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enterprise disk backup perspective - by Zsolt Kerekes, editor

More than 10 years ago in an article called - the Next Decade in Storage - I explained why I thought hard disk backup would replace tape. Some of my biggest advertisers at the time were tape library companies and software companies in the tape ecosystem. They weren't to happy with that message...

But it was correct. And as predicted - you've been there and done that.

What will enterprise storage look like at the end of this decade - in 2020?

To see what comes next take a look at these articles:- SSD market analyst reports, introduction to enterprise storage silos, SSD empowered cloud

Disk backup (D2d) + VTLs

SSD backup
this way to the petabyte SSD
Disk to Disk Backup versus Tape
Could terabyte hard drives be given away free?
How many disks does it take to store a disk-full of data?
How enterprise backup moved from tape to disk - 1987 to 2011 milestones
Editor's pick of D2d and VTL companies?
Disk to disk backup used to be a hot topic here on - occupying a similar position in reader interests to that of solid state disks today.

So if I listed all the companies in the disk backup market which have been mentioned here on - then you'd get a very long list of over 500 vendors (and thousands of news / article mentions).

That wouldn't be very useful.

So, instead - I suggest you use the site search - or click on this link - which prepopulates the search with terms related to disk to disk backup.

Seriously - unless you're a student of storage history - if you're still looking for hard disk backup - you'll probably need to go to other sites which still talk about that old rotating media junk. As a publication we're better at leading the way to the new storage frontier - in a going forwards - rather than backwards direction.
"The winners in SSD software could be as important for data infrastructure as Microsoft was for PCs, or Oracle was for databases, or Google was for search."
get ready for a world in which all enterprise data touches SSDs
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Disk to disk backup
"I'm impressed by your new hotSTOR disk backup"
said Megabyte. "Does it make coffee too?"
"The more you drink, the faster it goes."
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