washington D.C.-based venture firm. Capitol Ventures is the lead investor in Vyant Technologies.
WorldStor 33 December 19, 2000 - WorldStor, Inc., a leading storage services provider, announced today that it has secured over $33 million in their second round of financing. The funds were secured through investment partnerships with W. R. Huff Asset Management, Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds, Keystone Venture Capital, Five Paces Ventures and other strategic investors. This infusion of capital will be used to support WorldStor's rapidly growing infrastructure and to meet the rising staffing needs that have come with its exceptional growth over the past six months, including a dramatic increase in its client list.
Xiotech ?? November 05, 2002 - XIOtech Corporation today announced that Oak Investment Partners has made a significant equity investment in the Company, with the goal of accelerating the growth of XIOtech. Oak has 25 years of experience financing and nurturing companies to be market leaders. XIOtech Corporation, already the fastest growing Storage Area Networking (SAN) company in the world for 2000 and 2001 according to IDC, will use the partnership with Oak to target continued growth in the storage market.
XOsoft 30 July 7, 2004 - XOsoft, a leading provider of continuous application availability solutions for the enterprise, today announced that it has completed a $9 million financing round with its investors. XOsoft will use this funding to bolster its sales and marketing initiatives, to expand its number of channel partnerships and to integrate its software more tightly with major server and database platforms. Today's round of funding is XOsoft's fourth since the company's inception in 1999, bringing the total amount raised to nearly $30 million.
XtremIO 25 In December 2011 - SSD acceleration company, XtremIO secured a 2nd round of funding in December 2011 - from various source including Lightspeed Venture Partners - bringing its total funding upto $25 million.
Xythos 6.3 May 01, 2001 - Xythos Software, Inc, today announced that it received $6.3 million from IDG Ventures, Softbank Venture Capital and other investors. Both IDG and Softbank contributed $3 million each. Xythos develops sever-based file management software that provides secure file storage and sharing functions over the Web, leveraging businesses' existing storage network infrastructures.
Yipes 200 February 5, 2001 — Yipes Communications, Inc., the defining provider of managed optical IP networks, today announced the final close of its "C" funding round. The equity round raised $200 million, including the first close of $139 million, previously announced last October. The new investment brings the total equity that Yipes has raised to $291 million since the company's inception in July 1999, putting Yipes in the top tier of venture-funded enterprises.
YottaYotta 56 August 29, 2000: YottaYotta, theYottabyte NetStorage™ Company, announced today it has completed $35-million in financing with an impressive round of $25-million in its second round to close in the last six months with funds from key international players from the telecom, optical networking and storage industries. This Series B financing was led by new investors Davenport Capital Ventures of Boston (other portfolio companies include Corvis Corporation, Hyperchip and VIPswitch) and includes Optical Capital Group of Columbia (Light Connect, CiDRA, CODEON Corp.), Grosvenor Venture Partners III of Washington D.C. (Corvis Corporation, Light Logic and CODEON Corp.), Morgan Keegan of Memphis (Q Logic, Emulex, and Troika Networks) and TechnoCap of Montreal.

February 27, 2004: YottaYotta, the High Performance NetStorage Company, announced today that it has completed an impressive round of financing totaling $21 million. The $21 million includes over $13 million in investments from TechnoCap Inc., which led the round, Pryces (Barbados) Ltd., Regime des rentes du Mouvement des Caisses Desjardins, Bombardier Trust UK, Optical Capital Group LLC, Grosvenor Venture Partners III LP and Bank of America Investment Corporation. The $21 million also includes a strategic investment of $7.67 million from Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC), a special operating agency of Industry Canada.
Zambeel 53 November 5, 2001 – Zambeel, Inc., an enterprise-class data management and storage company, today announced it has received $52.6 million in second-round financing. Amerindo Investment Advisors and Aurora Technology Funds jointly led this round, which includes investments by Armada Venture Group, Integral Capital Partners, Juniper Networks, Merrill Lynch, Mitsui, Morgan Keegan and Sands Brothers. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and New Enterprise Associates, the two venture capital companies that participated in the first funding round for Zambeel, Inc., also participated in this round. This second-round funding brings the company's total funding to more than $65 million.

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