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Ten-year old everStor Software Corporation is a leading developer and publisher of enterprise-class storage-management software for high data-availability environments. Its products are self-managing "lights-out" solutions that protect a company's data -- in one location or throughout an enterprise -- and allow easy data recovery. Designed for Linux, Mac, and Sun Solaris Sparc and X86 platforms, everStor software covers the spectrum of enterprise storage-management solutions and can be easily integrated into existing networks. The company's products include: Replicator, which centralizes data replication and archiving; Hiarc HSM, which transparently manages data and migrates it to secondary media (providing virtually limitless storage capacity); and jb driver, which is an intelligent robotics driver for controlling tape libraries and optical jukeboxes. everStor's products are used by Fortune 2000 companies, the government and large institutions -- and are sold through VARs and OEMs worldwide.

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