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COSTA MESA, Calif., October 6, 2000 - Emulex Corporation (NASDAQ:EMLX) announced today that its Board of Directors has authorized the Company to amend its Certificate of Incorporation to split its outstanding shares on a two-for-one basis and to make a proportionate increase in the number of authorized shares of its common stock, subject to the approval of the amendment by the holders of a majority of the Company's outstanding shares. Stockholders of record on October 2, 2000, will be entitled to vote on the Amendment of the Certificate of Incorporation at the annual stockholders meeting scheduled to be held on November 16, 2000, at The Sutton Place Hotel in Newport Beach, California.

The Company expects to mail its Notice of Annual Meeting of Stockholders on or after October 16, 2000. If the proposal is approved by the stockholders, the aggregate number of post-split shares of common stock that will be issued and outstanding will be approximately 73 million and the number of authorized shares of common stock will be increased from 120 million to 240 million. The Company expects to announce the effective date of the stock split as soon as practicable after the approval of the Amendment of the Certificate of Incorporation. ...Emulex profile

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, October 5, 2000 – Ciprico Inc. announced today that the Ruggedized 7000 Disk Array recently passed the MIL-STD 901D Grade B Class III shock testing verifying the Ruggedized 7000 Disk Array's durability in the most rigorous and harsh environments.

"Ciprico is committed to providing high quality products to withstand rigorous military environments," said Stacy Kelly, Ciprico Product Manager. "By passing this military standard with our Ruggedized 7000 solution, we are demonstrating to our customers that the Ruggedized 7000 Disk Array is a robust product that can withstand being placed in harsh environments for mission-critical satellite communication and data capture."

The MIL-STD 901D testing is a standard test for shock in shipboard C4I applications such as mission planning and mission rehearsal. Repeated 400 pound blows to the Ruggedized 7000 unit on all three axes were performed from heights of one foot, three feet and five feet. The unit passed with no exceptions. Ciprico ruggedized storage solutions have also met stringent US government standard requirements for operational vibration immunity and shock (MIL-STD-167-1) and for storage, transportation and non-operational conditions (MIL-STD-810C). The Ruggedized 7000 Disk Array was developed for harsh environments with stringent shock and vibration immunity requirements. Ciprico storage solutions fit a variety of military environments from the most pristine environments of climate-controlled computer rooms to supporting mission-critical defense applications on board Naval ships at sea or capturing earth observation satellite data in transportable ground stations.

"Ciprico's strong reputation of providing durable storage solutions allows the military to integrate our solutions into several different environments," said Bill Hartman, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. "As a result of the flexibility the product provides, the military can successfully collect data in the most extreme environments." ...Ciprico profile

BOULDER, Colo., October 5, 2000 - Exabyte Corporation today announced a technology collaboration withLAND-5 Corporation and Vixel Corporation to bring a cost-effective SAN backup appliance to market. Working with Exabyte and Vixel, LAND-5 has spearheaded development of an integrated backup solution for storage area networks.

"This technology offers a fast, reliable answer for the LAN-free backup of data stored within a SAN environment," said Al Kernek, vice president of marketing for LAND-5. "Our objective is to take the mystery out of SAN backup by providing a complete solution that can typically be implemented within an hour. It also provides a basic building block for mid-range companies contemplating a SAN implementation."

The backup appliance includes a LAND-5 network attached storage system running its iceNAS data management software and NDMP software. Both the NAS system and an Exabyte X80 automated tape library are interfaced to a high-speed Vixel 7100 Fibre Channel switch with four additional GBIC ports available for direct server or storage array interfaces. All are connected to an uninterruptable power supply to ensure high availability. Along with user-friendly software, this pre-configured appliance is packaged into a single full-height rack for fast and easy data center installation. The LAND-5 appliance can handle up to 12 terabytes of unattended, high-performance SAN backup.

