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Founded in 1993, APTARE provides leading-edge storage software and services to enterprises worldwide. The company's flagship storage software product, APTARE StorageConsole, makes 100% backup and recovery success achievable. By providing file-level metrics, service level tracking, predictive resource consumption analysis and charge-back billing tools, StorageConsole empowers organizations with the ability to optimize their backup infrastructure to achieve recovery success and significant operational cost reductions. APTARE is a privately held company with offices in Campbell, CA and New York, NY. For more information, visit or contact us at

article - the Dangers of Removable Storage Media by Pointsec
the Dangers of Removable Storage Media - article by Pointsec

In the early James Bond films of the 1960s, viewers were introduced to an array of implausible (at the time) portable high tech spy gadgets. Nowadays we know from our own everyday experience that something the size of a cigarette lighter can actually be a video camera with its own wireless internet access.

The proliferation of miniature high capacity storage devices creates a serious problem for commercial and national security. This article provides an up to date picture of the intrinsic dangers posed by current removable storage technologies. the article, ...Pointsec profile, Security, Removable Storage

profile updated March 2005

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