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NetMass, the safe data company, provides companies of all sizes highly secure and reliable remote backup solutions. Leveraging the efficiencies of the Internet, the company’s software-based data backup service has been helping organizations realize secure offsite data protection, business continuity and regulatory compliance since 1998. With a robust lineup of products, NetMass delivers server backup, database backup, data storage, file sharing, remote access and disaster recovery services. NetMass, Inc. has offices in Dallas and Houston and has partners and clients around the world. Visit for more information.

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Dispelling the Myths of Online Server Backup & Recovery - article by AmeriVault

What's the impression that comes to your mind when someone mentions - web based backup?

For years this segment has had a flaky image, due to the rush of get-rich-quick dotcoms that rushed into web backup around the turn of the millenium, with unrealistic business plans. Most of them vanished without out trace not long after.

Well, it's time to revise that image for two reasons. Firstly, the online backup companies which are still around in 2006 are those which survived the cold winds of recession which blew away the fly-by-night operators. Today's internet backup companies survive and thrive because they offer sound services to real customers. Secondly, this type of service is now an established part of the storage landscape and is not going to go away. This article dispells some of the myths about internet backup from the viewpoint of that experience. the article, ...AmeriVault profile, Web based backup and storage

profile from featured press release June 13, 2006

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