The LAND-5 SAN backup appliance will be demonstrated in the SanOne Interoperability Lab at the Fibre Channel Technologies Conference (FCTC) and Expo held in San Jose, Calif., October 10-12, and by Exabyte and Vixel at Comdex Fall in Las Vegas, November 13-17, 2000. ...Exabyte profile, ...LAND-5 profile, ...Vixel profile

Tokyo, Japan, October 5, 2000 - Hitachi, Ltd. and LG Electronics Inc. today announced that they have reached an agreement under which the two companies will establish a joint venture company for the development, design and marketing of optical disk drives such as CD and DVD drives. The new company will combine Hitachi's strengths in the area of DVD-ROM/RAM drive development technology, with LG's world-class competitive capabilities in the area of manufacturing and marketing of CD-ROM and CD-RW drives, with the aim of becoming one of the world's leading vendors of optical disk drives. On November 1, the new company, named Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc., will be established in Tokyo, and on December 1, a subsidiary will be established in Korea.

Techno Systems Research Co., Ltd. estimates the worldwide market for optical disk drives as being close to 200 million units, and expects the solid pace of growth to continue, reflecting the expansion of the PC market. At the same time, the market is undergoing a major change in terms of the type of media used, with CD giving way to DVD, and read-only formats to recordable/rewritable types. This is generating increasing international competition in terms of development and cost, which is likely to continue to intensify. Through its Digital Media Group, Hitachi was the first company to release DVD-RAM drives for PCs, and therefore already has a considerable store of related technology and expertise.

LG's Digital Media Company operations include optical storage as well as AV and PC products. In particular, the company has been focusing development resources on CD-ROM and CD-RW, which are now its mainstream products.

This alliance will enable the two companies to share resources and reduce procurement and development costs involved in responding to diversifying product requirements, resulting in products that are even more competitive. In addition to combining their strengths in optical disk drives, the two companies are also focusing on speedier management to match the increased pace of market change, in order to consolidate their position of global leadership. ...Hitachi profile, ...LG Electronics profile

Canoga Park, California – October 4, 2000 – Qualstar Corporation today announced that production shipments of its TLS-8000 Ultrium™ LTO (Linear Tape Open) Tape Libraries have begun based on LTO Ultrium technology from Hewlett Packard, a founding member of the LTO consortium. The TLS-8000 LTO Tape Library Family includes seven models, offering capacities from 1.1 terabytes (native) to over 52 terabytes using data compression. Aggregate data transfer rates can exceed 860 gigabytes per hour. Most models can be configured with Qualstar's SANSmart™ Fibre Channel technology.

LTO technology establishes a new open format specification for high capacity, high-performance tape storage products for midrange and network server environments, and addresses growing customer need for improved data interchange across heterogeneous platforms. Ultrium is a high-capacity format that offers up to 100 GB of native capacity per tape cartridge, yielding a substantial increase in storage density, especially when used in libraries such as the TLS-8000 Family. ...Qualstar profile

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - October 4, 2000 - nStor Technologies, Inc. today announced the introduction of the NexStor 802S storage enclosure system. The unit supports up to eight hot-swappable Ultra160 SCSI disk drives capable of transfer speeds up to 160 megabytes per second in nStor's unique 2U (3.5") enclosure for a total capacity of 584GigaBytes. The NexStor 802S is designed to expand the market for the 2U packaging footprint pioneered by nStor and will replace nStor's GigaStor SCSI product family with Ultra160 performance while providing a more compact design.

"The market is beginning to realize the need for very high-density storage systems as online capacity continues to reach record levels," stated Larry Hemmerich, nStor Chief Executive Officer. "A critical concern facing IT managers is not only how to manage that growth, but also where to put all that storage. The reaction from our customers is that 2U storage is becoming a requirement for future enclosure and RAID purchases. "

For the NexStor 802S, nStor has taken the same successful design as its 2U Fibre Channel solutions and applied it to the Ultra160 solution. Keeping the disk drives cool is of critical importance in creating densely packed storage systems. nStor's patent-pending 2U enclosure features excellent airflow that keeps drive temperatures well within recommended ranges in just 3.5" of space. The enclosure can support up to eight 1" or 1.6" Ultra160 7200-, 10000- or 15000-RPM disk drives, for a total capacity of 584GB per enclosure when utilizing 73GB disk drives. In addition to its unique air-handling capabilities, the enclosure adds reliability with its redundant and hot-swappable disk drives, fans and power supplies with independent power cords, as well as built-in SAF-TE monitoring of all enclosure environmental elements. The enclosure allows users to easily select either single- or dual-bus configurations.

