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The 10 most popular products that STORAGEsearchers seek

RAID systems are #1

Baughurst, UK, March 27, 2000 - ACSL, publisher of disclosed today the 10 most popular product areas visited by viewers of its computer storage web directory. The results measure the recent viewing patterns of over 50,000 readers.

The 10 most popular subjects are, in order:-

1 - RAID systems
2 - Hard drives
3 - Solid state disks
4 - Backup software
5 - SCSI converters
6 - RAM
7 - SAN
8 - DVD drives
9 - SCSI cables
10 - Tape drives & systems

Publisher Zsolt Kerekes said "The biggest change in the top 10, since we published a similar table a year ago, is the appearance of Storage Area Networks (SAN), in the top 10 list. Also, fibre channel adapter cards at #12, came slightly ahead of SCSI adapter cards which were at #13. The results above would not be typical for the storage market as a whole, but represent the interests of our readers which are predominantly in high value enterprise computing environments. Also RAID, which was the #2 subject last year is now the #1 most popular subject on our site".

About the publication:- was first launched in Q3 1998, as a dedicated computer storage portal in response to reader demands over many years to increase the coverage of storage within its Sun hardware buyer's guide, the SPARC Product Directory which recently celebrated 8 years of publication.


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