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Continuous Computing Corporation

Continuous Computing Corporation (CCPU) is ISO 9001 certified, and a leading provider of high-availability, Application-Ready Platform solutions that enable telecom equipment manufacturers to rapidly develop and deploy voice-over-packet (VoP), intelligent network (IN), OAM&P and wireless infrastructure applications. From softswitches and signaling gateways to RNC's and HLR's, over 500 projects with world leading telecom equipment vendors are powered by CCPU solutions. Offering customers a choice of modular building blocks at multiple levels of integration, these solutions include fully-managed Flex21(TM) cPCI platforms, high-performance Trillium(R) communications protocols, and easy-to-use upSuite(R) high-availability middleware. Addressing the time-to-market requirements of next-generation infrastructure, CCPU solutions are an integral part of the telecommunications network of today and tomorrow. For additional information, please visit or call (858) 882-8800.

scsi cards
SCSI adapter cards on
Megabyte found that SCSI was a safe
and reliable way to connect between
storage systems.
2005 Market Report on Sun Compatible OEMs
in the SPARC Product Directory

his article reviews the history of Sun's relationships with Sun compatible hardware OEMs and chronicles the 3 great culls of SPARC compatible OEMs.

The article also analyzes emerging new trends and strategic growth markets for Sun partners in 2005. the article

profile updated by vendor October 29, 2003

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