Product Availability:- nStor is currently accepting orders with key customers for the new NexStor Ultra160 products. First customer shipment is expected in October. ...nStor profile

MILPITAS, Calif., Oct. 4, 2000— Maxtor Corporation and Quantum Corporation today announced a definitive agreement to combine Maxtor and Quantum HDD, Quantum's Hard Disk Drive Group, in an all-stock transaction that will create the world's leading disk drive company. Quantum's HDD stockholders will receive 1.52 shares of Maxtor common stock for every share of HDD common stock they own. Based on the current market capitalizations of Maxtor and Quantum HDD, the transaction is valued at approximately $2.3 billion. To be named Maxtor Corporation, the combined company will be led by Mike Cannon, Maxtor's current president and chief executive officer. At closing, on a pro forma basis, the company will have a combined ship rate of more than 50 million hard drives annually for use in a broad range of desktop personal computers, Intel-based servers, and consumer electronics applications. In addition, Maxtor's Network Systems Group, which is currently shipping a family of network-attached storage (NAS) products under the MaxAttach brand, will be part of the combined company.

"This is a bold and strategic step for both companies," said Mr. Cannon. "The combined company will have the financial resources, product breadth, and intellectual property to capitalize on the future explosive growth of storage at both the storage device and subsystem levels. By combining the resources of the two companies and the manufacturing expertise of Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics Industries, Ltd. ("MKE"), a strategic partner of Quantum, the combined enterprise will be able to maintain a leadership position in desktop drives and be exceptionally well positioned to expand rapidly into other high-growth segments, including Intel-server drives, consumer electronics drives, and server appliances. ...Maxtor profile, ...Quantum profile

Editor's comment:- mergers are tricky things. In the computer market, Cisco Systems is the world's most successful exponent of the art of absorbing high technology companies. I'm reminded of the fact that in the 1980's 2 out of the 3 biggest Unix workstation companies, HP & Apollo, merged. About 2 years later the merged company was producing about half the number of workstations that either had done previously, and Sun Microsystems took over that market. Part of the reason for Sun's success at that time was it didn't have to wait for Motorola's late 68040, because it had its own internally developed SPARC chip as a substitute. So in fast changing markets 1 plus 1 doesn't always equal 2 (or 3).

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. - October 3, 2000 - Viking Components today announces the expansion of its flash memory line with the addition of the industry's highest capacity CompactFlash™ cards available. Viking's new 192 MB and 256 MB CompactFlash cards will ship to resellers nationwide in the fourth quarter of 2000. Viking CompactFlash cards are engineered to be rugged and reliable solid-state storage solutions for numerous types of consumer digital devices, including digital cameras, MP3 players, portable computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs). CompactFlash cards retain data when power is turned off allowing users to safely store, archive, transport and easily transfer digital contents between peripherals.

"The 256 MB CompactFlash card is the highest capacity currently available," said Laura Bonomo, Viking product marketing manager. "Viking will continue to expand its high-density flash memory line to support the storage needs of today's high-resolution megapixel digital cameras as well as the increased number of MP3 players and personal digital devices in the market."

Based on NAND technology, Viking's cards are compatible with all CompactFlash devices and extend battery life due to low-power consumption. Other key features include ATA compatibility for easy plug-and-play installation, PCMCIA compatibility, solid state, non-volatile technology and at least 10 years of data retention. ...Viking profile

Baughurst, UK, October 3, 2000 - celebrates 2 years publication this month, which by a strange coincidence is also the second birthday of its editor-in-chief Megabyte the Mouse. Publisher Zsolt Kerekes said "The storage market today is seeing chaotic changes, similar to those experienced in the personal computer market in the late 1970's before IBM, Microsoft and Intel created the definitive new standard, which was the great granddaddy of today's Wintel PC's. When we started two years ago, we really expected that storage would be a quiet conservative market, in comparison to the Sun server market, which we'd been covering since the early 1990's with our SPARC Product Directory. Oh how wrong we were!"

