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Imperial Technology

Headquartered in Seal Beach, Calif., Imperial Technology, has a legacy product line which incorporates a decade of experience designing and manufacturing high-performance storage solutions that shatter I/O bottlenecks to supercharge application performance. Imperial's products are installed on Sun, HP, Compaq/Digital, IBM and Unisys systems. They integrate and install seamlessly in environments that run Oracle, Sybase, Brocade, Veritas and EMC products.

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editor's comments:- Imperial Technology started selling enterprise RAM SSDs in 2001.

That version of Imperial went out of business, then a scaled down Imperial Technology resumed marketing under new ownership and was able to manufacture and supply the original range of solid state disks.

Then in Q3 2008 - it disappeared again. And the web domain name now belongs to an unrelated company.

Imperial's classic (2002) article - Tuning SANs with SSDs - shows how complicated it was for users to get the benefits of SSD acceleration before the advent of auto-caching SSDs and at a time when SSDs cost more - because it was the pre-flash enterprise era.

classic products from SSD market history
The ad below, from Imperial Technology ) is an example of a 3.5" parallel SCSI SSD featured here on in June 2002.
MegaRam-35 solid state disk from Imperial Technology - click for more info
MegaRam-35 - 3.5" SCSI SSD
from Imperial Technology

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many years ago - in SSD market history
Imperial's SSDs are eBay's Holiday Helpers

Editor:- December 11, 2000 - eBay has selected Imperial Technology as a strategic technology provider in ensuring high-speed transaction processing throughout and beyond the holidays.

"Imperial's products are an essential component of eBay's mission-critical infrastructure," said Marty Abbott, VP of operations at eBay. "Imperial has demonstrated to us their commitment to quality and ability to deliver a robust product. MegaRam solid state disks deliver the performance we need in many of our response time-critical transactions."

"Imperial Technology's MegaRam Solid State Disks are high-speed, random-access storage peripherals. Often, mounting only 3% of an application on a solid state disk is enough to realize the desired performance improvement, making a sound economical sense," said Farid Neema, president of Peripheral Concepts, a leading storage consultancy based in Santa Barbara, CA. "It is no surprise that one of the largest eBusiness sites finds this technology to be a strategic IT resource."

"Solid state disks have been around for a long time but are now experiencing a renaissance," stated Robert David, Imperial's senior VP of sales and marketing. "With the explosion of web content and delivery, and the huge increase in eBusiness transactions, SSDs are no longer being seen as an exotic technology, but as an enabling technology that allows companies to achieve a competitive advantage, as is the case with eBay."
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