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Call for Sponsors and Vendor Inputs for the STORAGEsearch
iSCSI Buyer Market Survey

Editor:- October 8, 2004 - ACSL, publisher of STORAGEsearch, has started talking to vendors about running a major iSCSI Buyer Market Survey in Q1 2005.

The small size of this market (revenue) in 2003/4 has disappointed many vendors and confounded many analysts' optimistic predictions. Some specific technical and marketing problems in the iSCSI market were cited in an article we published June 2004.

The iSCSI survey will look buyers' perceptions, inhibitors and disinhibitors, brand awareness, needs, applications, budgets and other issues.

Vendors interested in sponsoring the survey, helping compose questions or just advertising should contact the publisher by email. ...ACSL profile, ...iSCSI, Advertising info Market research
This survey will open in January 2005.
FAQs about the iSCSI Buyer Market Survey
Q. Can I contribute questions which will be asked in the survey?

A. Yes. We can't guarantee that all questions (or any particular question) will be used. But the survey design will seek to get answers which answers which benefit the iSCSI industry (both buyers and vendors).

Q. My company is not an advertiser on STORAGEsearch. How does that limit my ability to participate in the survey?

A. That's not a restrictive factor for contributing questions. Or commenting on the draft survey design.

Q. Are you looking for sponsors?

N. Yes. But we will run the survey anyway with or without them. Sponsors will get access to more of the results than will be published in our follow up articles.

Q. Will all the results be published on the STORAGEsearch web site?

A. We will extract results which are of interest to readers and publish them in later articles. But not everything will be of interest to our readers.

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