"It's clear now that the storage market is the most exciting place, in the whole computer market, to be involved with right now. The reason? In the next few years the world's biggest computer companies will, in fact, be storage manufacturers or service providers, but today no-one has got all the pieces in the SAN jigsaw. Every week we cover news about new strategic partnerships, companies being bought up, IPO's and even storage start-ups. Trying to recognise which companies will become the leaders in this new market is important, and fun."

"When we started STORAGEsearch we did (correctly) predict that many other storage portals would also start in this market, and that we would have to work hard to create a unique identity. Part of that identity is our content, which is updated daily by inputs from vendors and readers, but another part is the original graphics in which we follow the adventures of Megabyte the Mouse, and other members of the Byte family as they discover the world of enterprise storage. Regular readers can be assured that if they're looking for storage, and see our mouse characters, they've come to the right place. " STORAGEsearch has become a trusted source of serious market information about storage. These mice mean business.

Mike Bell, VP Europe of NAS pioneer Auspex Systems said "In line with the data explosion, users are experiencing an information overload on storage technology. STORAGEsearch provides an extensive reference tool containing everything you wanted to know about storage, but were afraid to ask."

Richard Redding, Fibre-Channel Product Manager of storage manufacturer & distributor Selectronix said "The service provided by is unrivalled in the storage industry, operating for two years now, it is not just another '.com' collation of links - it is a smooth, professional, up to date insight into our industry".

FREMONT, Calif., October 2, 2000 - Vicom Systems Inc. today announced an eight-city seminar series featuring live demonstrations of Storage Virtualization technology, beginning in New York City at the Marriott New York Financial Center from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. October 16. The seminar answers the critical question as to why Storage Virtualization is important to business and addresses the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches to Storage Virtualization, including host-based, storage-based, SAN appliances, smart switches and router-based.

"The Storage Virtualization Seminar and Demo is a must-attend event for those seeking information on how to best implement a Storage Virtualization strategy in their company," said Samuel Tam, President and CEO of Vicom Systems. "Issues of reliability, flexibility and scalability will be fully covered as we demonstrate how Storage Virtualization can provide improved support of operations and allow for heterogeneous storage and host operating systems, all while lowering associated storage costs." ...Vicom Systems profile

OCEANPORT, NJ and REDMOND, WA - October 2, 2000 - CommVault Systems Inc.® and Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) today announced the certification of the CommVault® Galaxy™ Enterprise 2000 data and storage management software suite with the ADIC® Scalar® and FastStor® families of automated tape libraries. This certification assures organizations that they can leverage the CommVault Galaxy software's advanced functionality, ease of use and unified single management console with the cost-effective scalability and superior reliability of the ADIC family of tape libraries to lower storage administration cost and improve data availability.

ADIC offers the industry's broadest line of automated tape storage solutions, with capacities that range from a single data cartridge to more than 70,000 and with support for both SCSI and SAN connectivity. ADIC libraries also support the industry's widest range of drive types, including DLT and SuperDLT, AIT, LTO and Magstar 3590 drives.

CommVault's Galaxy Enterprise 2000 product is the first fully-integrated enterprise storage management solution built from the ground up on Microsoft's Windows platform and designed specifically for centrally managing large heterogeneous computing environments. By presenting a logical interface for viewing and managing data and storage resource information, the CommVault Galaxy solution eliminates many of the management difficulties that traditional backup and recovery products encounter due to their physical device orientation. Only the Galaxy software lets administrators transparently browse and access backed up data spread across many logical storage resources-making the recovery of vital information easier and faster. This approach is especially important as increasing numbers of today's data-intensive enterprises move from server-centric to data-centric solutions, such as NAS and SAN. ...ADIC profile, ...CommVault profile

Minneapolis, MN, October 2, 2000…Plasmon today announced it has signed an OEM contract with Chaparral Network Storage, Inc. a leader in intelligent storage routers. Plasmon will incorporate Chaparral's FS1310 Intelligent Storage Router into its entire line of 120 mm, 5.25-inch optical, 12-inch optical and LTO tape automation storage library products for enterprise networks, multimedia environments and other mission critical data storage applications. This agreement increases Plasmon's impact on the SAN segment of the digital data storage market. Initially, fibre channel products from Chaparral, will support the 120 mm (DVD, CD), 5.25-inch optical and TrueWORM 12-inch storage libraries and Plasmon's new family of LTO Ultrium automated libraries as external peripherals.

