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Digi-Data Corporation, based in Columbia, Maryland, is a leading provider of online data services software and high-performance storage systems that address the long term retention, management and sharing of digital assets. Digi-Data Vaulting Services allow providers to offer a branded online backup and sharing application to their clients. Since 1960, Digi-Data has engineered its storage systems to the highest standards, combining proven technologies and innovative thinking to continually achieve unprecedented levels of performance, reliability, scalability and ease of management. For more information, visit

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Increasing Flash Solid State Disk Reliability - article by SiliconSystems

Solid state disks, based on flash technology, have greatly improved in performance in recent years and now compete head to head with RAM based accelerator systems. Flash also has significant advatanges in servers compared to RAM SSDs due to low power consumption.

But if you think that all solid state disks which use flash are equally reliable and enduring then think again.

That's a bit like saying that a Mercedes 300SL sports coupe is as tough as a Tiger tank because both were made in Germany and both are built out of metal. But as Oddball (Donald Sutherland) says in the movie Kelly's Heroes "I ain't messing with no Tigers."

This article by SiliconSystems, shows how their patented architecture cleverly manages the wear out mechanisms inherent in all flash media to deliver a disk lifetime that is about 4 times greater than of other enterprise flash products and upto 100 times greater than intrinsic flash memory. the article, ...SiliconSystems profile, Solid state disks

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