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IDX Systems

Founded in 1969, IDX Systems Corporation provides information technology solutions to maximize value in the delivery of healthcare, improve the quality of patient service, enhance medical outcomes, and reduce the costs of care. IDX supports these objectives with a broad range of complementary, functionally rich, and highly integrated products installed at 2,600 client sites. Customers include 120,000 physicians who utilize practice management systems to improve patient care and other workflow processes. IDX Systems are installed at: § 320 Integrated delivery networks (IDNs) representing more than 500 hospitals § 260 large group practices with more than 100 physicians § 500 small and mid-size group practices with less than 100 physicians The IDX web strategy includes browser technology, e-commerce and web-based tools -- built using Internet architecture -- that facilitates access for patients, physicians and care providers to vital health information and data managed by the IDX clinical, administrative, financial, and managed care products. EDiX Corporation, an IDX subsidiary, offers medical transcription and clinical documentation services to physicians groups and hospital customers. IDX has 4,452 full-time employees.

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