"The opportunity to partner with Plasmon, a leader in automated storage solutions, further strengthens Chaparral's market position," said Lorne Wilson, executive director, North American OEM Sales. "Chaparral's Fibre Channel routers enable Plasmon to move large amounts of data at extremely high speeds over storage area networks (SAN's)."

Long term, the LTO tape automation products will be delivered with both internal and external fibre channel connectivity options. "Because tape products are so ideally suited to broader bandwidth enhancements, internal connectivity will become standard for most customers," said Kelly Scharf, director of product marketing for Plasmon.

Chaparral's Intelligent Storage Router product line offers end-users the speed of Fibre Channel, meeting the performance, reliability and fault tolerance requirements for SAN environments. Chaparral routers enable companies to connect SCSI and legacy storage devices to Fibre Channel storage networks, offering the advantages of Fibre Channel while protecting their investments in SCSI. ...Chaparral Network Storage profile, ...Plasmon profile

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., October 2, 2000 - StorageApps Inc. today announced new SANLink Storage systems that are based on technology from LSI Logic Storage Systems, Inc. The storage systems can be configured for 180 gigabytes to more than 16 terabytes capacity - equivalent to electronically storing the contents of a floor full of academic journals to as much as the printed collection of the U.S. Library of Congress. The high-performance storage system supports Fibre Channel attachment and provides customers with high availability by allowing drives and servers to be added "on-the-fly" without downtime.

"We're offering industry-leading performance with our SANLink Storage products and responding to our customer requests for one-stop solutions for their storage infrastructure," said Dan Petrozzo, president and chief operating officer of StorageApps. The SANLink Storage system provides both high throughput and high transaction rates delivering 350 megabyte per second sequential read performance and 60,000 cached I/Os per second. The storage systems are available with 10,000 RPM disk drives of 18, 36 or 73 gigabytes capacity. The SANLink Storage systems are available immediately with prices starting at $79,530. ...StorageApps profile

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Oct. 2, 2000 - Sun Microsystems today announced at Oracle OpenWorld 2000 that its Sun StorEdge[tm] Network Data Replicator (SNDR) software has successfully completed the Oracle Storage Compatibility Program (OSCP) comprehensive remote mirroring test suite. Now Oracle customers who are experiencing explosive data growth have an Oracle compatible solution for replicating vital enterprise data remotely in real time in any multi-vendor storage subsystem. SNDR is deigned to protect businesses against business disruptions resulting from major disasters, or from more mundane causes such as human error, software bugs and power failures.

"In today's 24x7 world of e-commerce and mandatory business uptime, Oracle customers require access to data protection functionality," said Denise Shiffman, vice president of marketing, Sun Network Storage. "SNDR literally 'dot-coms' the data protection and disaster recovery process by leveraging open Internet standards and technologies to cost-effectively deliver enterprise-level disaster protection to any size Oracle customer."

Designed as a service to the storage network, the SNDR software delivers the required data availability that enterprise and dot-com customers need to enable their 24x7 businesses. By providing redundant data storage across geographically separate sites attached directly or through a SAN to a Sun Solaris[tm] Operating Environment server, SNDR is designed to protect critical enterprise information in the event of a disaster and reduces time to recovery after a disaster. SNDR also minimizes the impact of planned or unplanned disruptions on business processes and can be used for additional applications such as remote data backup, data migration and analysis. SNDR offers accessibility to this critical data service to a wide variety of network choices. Customers can match service level and cost efficiency with the enterprise requirements since SNDR runs over any IP network - Fibre Channel, ISDN, ATM, gigabit Ethernet and others.

Pricing and Availability Sun StorEdge Network Data Replicator ranges in price from $9,000 to $72,000. The product is available immediately. ...Sun profile

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